Alcohol and anxiety

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    Good day everyone! I decided to quit drinking because I had an anxiety and blueness episode that was lasting for a few weeks and alcohol was’nt a comfort anymore. I’m not a heavy drinker, I’m too sensitive for that! But… I used to drink almost every night, coming back from work exhausted, stressed out and overwhelmed by all the chores a mom of 3 charming kids must face daily. This morning I’m 20 days sober and on day 8 of the 30-day solutions. Anxiety comes again sometimes, although I see an improvement in my overall wellness. I’m wondering if it will go all away one day? I’ve had many times in my life when anxiety was completely absent and I hope cutting back alcohol will help. Does anyone relate to this?

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    Hi namastenciky:

    Congratulations on being 20 days sober, a great accomplishment.

    Similar to your experience, while overall I was feeling better and sleeping better, I did experience bad anxiety for the first couple of weeks of sobriety (have now been sober 71 days). My anxiety passed around week 4 of sobriety.

    I think experiencing anxiety when first sober is normal for many people. Could it be that your body, mind and emotions are detoxing? I am not sure as I usually don’t experience severe anxiety.

    My anxiety manifested as claustrophobia and hyperventaling. I felt like the walls were closing in on me, that I had to escape from wherever I was, that I was being smothered and couldn’t breathe.

    I found spending time outdoors (lucky it is summertime) whether walking or reading helpful during this time, talking to friends is also great. Also meditation and deep breathing can help with anxiety (unfortunately for me, because I was hyperventilating, I was not able to deep breathe).

    I don’t know how your anxiety manifests itself, but if it gets worse or you feel overwhelmed, perhaps a visit to your doctor would help.

    Hope this helps, keep working the 30DSS program, it really does help and life really is better in sobriety. Cheers.

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    Hi Cynthia H, thank you for your answer!
    Today is day 24 of sobriety, it’s getting better! Whenever I feel anxiety it’s as if my chest is crushed by a giant standing on me! But it tends to get better and better everyday. I’m pleased to ear that by week 4 you got it all resolved. I really feel an improvement. I did stop drinking because I could relate that drinking GAVE me anxiety and blueness episodes. In the last weeks I had to reduce my running training because of an injury, so that is also a cause for anxiety for me. Running makes me feel so good in many ways. It empowers me and it frees my mind. I think I can get back to it now, since my foot is getting better.

    Wow! More than 70 days sober! Good job!! Are you planning to stay sober or you will try “normal” drinking? I don’t know yet what will be my plan about it, but I feel like sobriety is just a fabulous journey and for now on, I love it!

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    Hi namastenick y:

    Congrats on day 24, that is such an accomplishment.

    Drinking did not cause me anxiety but it certainly made me chronically depressed and fuzzy brained thinking. I think you are right that some more of your anxiety will lift when you start running again. I’m lucky I live nearby nature walks ’cause when I take a nice long walk I feel stress free afterwards.

    My hope is to be sober for life because I cannot do normal drinking like some folks can. It took me a long time to be honest with myself about my drinking. For years I was in denial and thought that I could drink socially and that my drinking was not that bad. For me, alcohol is a poison that I need to stay way from. However, I know this is not the same for everyone. Some of my friends are social drinker and alcohol does not negatively affect their lives. We all have to look honestly and deeply into ourselves and decide what is best for us, no one can tell us that.

    In the past even those few times I was able to limit my drinking to a few drinks a day, I still felt depressed, hungover and sick. Now after just a couple months sober I feel so much physically and mentally better and able to cope with current challenges and issues that I am 100% committed to staying sober.

    All the best on your journey. Cheers.

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    Many thanks for sharing your journey with me Cynthia. I can relate well to what you say. I feel deep inside that alcohol is a poison for me as well. But I want to complete the 30 solutions before I state anything about long term sobriety. I just cannot see any advantage right now with any drinking activity, so we’ll see. But all of my friends indulge in some drinking(my husband does daily) and when we all meeting there is always a lot of wine, beer and even liquors. I don’t know what it will be like. One day at a time, one hour at a time. Thank you so much for you testimonial, it inspires me greatly.
    I have the chance to live in nature and I really love it. The energy of water, forest and moutains is so much peace and healing.
    Have a great day!

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