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    I was hoping to connect with people currently doing this wonderful program. I am on Day 18 and was wanting to share my Total sobriety Affirmations. Here they are – any connents appreciated.
    I am excited that I am an honest, wise, healthy, happy, and strong woman who is engaged, kind and positive with my loved ones and people I interact with. I am grateful for the life that I am living, my loved ones and the world in which I live.
    I am thriving in sobriety, handling the small and big challenges and staying present and active every day.
    I am happy and positive in all my work interactions and decisions.
    I am willing to take risks which align with my values and goals.
    I am in touch with my feelings and am handling any stress I have, developing wise and positive strategies to deal with it.
    I am fully celebrating wins in life and have no regrets later
    I am a ‘normal’ take it or leave it drinker if this is the path I choose

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    Looks like a compelling set of affirmations! Great work! How are you going to use them?

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      Thanks mercyme111. It’s so nice to get a response as many of the posts are either quite old or are spam. I have written them down so they are next to my bed and I have a quick read and visualise it before sleep and when I wake up. I try to say or think it a few more times a day. To make sure I do I have put it (and a few readings we have to do) as an alert on my phone so I have no excuse to forget. Have you done dAy 18?

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    Hi, I really like your affirmation statements! I think I wouldn’t mind adopting them for myself! I’m on day 6, AF for 5 days. So far so good but I’m stressing about the weekend coming up and being able to stay strong. My sister wants to go out with me next weekend and I haven’t told her about my 30 day re-boot. I don’t know if I will until we are out just in case she thinks I’ll be “no fun” 😉
    Any suggestions?

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    Hi keepers – you are welcome to use them A happy to share 😉 Re going out with your sister, it depends on your relationship with her, but it might be easier to pre warn her so you don’t face pressure on the night. Also check out Day 7 in the solutions book – it really helps you think about the different options you have. I have found its in the mindset, really focussing on the 100 % commitment that you made and having strategies in place eg. What will be your alternative drink? Can you be the designated driver? What is your exit plan if things get too hard? Good luck with it!

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    Lulu, I’m on day9. I agree with you, I thought there would be more moderators to give feedback. Anyway, I want to be and get supported, so I’m doing that where I can. I love your action steps. Great going!!

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    Hi Mercyme111 you might be interested in Hello Sunday Morning – it’s an online and very active support group for people like you and I trying to change their relationship with alcohol. I have been on that website for over 4 months and it is a great anonymous place to stay accountable, to be honest with others and yourself, to read others stories, and follow peoples progress. Some wonderfully wise people there. If you are interested just google Hello Sunday Morning – they also Have an app but I find the actual online page is better for me. I am Lulu3 there. Good luck and well done on Day 9 -.thats great going!!

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    Great affirmations lulu! I might have to borrow a couple :o)

    Thanks mercyme! I am checking out the site. I am 90 days sober which is a dang miracle. I was on vacation for the last 30 days and unable to participate in the 30 day solution program. I missed it terribly and felt like I was walking on a dangerous tightrope most of the time as far as being a step away from drinking. But, I’m back, sober and happy to be here.

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    Hi gwen1111. You are more than welcome to borrow my affirmations. I’ve refined them a bit since writing them but I am finding them great. Congratulations on your 90 days – that is HUGE and an inspiration to us all. That must have been hard being away and not being able to do the program but that is great that you were able to hang in there. Shows how much you are committed to this 👍

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    Hi @hilda@home17. Well done for reaching Day 18 and doing your affirmations is a great process. I completed the program just under 3 weeks ago and use my affirmations twice a day – in the morning walking my dog and at bedtime. That repetition really has made them real for me. Drinking at home was my real issue area too. I am trying s moderation path, but the only way I see I can do this is not to drink at home at all, and not to drink alone. So far it’s been great and having that 30 day no alcohol period has enabled me to see my time at home differently. Home is my temple and I must nurture that. Good luck on completing the 30 DSS. You can do this!

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