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    I had my blood tests done a few weeks ago and they have always been normal. My cholesterol was 5.7 and one of the liver function tests was a bit high the doctor said , I think it was the ALT test score of 65. Doctor hasn’t put me on any medications or anything but I’m worried I have damaged my body. C reactive protein test was 3. It has always been 1. Are these bad test results or just slightly increased? It’s been a wake up call

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    I think you are smart to take notice of this. I’m 63 yrs. old and watched my parents go through a very difficult few years at the end of their lives. That woke me up.
    My thyroid level was elevated, but that’s all my doctor’s office said. No information. No instructions on what I could do naturally to fix it, so, I started to learn on my own. Co-incidentally, there was an on-line health summit coming up (I’ve been taking part in these summits for years), about thyroid health, so I watched/listened to some of the videos and got a handle on it.
    I would say to be your own best advocate, and start learning. There is so much available to us now.
    There seems to be a general consensus that how we live our day, what we eat and drink (or don’t drink), what kind of exercise we get, what we think,etc., all matter much more than we may realize.
    So glad you care about your health! Me too! We’ll have a better life for it.
    Have a great day!

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    Thanks for your reply katballou, it certainly is a wake up call when you see the numbers on your own blood tests. I have been doing a lot of research as you suggested, I guess it’s time now for me to put it in to practice and turn my health around. Can’t help feeling ashamed of what I have done to my body but I know if I work the solutions I will overcome that feeling. I’m on day 12 sober but haven’t started the solutions yet this time, I’ve had a few attempts previously but this is the first time I actuallly went to the doctor to get blood work done. It’s upsetting but not unexpected, it’s been the wake up call I needed.

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    That’s good! You’re definitely on the right track now. The solutions are great! I started 12/31/17 (15 months ago) and still have more to do in the book. But, the solutions I have done have helped tremendously. This really is a good program.
    Have a wonderful day!

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    I am not able to do bloodwork till next month since I cannot enroll in health insurance until then. Seeing this as a step to do on the to do list has made my heart sink and I haven’t thought about how my drinking could mess with my health so I’m kind of scared. I had a knee injury in August, and every time I drink, my knees feel terrible. I hope it’s not too late to be there for myself and my health. I am scared to see what life without alcohol looks like.

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      Hi fionafox, healthyandthriving. And good to “see” you again katballou! It’s never too late to make giant strides! Our bodies respond beautifully to healthful changes! Fear not and don’t waste valuable energy on worrying about what damage may have occurred in the past! By the time you get bloodwork you’ll be so much improved! Onward!!! Sina

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    Thanks, sinaqueena! So glad you’re here, too! Posting is a big part of this. Power in numbers. I’ve been telling others about the “30-Day Sobriety Solution” and how helpful it has been to me.
    Good luck, Everyone! You can do it! And you will love the result!

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    Thanks Sina

    Update on my blood test results

    I went back to my doctor for a blood test after 8 weeks alcohol free and pleased to say my liver function tests were back to normal. Cholesterol still a bit higher than normal but I had been eating A LOT of chocolate and sugary foods to fight the cravings and doc said that is probably why. He was happy though that I had given up the booze and said one thing at a time – first give up the booze and get the liver working well again and then concentrate on diet and exercise.

    I think the anxiety and overall feeling sick that I felt in early sobriety made me overly worry about my health and what I had done to my body but the body is amazing at healing itself if we let it.

    Hope this eases some worry for others in the same position.

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