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    Welcome to all the new comers!

    I am interested to know who is 100% committed to quitting this year? I am! I know I don’t want to get to this time next year and still be sailing around in the same boat ….

    I did quite well in October/November 2018 but didn’t manage to complete 30 days and have been drinking every day since mid December.

    I am starting the 30 Day Solution again on Monday, 7th January. Who is in with me ????

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    I’m in! I started January 1st and the past few years I have done dry January but always fallen back into daily drinking, this time I hope to change my lifestyle for good! Best of luck!!

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    I just started program. My Last drink was December 26, 2018. Hopefully, the last! I am in!

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    I stopped drinking on December 27th and began the solutions on the 28th. So far so good, I like this approach and feel better already. Powerful stuff!

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    I’m in started today January 4 th 😘

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    Sending encouragement to everyone here.

    I tallied up money spent drinking in 2018. Let’s just say it would have been plenty for a NICE down payment on a new home. I have been complaining several years I WANT a new home but we “can’t afford it. WELL actually we could IF I decided earlier to stop drinking.

    No longer condemning myself. Convicted through Christ that it’s time to change!

    Have a fabulous day EVERYONE!!!

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    I started on Jan.2 so this is the end of Day 4. Tonight was hard because it’s Sat night but really I was drinking a bottle of wine almost every night for the last 10 years! I feel so bad about the missed opportunities because of my obsession. Last year I actually gave it up for 90 days (AA) but it was a temporary commitment. I quickly went back to my old habits but the memory of how great I felt every morning made me want to try again.

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    This is fantastic! I love all the positivity and am so excited for all of us!


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    I am all in. I am starting today 1/6/2019. Day 1 for me.

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    I’m refreshing on Day 1 today…is anyone working through the Solutions/Exercise and want to discuss as we go?

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    Day Four for me today, and first of thirty AF. Excited and anxious. Counting hours, and feeling like it’s going to be a long week, forcing myself to stay positive. Reading about the experiences and journeys of others helps.

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    Sure I’ll do it with you! I’m on Day 5.! I realized it’s a big commitment to take the time to read and journal every day but I know it’s worth it. Yesterday I didn’t Journal but I intend to make up for it today. I did a lot of reading on the site and it was inspiring. My grandkids are coming over today for dinner and usually I have a lot of wine but today I am committed to abstain. I’ve got to get through these 30 days and then decide if I can drink moderately or not. It’s helpful to ride out the urges with praying to a God for help and concentrating on telling myself I can do it for one more day. Then I wake up the next morning and am overcome with joy. Good luck to you!

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    today Jan6. I’m in.

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    Had a few misfired starts earlier this week but now ready to go 100% on Monday. Will be happy to compare notes And encourage

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    Day 1 is just about over and I have been cranky all afternoon. Hopefully I will be in better spirits tomorrow (no pun intended).

    I have been feeling sad that I have to quit drinking and that I couldn’t be just a “normal” drinker. I don’t think I will ever be able to just drink socially, I have tried that too many times and never succeeded.

    But being a teetotaller will be better than continuing on the road I was on, so it is one day at a time for me right now 😉

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    Day 1 complete! freaking out over how to stay strong the next few days, and obsessing over the more daunting question of returning to a ‘normal’ drinking pattern after this.

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    Great job mbglamgal84! Just enjoy your sense of accomplishment for today and feelings of empowerment. Don’t worry about what you’re going to do after the 30 days is up. Just say to yourself I can do it for today – and when you wake up tomorrow to renew your commitment.

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    I am in!!! Day 3 today!! I keep going over all of the sneaking and lying i was doing and how ashamed and guilty i always felt and I DON’T NOW!!! I was doing Jack Canfields “The Success Principles” and my mind was already made up to not stay the way I am. We are all worth a sober journey with clear thinking, better health and relationships and not carrying that heavy burden of guilt.
    If anyone has any tricks or tips for resisting in tough times, please share. Today is the 2nd birthday of my grandson that died at a month old AND my 4 girls and 3 grandkids are coming this weekend for a Christmas celebration. I will keep you posted.
    Also, if anyone wants to “friend” me to chat and encourage, feel free.
    Power on!!

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      Glad your are in! This is day 3 for me too. So far hasnt been too bad or too difficult. I think making up my mind to be in 100% has definitely had a positive affect. When my mind starts wandering or worrying I think about the fact that I’m in 100% and for some reason it takes the anxiety away. I know that I have done things in my life successfully: raise a family, have a great career, a good marriage. So what am I afraid of? I can do this. You can do this. It will be so nice to stop feeling guilty. Stop hiding. Stop fooling myself. Stop disappointing others and myself.
      I am worried about this weekend. It’ll be my first. But after reading the post from someone about ordering that first nonalcoholic drink and it not Beinga big deal, well then…I won’t let it be. BUT…say a prayer. I’ll keep you posted.

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    Nevertobedone58 I just started following you but I don’t know how to message you. I’m on Day 8. I am so sorry to hear about your grandson! My heart goes out to you. I have five girls. I also have lots of grandchildren so I understand the grief that that must bring.
    I gave up alcohol in 2018 for 3 months. My drinking started to get out of control again so I’m glad I found this program.
    The one thing I learned from giving it up last year was that I could actually do it for a prolonged period of time. Nothing terrible happened ( outwardly)because of my drinking but lots of little things were starting to add up. I was not able to function very well during the day and felt guilty for heavy drinking. I am so glad to be free of the guilt and looking forward to the future!

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    I hope you are all going strong and have had a good week!

    I definitely agree with the comment that being 100% in makes this so much easier. It doesn’t leave the door open to any possibilities of having a drink.

    Working through the solutions definitely works too! I especially love the tapping solution. That has gotten me through a few tough moments for sure!

    Have a fabulous, sober weekend! 🙂

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    I just listened to day 1 today. Monday will be my first day not drinking in probably 15 years. I am scared and excited at the same time. It’s nice to read how well you are doing. It gives me hope!

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    It’s smart for you to prepare your heart and soul ahead of time to begin this incredible journey! You will not be sorry! It’s been almost 2 weeks for me and there are so many moments when I’ve been amazed at all the good things coming out of this!
    There have been moments, no doubt, that have been a struggle because my brain is working on clearing the chemicals. But I am sticking to my promise and every morning I wake up with such joy and a good kind of pride.
    Be gentle with your emotions and prepare to spend some time journaling which you will discover provides clarity and centering.
    Great luck to you! Someone very dear to me is also starting on Monday and as I pray for her I will pray for you.

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    Hi all
    I am in for January too, today is day 5 no alcohol and Im feeling tired and cranky LOL! My partner noticed my mood but realised its the withdrawal and said he is 100% behind me…. but Im still frustrated that doing a good thing like stooping drinking has put me in such a bad mood! My sister was an alcoholic and died in an alcohol induced accident 11 years ago. You would think I would never have picked up a drink again…and that makes me feel terrible about myself too. But I know she is cheering me on right now and that’s giving me the motivation to keep going. Its helpful to read through the messages here and hopefully I can stay in touch with some of you as we journey together x

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      How awful, Simone. Your sister is definitely cheering you on! xx

      My mother was an alcoholic and eventually killed her self, partly because she just couldn’t quit. I know I won’t turn out like her but I will be much happier NEVER having to worry about the control alcohol has had over me.

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    This is day 18 sober for me, the book is great!

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    I’m in. Day 9 for me and feeling great! Every night around this time I struggle a bit so I go into my room and read my chapter. It keeps me busy and it motivates me. Good luck to everyone.

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    I’m in. Last drink Sunday, January 27 and I am on Day Two. I am not an every day drinker, but Thursday thru Sunday I tend to plan my social life around cocktails. Just tired of spending the money,all the empty calories and some unproductive weekends.

    I also started a clean eating program on Monday that says no alcohol for 30 days, so hopefully I have a double dose of motivation.

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      Good for you Shazy9311! I’m 29 days in and I feel so much better. It’s great that you’re also doing a clean eating program, but don’t be too surprised if you are craving sugar. I was scouring the cupboards for stale chocolate chips or anything I could get my hands on that was sweet. I think this is natural so don’t be too hard on yourself if you succumb. The feeling eventually subsided and a good probiotic helped too.

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    This is day four I am still motivated. It has been a long time sense I have gone four days without drinking. I am working hard to stay on track to successfully make it to seven days. Thanks for your motivation.

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    I’m on day 28. I feel great physically and mentally. I’m not planning on drinking for at least 90 days. Reading the book and journaling every day has been crucial. Keep looking up! Challenge yourself to use all the tools that are available to you.

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    I am in. I signed up for DRYFEB.CA with the pledge not to drink in February and also raise money for cancer research. Seemed like a good goal to have and so far have raised over $400. Picked up the book at the library and have to say it is really helping me with my sobriety goal.
    Also have to say my first Superbowl Monday in a long time without a hangover. Went to a bar to watch the game and drank de-alc beer.
    Just finished day 6. Feeling better every day of sobriety.

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    I’m in! Just started reading the book. Waking up and feeling like crud has gotten old. I just attempted sobriety on my own, lasted 2 weeks, but I did not have the tools to keep it up. I am hopeful this will provide me what I need to finally get sober for good.

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    I’m on day 18 of the program and am 20 days sober. Longest time since before college I’d guess! Excited about committing to a better me, getting closer to God, and strengthing my marriage. Currently on vacation in Hawaii and cravings are hitting hard! Frequent, brief feelings that I’m missing out but then I repeat my affirmations and remember my goals to set me straight.

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    35 days without a drink. Wrapped up 30 Days Sobriety Solutions yesterday and am committed to another 6 months of not drinking. Couldn’t stay sober on my own and always fell back into drinking, hangovers and depression. My book came from the library. I have ordered a purchased copy to go through the steps again! Best wishes to you all on your journey!

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    In! Day 10 for me ….actually feeling amazing to not be drinking and having the support of this book and website to give the tools I absolutely need to stay sober!

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    Good morning, everyone! Day 21 alc-free for me. 2nd reboot for 2019 already. I did about 8 or 9 30-day alc-free commitments in 2018, due to this program!
    And you are right, Ktaylor! I really should say due to God and this program. God probably led me to this program. And probably no probably about it, if you follow my logic!
    Enjoy a beautiful, energetic dry day!

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    Day 5 for me, day 4 with no drinks. It hasn’t really been that difficult for me. (Yet) I hope it stays that way. I feel much better already. I play pool twice a week, so going to the bar this week I thought would be hard. I think this book is amazing. I start in the morning with it, refer back to it during the day and finish my evening with journaling and the daily actions. It holds me accountable and I actually look forward to the next day. I’ve been drinking heavy for about 5 years now. I started drinking to get off pain pills that I was way over prescribed for a neck injury. I was at overdose level. I never had an addictive personality, but the pills got me and I traded one for another, the drinking. So my goal is to go back to being a social drinker. Maybe not at the end of 30 days, maybe never. Just one day at a time right now. But this book is amazing, has really helped me realize a lot already. Good luck to everyone!! We got this!

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    I loved the book and it helped me alot. Unfortunately, I slipped and drank 3 times this past week. (after 6 weeks of sobriety) I’m not going to beat myself up again and will start over. Lost all that trust that was starting to build up with my wife and son! Damn!!!

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    On day 22. No strong urges so far but do think about it often. After 40 years of drinking I am enjoying the sobriety and wonderful mornings,
    Book has helped me stay focused.

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    Wondering if you are all real people on here, or just a contrived website to publicize the book (?)

    With that said (forgive the skepticism), I am on day 4 and am really utilizing the book and its exercises. Cautious but hopeful. Happy to connect with others walking a similar path.

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    @cmchase I’m real! Good luck on your journey.

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    Thanks for responding! At least 3 of us are on here. 🙂
    What has your experience been with the book/process thus far? I find it incredibly helpful. But maybe I was just ready for change.

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    Hi CMChase86 … I started 12/31/17 (about 14 months ago). I found “The 30-Day Sobriety Solution” on another website. http://www.r20.com This is Tommy Rosen’s website. I found him through one of the health talk summits I watched (on-line videos). I discovered these health talk summits by watching a nutritional expert on PBS (television). So, one thing has been leading to more things. Tommy Rosen did an interview with Jack Canfield. The interview was great, to the point where I bought this book.
    I registered into this website last year and starting reading the chats. And then I started to reply to the chats. I love it! It really supports me to “talk” this way! But, you’ll notice the activity is slow.
    Last summer, one of the participants here mentioned a more active site, through the app “Daybreak”. They are based in Australia. It costs $10 a month, but the activity is non-stop! The participants are people like us, meaning they are also trying to stop or cut back alcohol.
    So, the solutions here have helped me tremendously, and the “support group” on the Daybreak app has also helped me tremendously. I really feel you’ll be fine! There is so much support out there. Don’t forget about YouTube, which is free! Search “alcohol dependence” or something like that to get videos and interviews, which are helpful.

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    Thank you so very much for responding, Kat. Much appreciated! I will check out “Daybreak” right away. Hope to find you on there. Im not too computer chat savvy yet but want to use it as a connection tool.
    Again, thanks for your input. It mattered to me 🙂 May you find peace and comfort in this journey. -Chase

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    I am a little late to the party but starting all over again. Day 1. I can use any support I can get. I have done 30 days before and a few 14 day cleanses just to go back to 10 to 20 day binges. Feel free to message me if anyone wants to help each other out.

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    I am on day 29 today. I am feeling really good and love the program. I tried on Jan. 6th to quit and lasted 2 weeks. I started back drinking and felt so ashamed and defeated. I finally admitted to a family member that I needed to quit. As an isolated person, it was easy to keep my problem to myself….actually saying it out loud to someone really made me more accountable. When I found the 30 Day Sobriety Solution book at the library it was a true sign for me….it was literally the only book on quitting drinking in the section that day! I’ve since purchased the book and am loving all of the solutions and meditations. Don’t get me wrong….My days are still full of challenges and I’m still having that conversation in my head about justifying having a glass of wine or drink….but the book and my journaling is helping me get through those moments. I would love to continue this forum with whoever wants to join in. I’m day 29 sober but only on day 17 in the book. Here’s to another day sober!

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    I’m in. Day 3 of the book and tomorrow is quit drinking day. The longest I’ve gone in the last 24 years is 5 days at a time and that has been rare. How is everyone doing?

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    Good for youLauerinic52. I’m looking forward to Day 29!

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