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    I am feeling VERY overwhelmed! I feel you have to be unemployed to have the time to put all the 30DSS info into action. For example, “write your affirmations, update your 30-D vision statement from day 2, rewrite your SMART goals from day 6, rewrite your new beliefs from day 11, review questions from Getting Started chapter…” and on and on. And don’t forget to do your affirmations several times a day and don’t forget to ask your “How” questions before going to sleep and when waking up. How is everyone else handling this? Is this really possible to complete for most people? Please help.

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    I too have felt VERY overwhelmed. I was off for the summer and started the book in mid-July and when I started back to work in mid-August I had to take a break as I could not get through the solutions in a day and I found myself forgetting what the other action steps were. So I get it.

    I did download the audio version and I will listen to it as I get dressed in the AM and when I am walking at the gym. These were for prior solutions I had already completed. Today I used the audiobook as I did day 20 and it helped me get through it sooooooo much quicker!

    I think I am also going to type up a list of the action steps I find most helpful and keep them with me. Hope this helps!

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      Thank you for the reply. I’m going to look for the audio version. Good luck to you.

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    I did the 30 Day sobriety over 90 days because I was feeling overwhelmed at first too. I did the days reading on the first of 3 days and then took the next 2 days to do the exercises. I just celebrated my 1 year sobriety a couple of weeks ago, so the program does work. Just keep at it! Make it work with your lifestyle. Best of luck!

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    I must agree that it is a bit overwhelming and I’m trying my best to keep up. I’ve made it this far doing everything on the day of the reading but I like the idea of doing the reading and then taking a couple of days to complete the exercises. Think I may try that for a while, thank you, Little Red!!

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    I am completing day 6 today and it yes it it very overwhelming. I’m following along only because it is very similar to the work I did with a life coach. Goal setting, affirmations, positive statements, forgiveness, what is in my control, all the same techniques. I like it being broken down into a daily activity. Journaling is the most important activity. I even suggest start each daily entry with a gratitude. Corny yes but be grateful.

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    It is a lot of work. It will take me longer than the stated 60 days to complete. It probably would have been better for me to plan to do the program 60 or even 90 days, as I’m probably on track to finish between 60 to 75 days. Regardless, the program is working.

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    Definitely a lot of work! I was fortunate enough to have a four day vacation as I started this on Oct 7th – and then also devoted a huge chunk of this past weekend to stay caught up to my chosen time line.

    I’m finding such value in working it every day that I’m doing my best to give myself over to this program. I remind myself that this IS my focus this month and I can see that an hour before bed isn’t going to cut it. So my priority after work is this; I’m re-prioritizing and letting some other important things slide a bit.
    It’s for my greater good. =D

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    It is a lot of work but I plan to power through it in 31 days. I stayed on track the first week. The second week I was usually finishing the day’s work the next day, then I’d get the reading done for the current day (or atleast start it) finishing the action steps the next day. Some days the workload feel a little daunting! I’m on day 16 now and no I’m not retaining all the work and solutions info at this point. I will see where this lands me at the end. This work will be on going after we complete the 30 day solution and I plan to work this program on other challenges I have so the learning will continue. I also foresee certain solutions working more for me than others and me making them my prime focus in the long term. Regardless of the number of days we complete this we will all be review solutions to be successful.


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    Because one of the things I have to work on is perfectionism I find myself completing the solutions but not fully benefitting. But the perfectionist “I” can cross that off her list!? Still, it does work if you work it.I am on day 17 thriving in sobriety:) The fams off on a vacation for 5 days and I feel confident that I can stay the course. They are my external accountability team. Now I know we have the tools to be our own advocates.

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