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    I fully confess that I relapsed but I did the self analyzation and realized why. I had taken melatonin to help me sleep and it left me anxious and emotions haywire the next day. Instead of facing the emotions, working through them, I bought vodka. And kept it up for most of the week. So I am working right now on clearing suppressed emotions since that may be a big part of why I drink.

    As well – I was counting days until the 30 days are up. Hadn’t decided what I was going to do but was planning. No more of that especially since I want to go months.

    There was a third thing I learned but I forgot! LOL

    My three fears with alcohol.
    1- My health. I worry that I will ruin my liver; that the diabetes will get worse; that the alcohol will destroy me from the inside.

    2- That I will drink away my future. I have had some setbacks in life – haven’t we all? – and am trying to establish a coaching and speaking business. But I miss opportunities because I am drinking. Or because I don’t have the money I spent on alcohol.

    3- That I will end up living on the streets or in squalor, my only friends being other drunks. I will be abused, taken advantage of and die without really living.

    My action step is to continue to journal and work through the suppressed emotions and from now on to acknowledge and accept my emotions, not shove them down.

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    Welcone back. We all know it is’nt easy.

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      Thank you na5hbi1160. I am studying TRE: trauma release exercising. That could get to the root of my repressed emotions.

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    How did it go today?

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      Great! I am researching TRE practitioners in my area so that I can get started on this before the end of the year. Once I get those repressed emotions out of the way, quitting alcohol will be so much easier! How are you?

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    I’m glad your back on board and doing great. Today was my day seven and I haven’t felt this good in… well I don’t know how long. I’ve been hitting the gym about six days a week for about three months and now my mind is clear too.

    I don’t know anything about TRE, go for if you feel you need it.

    In the mean time stay the course. Reach out if you feel the need.


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      Good for you Bill. I went alcohol free for three months last year but didn’t work on the mental which is what I am working on now. Releasing the repressed emotions is part of that.

      Thanks for the support.


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    Just a random though. I made a pot roast for my son and myself for dinner. Recipe called for two cups of red wine. Opened the bottle, poured the wine in the pot, and the rest down the sink. lol. Never would have done that before.

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      Na5hbi1160… That is huge! Congratulations.

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    I have the same fears. Working through this programme is helping immensely. The mental aspect is so important.

    Before I started this programme (today was Day 9, six days AF), I would have probably spent all day drinking off an on. Had wine or stronger instead of coffee in the morning. Already be a bottle of wine down before my physio appointment at lunchtime. Have drunk more before my evening work shift, and come home and opened another bottle of wine before drinking myself to sleep. But not today. I didn’t do any of that. And I feel so much better for it. Woke up clear-headed. Took a morning coaching session. Worked up a sweat on a five mile run. Enjoyed my physio, because I knew alcohol wasn’t sabotaging my body’s healing processes. Completed my action steps. Worked my evening shift with a clear head and clear conscience. Now heading for an early night. Looking forward to waking up clear-headed again tomorrow.

    I’m doing the work, and it’s working for me. I hope it is for you all too.

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    Hey RunnySonny15,

    I am actually not doing the program right now b/c it is making me focus too much on alcohol. I am instead focusing on what I want to accomplish.

    I may be back, see how this works!

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