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    Is anyone here, or doing the program right now?

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    Yes. Day 22 of no drinking for me. However, only working on Day 4 in book. Even being quarantined. lol I find that this is taking time, that is well worth it. I have no complaints. Good luck and be well my friend. Blessings and light.

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    Yes rbabr1513 and doglife_1579
    There are a few. Obviously the Companion Website is neglected yet the program works! See if you can access “Site Wide Activity ” and you’ll see the current posts. Ignore the SPAM.
    Welcome aboard the Sober Coaster!
    Onward! Sina

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    Restarted the program today. Went 41 days without alcohol until mid-April then I got too stressed out with everything going on in the world. 😩

    Hopefully we can get more people posting about their progress.

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    I am on Day 5, but slipped and drank a lil due to the shock of any unexpected tragic death, Sunday. Didn’t continue and put it down which is the first in 40 years! My plan is complete abstinence. I will win.

    I think it may be less confusing if we become FRIENDS. There is alotta SPAM! Only 2 people have responded to me and one was a spammer. So, I will invite you and others yet understand if you do not accept.

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    I posted to answer your question. I am going to invite us newbies as Friends to try to build some support. Website is confusing and spammers confuse things.

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    I haven’t visited this site in a very long time. March 3, 2020 alcohol free for one year minus three days, 362/3, and continued on my alcohol free (AF) journey. Then pandemic hits, shelter in place, 11 days of drinking two glasses of wine every night and sleep is interrupted, night sweats, frustration hits. You get the picture. Read my index card “Before me” and remembered that I don’t want that anymore. Alcohol no longer serves me.

    I went through the 30 day book three times. Did the program twice. Still had way too many stops and starts. Then found The Easy Way to Stop Drinking by Allen Carr. Read that twice and finally got it. Another excellent book is This Naked Mind by Annie Grace.

    Good luck everyone. There is a prize. It is freedom.

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    Yup, I’m here, Day 10 alcohol free, Day 2 in this program. Also doing the 30 Day Alcohol Experiment (live) by Annie Grace for the third time. Very good as well.

    Best of days to you all. This is doable!

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    I’m here too!Sober for 12 days and on Day 12 of 30 Day Solution. I’m a widow so nights are difficult but I’m hanging in there so far.

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    Hello, I am here! Day 8 for me. Feeling confident yet doing EFT, often! I appreciate everyone mentioning other programs and books. Nice to see others are staying active, so I am not alone! I am a widow, also. It has been a long time, now, yet that is how I got here! It was tragic and sudden and I lost everything I own due to naughty kids and ex! I am really ready for this and excited. I want to thrive in sobriety too much and find alcohol is only severe pain. I don’t ever look at it as fun! I am going to redo the Action steps and visualizations. I recite affirmations numerous times a day. I have made subliminal Mind Movies with Action Affirmations and watch them every day. I am going to win.

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    I’m here Day 8 on the program. Day 6 AF. Feeling great. I previously had a two year period AF but inexplicably thought I could social drink and for the past 6 months I have been heavily drinking almost daily. I know I can do this because I have done it before.

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    I’ve finished the program but still check in. Day 46 A/F for me.
    Here’s some really good advice I recently read if you wan to improve your life situation:
    “Step 1: Fall madly, haphazardly, unapologetically in love with your life. Cherish the big moments, the sunsets, the good songs. Travel to places of your choice, take job opportunities of your choice, go to concerts and games of your choice, have nights out with friends of your choice.
    Step 2. Let only those things, experiences, and people that ADD value to your life become part of it.
    Repeat steps 1 and 2.
    If it doesn’t add to your life, it doesn’t belong in your life.”

    Good luck to all.

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      That’s great advice clmoor41. Thank you for sharing. Day 5 A/F for me. Thoroughly enjoying this programme.

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    Yes,I’m here, and alcohol free for 15 days. I am enjoying the book and the solutions (I’m on day 5). It’s painful at times, but that’s to be expected. Growth takes effort, and sometimes creates discomfort. Hang in there everybody. Love and peace.

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    Love this thread!
    Keep posting, keep supporting each other!
    Onward Friends! Sina

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    I’m back. I did this before back in Oct. 2019 and big improvement in drinking and moderating then, but my goal this time is total abstinence for the second half of my life. I believe I’m ready…. I’m tired of drinking and ready to thrive in sobriety now!! I’ve gotten a taste and it is just too good. Drinking just drains me of energy now. I will remain vigilant with my vision statement and remember once I get my energy back ( and it already is, lol on just day 2) that it is BECAUSE I am sober that I feel so good. We got this!!

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    I am back as well. Day 4 AF and so glad to see a current thread of inspiration. Last couple months have taken their toll, I’m sure on everyone, but it finally seems like there is a silver lining. No bars open, at least in Washington and probably won’t be for a while still so one temptation down, I still don’t feel totally comfortable going to stores just for alcohol and plenty of time to complete the solutions and read. I started looking for inspiration in the stoics and their view on “alive time vs. dead time” Drinking is dead time and using the time for learning and self reflection and growth is alive time. I like being alive and I am so happy to see new posts to keep everyone motivated.

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    I am here in May 2020 also. I realized when I was quarantined with my college-aged son that I was ashamed for him to see how much wine I had gotten into the habit of drinking every night. What a terrible example I was setting, and it wasn’t doing me any good, either. The last two years have been difficult – my husband passed away, the kids left for college and I moved to a new city for my work. I was lonely and fighting depression and grief by staying busy all day, and then having a few glasses of wine at night to calm my mind, or so I thought. Even in the few days that I have been following the program I can see why I went down this path, recognize how it is hurting me, and feel motivated to make positive changes. It was helpful just reading through these posts. My heartfelt support goes out to you all!

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    I am back for my second time. On day 4. First day AF. Things were going well until I decided to see if I could take it or leave it. It didn’t take long before drinking crept back in and became a problem again. I’m ready to be finished with it.

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    Day one her for me, but day 10 sober. Just did the time travel meditation, it was very powerful. Super excited to be on this journey with you all.

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