Anyone Else on Day 23?

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    I read the posts on the Forum for the day I’ve completed, but it seems like I’m the only one out there currently on the day, if that makes sense. So, I feel a bit hesitant to post anything as there rarely seems to be a response and I feel like I’m just talking to myself. Anyway, the Emotional Solution is heavy. I recognize that I deal with negative emotions on a daily basis and more so, it seems, with those closest to me. Just the slightest thing will traject me into a pity-party and what could have been a very nice evening ends up one where my boyfriend, I’m sure, is walking on eggshells just to keep peace. There are times, though, when he is less patient and we end up having a dinner void of conversation and intimacy. So, having these exercises to help me replace the negative feelings with positive ones is good. I just hope I will be able to stop in the moment and become aware of the emotion, accept it, analyze it and assign a new meaning to the particular thought/belief. Lots of challenges ahead of me, but it’s nice to know I can break the cycle of negativity I’ve been accustomed to, especially before I became committed to thriving in sobriety.

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    my goodness!you are an inspiration!!

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      Some days are more challenging than others–today was particularly challenging. Not so much regarding the Day 25 content, but really surrounding my emotions. I had a very difficult conversation with my daughter who is in her late 20’s and lives far away in another state. I wish I had taken time to meditate and prepare emotionally for the phone conversation but I didn’t. I hope to continue, though, to utilize these resources and be better equipped for any similar situations in the future. One kind of funny thing that happened earlier in the conversation with her, though, was that she mentioned how her new dog is experiencing separation anxiety and she was thinking of trying some herbal natural remedies to give the dog. I had actually found something online recently about using the tapping solution with dogs, so I shared that with her and I think she’s going to try it. That will at least give me something positive to converse with her about the next time we talk–and hopefully even share a laugh. Trying to stay hopeful in all things.

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      Thanks, jnl. I appreciate your encouragement.

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      Hi, I’m still here – just plugging along. I can’t say that I’ve always stuck to my 100% commitment – but I am definitely having longer stretches of good times and a lot shorter bad times. I’m doing this program at my own slower pace and, I too, feel that the farther I go in this program the less support there is. I know that this is just their Beta Launch – but I don’t seem to find any of the bonus content mentioned in the book online. Also, there seems to be a lot less support on the Daily Forums. I know that it is partly my fault because I often don’t take the time to post – but, more and more, I feel like there’s no one out there anyway.

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        I agree that there is less support. I’m not receiving the daily emails anymore either. The book is still good & helpful, but I actually appreciated the extras online. I’m on Day 24 and going strong. As for Day 23 and the Mental Makeover, that was a little difficult for me. I don’t have negative thoughts – or rarely have them – so I had to really work at this chapter and my journaling.

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    You are not alone. I am finding sobriety has brought out sensitivity that I have been successfully stuffing away for quite some time now. I am easily upset and offended at things that I used to look past quite easily. Trying to work through this one day at a time while continuing on this path of thriving in sobriety. You are not talking to yourself and you are most definitely not alone. Keep going!

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    Thanks, sobersailor38. I apologize for the delay in replying, but I just now figured out that I can check my profile for replies/messages. Anyway, I appreciate your encouragement. I really need it as I’ve begun round 2 of the 30-day SS and already slipped up on Day 3 and said some hurtful things to my daughter. I hope time will heal the hurt and that I will stay 100% committed going forward.

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      Blueberrygal you are more than welcome. I should have, could have, would have slipped up on day 20 or 21 but because of this forum the support I received to stay sober outweighed my desire to go back to being sick and tired all the time. Love this book, way more than my previous attempts thru AA to get and stay thriving in sobriety. Press on! Blessings to you today.

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    hello everyone.. .i’ve just completed my 30 days but am only on day 24 of the book. just wanted to post on the forum for the first time and congratulate all those who have made it this far and those who are plugging along and struggling to keep up with the affirmations, journaling, renunciation of limiting beliefs, etc. i think it was mentioned earlier in the book that they throw a lot of stuff at you and you should concentrate on doing the work that feels right and effective for you personally. for me, it’s been the journaling and affirmations and questioning myself continaully about the reasons why i got to the point i was at before this 30-day journey began. was it boredom, stress, an emptiness that i feel in my relationships; most likely all of the above but i feel like i was masking the pain with alcohol and always looking to find that “perfect buzz” that, for me rests between 2-3 beers. somehow i would always convince myself that beers 3, 4 and 5 would continue the process but they never really did.

    since i’m at day 30, (which happens to fall on my son’s 16th birthday, which is another reason to moderate) i have a decision to make. I’m going to keep the abstinance going at least until i finish the book and see where i am after that. at least i know i will be mindful of the understanding i’ve developed over the last month and i have some real tools to understand the “whys” of my drinking. i think it will be helpful to keep the book nearby and refer back to specific or random chapters to reinforce my growth. here’s to all of us not just quitting drinking but thriving in sobriety!

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    I’m on day 23… I’m finding checking in each morning to hear what the message is for the day has helped keep me focused on one thing – not drinking. (I only have the audio book)… Also being able to listen to the book while I drive and go back and revisit certain lessons has been pretty crucial to quitting drinking for me. This particular topic and the previous day’s lesson on Fear are pretty big ones… Some days I find are going to take a lot longer to process and really dig into than others… So when I feel overwhelmed with lessons and action steps – I know I can always go back and revisit – Keep going – I’m starting to feel really great at this point. Makes me want to continue Thriving….

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    I’m here too, I’m on day 61 but still struggling to get through the book. I’ve borrowed the CDs from the library now and it’s been nice to have the book and listen to the CDs together. I’ve really enjoyed the book and I feel like I’m in good control now, although there are still some strong urges.

    I definitely do not want to go back to drinking at all. I’ve read way to many sad posts and tried that moderation stuff too many times to believe that is an option for me.

    I keep notes here and there as reminders, it’s helped me a lot.

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    Day 23 for me. I’m here. I thought it would be easier by now. I need to practice and live patience just the way I exercise my body. Patience is a skill….lacking for me…I’m trying to build it.

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      Hi @suz – we are the only two who have posted on Day 23 in 2017! Wow.

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