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    Still missing seeing bonus material mentioned in the book from this chapter. When can this material be expected to be loaded onto the website? Thanks in advance.☺

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    Hi @audrey_lianne, thanks for the question. At the moment, we do not have a definite date set for the rest of the bonus material. I can tell you it is a work in progress and currently being edited. Thank you for your patience!

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      Does that mean that the Merge Meditation and the framework piece mentioned in today’s bonus material are not available on the “companion website”?

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    This is probably the most frustrating to me, because I get all excited to read the bonus material to assist us with the various parts,ie. how to build relationships that last and it is no where to be found It is almost better NOT to mention articles or other supportive material until it is on the website..for me it is too disappointing. Thanks again for all you do!

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    Has anyone been able to access the Merge Meditation? When I select the visuals the site goes down.

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      @jogger The Merge Meditation is up. It wasn’t when I checked in the spring of 2017 but is now. Have not found the conversation suggestions. Anyone?

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    Yes I accesses the Merge, but don’t see the conversation guides.

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    Why is there still no bonus material as promised, more than three months since acknowledgement that it’s being “edited”? I have recommended this site and book to someone who really needs it, and it is upsetting that it is not as promised. What about “keeping your commitments”!

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    I am getting the impression that this site is no longer being maintained. I am really grateful for “what we got” though, seeing as I do find it life changing and want to sell the world on it. No doubt that it hurts credibility in the “marketplace” but the value, I believe, is still there.

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    So I see the bonus material has been MIA for almost a year. Any chance this will be fixed soon?

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    Its disappointing that the website seems to have been abandoned.
    There’s loads of great-sounding bonus content that I’m sure Dave has but we can’t get.
    I have found that you can access all the guided meditations by searching for “30 day solution” on YouTube.

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      I agree and not what is expected from a quality-based program.

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    They should revise the site until this is ready! Very confusing!

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    Yes rather strange that the site has just been abandoned uncompleted. A really amazing program up to this point and then just left undone. Makes me wonder what the full story is behind the scenes. Jack and Dave seemed to care about the program but then walked away before it was fully completed. Very mysterious!

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    Seems like Jack & Dave made enough money, then abandoned the site, while still receiving and enjoying the book royalties, laughing all the way to the bank.

    I was going to recommend this program to a close friend sure glad I didn’t.

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      I hope it has helped you. Even with flaws, this is the best program I know of.

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    It’s good for me to remind myself how much this book has helped me even without the bonus materials. And it’s good to remind myself this website with all its guided meditations etc was provided at no cost! Dave and Jack -even with the flaws of this site- have provided us all with a new life. That is worth more to me than a talk sheet on how to have a conversation with people I have in someway let down or need to make amends with. Not to sound cliche but i can’t miss the forest for the tree on this one. Don’t give up. You’ve come so far!

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