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Leverage the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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Day 12 Theme


In Day 12, The Subconscious Mind Solution, you concluded your in-depth review of The Sobriety System with a deep dive into the world of the subconscious. You learned how to tap into the power of your subconscious mind to make thriving in sobriety come easily and naturally.

The Sobriety System Super Glue

Beliefs are formed and changed throughout your life; however, your most powerful beliefs are formed in early childhood, since your subconscious is easily programmable at a young age.

By the age of four, it is estimated that 50 percent of your beliefs are formed. Between the ages of five and nine, another 30 percent are formed. That means by the time you are nine years old, 80 percent of your beliefs are shaped and "super glued" to your subconscious-beliefs about love, security, learning, generosity, and sometimes even drinking.

For example, an event from Dave's childhood clearly shaped one of his lifelong beliefs. When he was five years old, his parents were sitting in the living room after putting the kids to bed and heard a faint noise from the kitchen. To their surprise, they found Dave on the kitchen floor drinking from a large screw top bottle of wine, which they kept in one of the lower cupboards. They learned that Dave's older brother had told him about the wine and taught him that to feel better he should drink it. We don't know if this happened once, or numerous times, but at a very early age Dave created a belief that drinking would make him feel better.

Sometimes we have to "unglue" our subconscious beliefs in order to "glue" something stronger in their place. And Dave has done just that by replacing this core belief about drinking that he formed at a very early age with a new belief that thriving in sobriety is what truly makes him feel better.

Remember, your beliefs lead to your actions and behaviors. That’s why it's so important to change your beliefs at a subconscious level before your subconscious "super glued" beliefs kick in. The good news is that the more you work on this, the stronger your new glue becomes!

95 Percent

There is simply too much going on around you at all times for your conscious mind to process everything, so your subconscious mind often kicks in and takes over. In fact, 95 percent of your behavior is unconsciously chosen, which means that your addictive behaviors are operated by your subconscious, without you even being aware of it.

So, if deep down your self-concept and self-image revolves around being a "drunk" or high-functioning alcoholic, then your subconscious will always work to bring you back to this core identity. Until you can change your limiting beliefs at the subconscious level, you will never thrive in sobriety. To counteract this, you must change your limiting beliefs that reside in your subconscious mind.

DVR of Your Life

movie of life

Since many of your beliefs are hidden in your subconscious, it makes them harder to change. The DVR of Your Life is a subconscious recording of everything that happens in your life and it is always playing back your most powerful programs-or recordings from your life-which are your limiting beliefs. But don’t worry-all of this can be changed! The good news is that you have already started reprogramming your subconscious and creating a new DVR of your life.

Say 'No' to No

 The Elephant in the Room (Say No to No)

The subconscious mind doesn't understand negatives, so if you tell yourself "I will not drink," your subconscious only hears "Drink." Instead, tell yourself, "I will be sober and happy." Whatever you consciously and repeatedly think about, accompanied by strong emotions, will reprogram your subconscious over time.

Day 12 Checklist

     Spend 5 Minutes Thinking About Your Goals, Dreams, and Desires While You are Lying in Bed.
    Reprogram Your Subconscious by Completing All of the Guided Recordings on the Website.
    Identify Your Subconscious Drinking Links.

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