50 Days Sober!

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    Today marks my 50th day of sobriety.

    I have stayed sober for 50 days before, but this time is different. I’m not white knuckling it to sobriety. I’m actually enjoying the clarity and state of my life.

    One of my goals was to introduce the 30 Day Sobriety Solution to 5 people before May 1, and I did that yesterday morning. I met two gentlemen from the Salvation Army and as it turned out, one of then was celebrating his 50 days of sobriety today, April 20. He is also graduating from the program and getting on with his life and new opportunities.

    It was the perfect moment to share with them how the book has done more than help with sobriety, it was also helped with instilling direction and vision in my life.

    Here’s to the Dave and Jack for putting the program together. Thanks for sharing this with the world. You are making an impact, a real tangible impact.

    Let’s all continue to thrive in sobriety!

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    ollucl123- Nice! Totally agree with your sentiments and feedback. Couldn’t agree more. This program is a great help to many. May we all continue to thrive in the days ahead. And congrats on your ongoing non ‘white knuckling’ sobriety. Cheers!

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    Congratulations! I’m hoping to follow in your footsteps. I’m building momentum with each day, hooray! Sina

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    Congrats …you sound happy and fulfilled. Thriving !!

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    Not white knuckling…THAT’S IT.

    Getting past frantic reality!

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    Great job! I’m at day 45 and feel the same way! I don’t even want to drink! This work is amazing! Congratulations!

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    Excellent! So happy for you! I hope for the same thing for myself. It’s inspirational to hear success stories. Thanks for sharing yours.

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    Olucl123, your post was over 3 months ago. So many found it inspirational, myself included. It bought tears to my eyes! Are you still Thriving in Sobriety? Please let us know! Thanks, and best to you! Sina

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    Sinaqueena, I just went back into my posts from last year. I wish I had read your post from July. Sobriety was a game changer for me. I had never been in that good a physical condition and I had never been so present for my family. I appreciate your encouragement. I will start Day one this evening and get my body and mind back to the way I was feeling 7 months ago.

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      Hi @ollucl123 ! So glad you’re back on board!! We can only go forward, right!? I left you a friend request on your profile page which you can go to by tapping on your screen name!
      Onward! Sina

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      Hi ollucl123! I am 72 days sober. This program has been miraculous for me! In 35 years of drinking I have never lasted more than a few weeks at a time AF except when I was pregnant. I was able to very easily quit then knowing the harm drinking would cause my unborn child. It sounds like you were AF for a while and then began drinking again. If this is correct, I am wondering if you have advice on how to avoid a relapse. I am taking it day to day and doing really well but I do sometimes worry about falling back into my old drinking habits. Do you mind sharing what triggered you to start drinking again (if you did)? How/why did you then decide to start back on this program again? I appreciate any advice because I never want to go back to the “old” drunk every night me.

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    Congratulations. You’re an inspiration. I’m only on Day 3 and am coping well, but I have this fear that it will wear off (as it has in the past) and I’ll be white-knuckling the rest of the way, which is quite a miserable experience in itself.
    You give me hope. This programme gives me hope!

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    Can someone tell me what white-knuckling is? Never heard of it but it doesn’t sound good!!!

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    It’s gripping your steering wheel with tremendous force. You’re holding on for dear life, trying to remain sober.

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