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    • That I’m not going to relax at social parties is I don’t drink
    • That I’m not going have fun at weddings if I don’t drink
    • That I’m not going to be able to enjoy some relaxations at home without alcohol

    I have never been a full time drinker in my life. (So, that’s what I believed.) I’m basically a social drinker. But, I notice that is starting to disappear lately in the last year. In the past I would basically binge drink mix drinks at social gatherings. Four to five would be another to have a nice pass-out sleep and wake-up with a sickly hangover. Then I would begin the day after game of complain to myself of why I would do this to myself. I could easily use that to stay sober for two to three weeks. Not, without internal conflict. There have been times in the pass where I could go about three months without drinking. I promised never to drink hard liquor again and just stick to wine and beer. And, yes, My hangovers have been reduce to minor headaches and sluggishness. But, I have put on and extra 30 pounds (210) when I use to weigh 170.

    I realize my confirmation bias (At least I don’t drink as much as they do) and worries (I won’t be able to fit in and enjoy my time with friends and family) are the tools I have been employing. I have been studying NLP and Neuro-Semantics for about a decade. I have all the tools but never put them together properly. Because my rock bottom is Mental and Physical sluggishness brought about drinking. It doesn’t matter even if I drink once every two weeks. That conflict of Worries, Confirmation biases, Value disloyalties, etc. Are like a ball and chain dragging and slowing me down. Tying up my resource in unproductive stories I tell myself. I have purchased other books on this subject and their tools did have benefits for me. So, far, This course aligns with what I believe in. Thanks!

    It’s funny. Before I was 21 I completely hated alcohol. I tried it a couple of time because I wanted to hang out with my friends. I always came out sick from them failed adventures and would tell myself never again. Somewhere along the path I wandered off the path. And, last two decades have been the struggle of wandering off the path and wandering back on the path.

    Here’s to wandering back on the path!

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