Any Day 8'ers out there?


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    I’m in Day 8, and very proud of myself. Last night I sat around with two of the girls (teens) and perused the high school prom dress facebook page, commenting on all the dresses of the other students. It was fun. I was sober. I did not feel shame that I’d drunk too much and was a terrible role model. We picked my daughter’s senior picture (finally). It was fun. I was sober – and felt proud and content.

    My goal is to ultimately be a leave it or not drinker, but I know that I am no where near there. From 3 pm to 9 pm, I still have cravings. I’ve been keeping very busy with yardwork to keep my mind off wine. Tomorrow night I will go to a social gathering of moms, but half of them drink water, so it should be OK.

    I think one of the hardest things – other than dealing with the cravings – is keeping up with the book. But I’m a “homework gal” and like to stay on track. So, I’m going to do some catch up/review today. I want my days of sobriety to equal the days in the book. For me, this may work best.

    How about you?

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    Good for you! That time of day is really tough for me too. It’s like a battle each day to resist… You’ve made it this far though, you can do it!!

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      When I read you’re post I thought I had written it except for the part about the girls and prom dresses. I too am trying to keep my days consistent with the chapters and also find the hardest times to be from 3-9 except for me it used to be 3-11,12,1….3. thanks for sharing.

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        I’m on Day 8 (5 days AF), and am still finding the solutions timely and useful. Decision fatigue tactics are good for those peak-craving hours in the evening. Work helps too, for me. And this evening when I got home from work, I went straight to the gym. It’s hard to drink or think about wine when cycling or running, and running almost always makes me feel better in mind and body. Roll on tomorrow, and another day of sobriety!

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    What’s up Buttercup! I’m on Day 8 and we have a lot inn common. Daughters becoming young women, doing yardwork to cope, affinity for wine, and Day 8….Day 7 was a sober and content Mother’s Day for me, much like your experience picking out the prom dress. I’m happy to know you are just ahead of me on the path and wish you well.

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      Hi @jaygirl22 ..@buttercupgigi is a bit further along, look at the dates…you 2 can communicate via private message as well…tap on her screen name, you can request friendship and private message too on her profile. Onward! Sina

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    Tomorrow is my day 8. Good for you! I also love that feeling of being fully present with my teens in the evening.

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      Hey @lauraann! You are among friends! Just tap on the screen name of the above participants… you will be on their Profile page and you’ll see how to proceed with being friends and private message them if you want! It’s great to do this together! Onward, Sina

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    On Day 8 today. Can’t believe it and my mind sometimes goes to “when will I relapse?” And I make myself stop that”drinkin thinkin” !
    The willpower chapter is very powerful.

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    I’m on day 8 today but a couple years behind you all by the looks of dates! I found the movie solution quite powerful…looking at all the sadness and danger the main character (me) had caused. I’m finding that writing on one person a day around the forgiveness solution quite successful too…thought I had dealt with this in therapy but man, there is still a lot of crap I’m carrying around…can’t wait to feel free of it. I especially like repeating “I release all others from any demands and expectations I have placed on them. I choose to be free. I allow others to be free. I forgive myself and I forgive them and so it is”…also helping greatly is the 5 minute “I love myself” exercise as recommended in the book Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It by Kamal Ravikant. Onward!

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    I am on day today as well, ANT10898. The movie solution was one of sadness. I may have to go back to that one. I also read the Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It and found it helpful. I was having trouble keeping up with the actions steps and finally caught up on everything this evening. As you say, onward!

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    Day 8 as well, the movie solution for me shows how embarrassing and shameful I am as a drinker. I just wanna yell at myself,”Shut the F… up!” Painful to watch. I have a hard time after work due to the habit of heading straight to store to get a come and a beer and tobacco. It gave me “pleasure” and comfort. I still stop and get a 44 ounce drink but have had been able to abstain. Day eight and feeling great!

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    anybody out there?
    Day 8 for me.

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      Day eight today….the movie moment was powerful, I imagined my younger daughter reviewing my movie and it is clear how much pain and disappointment I have caused for her. I plan on using this going forward to keep me on course.

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    Hi Day 8 people!
    It’s inspiring to hear your stories. I can’t believe I made it into week 2. I notice a real increase in energy and mood. I have got to work on the exercise though.
    Cheers(the non-alcoholic kind).

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      Great! Yes, the further you go the better you feel, and that makes it easier to keep going and not want to go back to the way you used to feel.

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    Hi guys,

    Re: the comparison trap. Yes I know I compare myself in many ways – and mostly find myself wanting. How does one get out of this trap???

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      For me, when I would catch myself comparing, I would just consciously remind myself to stop. Slow down. (Although I’m constantly reminding myself to slow down, lol) Also, repeating your vision statement and going over your goals and new you might be helpful. Reminding yourself that your on your way! You’ve got this. Maybe thinking about what you do have right now instead of what you want can work. It’s several chapters down the road but the gratitude solution is my favorite and one I practice daily. Hope any of this is helpful!

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    Yes definitely the movie action step is powerful. There are so many people who I would not want to see my movie as me in the starring role. Yikes! How irresponsible I was, bad choices, crazy things I said, some just plain stupid drunk talk and some mean even to my patient wonderful boyfriend. At my age I should be long past this.

    Someone said if their teen daughter saw their movie, that resonated with me how awful I would feel and totally embarrassed. Most of the time my stupid drunk stuff would be with other stupid drunk, but to have a respectful person see it I would die, as I am usually the respectful, looked upon person who has it together. That is why it is hard for me, very few know my alcohol dependence. They do not know why I stayed home all day with migraine(hangover), or had other stuff to do (waiting to feel better from hangover)… now seeing me as the leading character in the movie….. the visualization is GREAT! But a negative

    NOW I am visualizing this super inspiring character who is fit, example of health, community service, a role model 24 hours per day. I wake up with energy to face the day with whatever challenges life has to offer and have joy!

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