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    At the end of Day 12, the book mentions there is some information related to hypnotism on the website. For the life of me, I don’t see it. Could someone point me in the right direction?


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    Try the video at the bottom of day one. Not sure, but this helped me.

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    Can’t fond it either… Hope someone does!

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    I did not see the hypnotism link. But I can recommend self-hypnosis audio down loads on Amazon by Rachael Eccles. She has at least 10 related to changing alcohol habits and so you can pick one that seems right for you and your goals

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I just downloaded her self-hypnotism audio, it was 23 minutes and I can’t recall the last time I felt that relaxed. Her voice is soothing and easy to follow…she guides the audio very well.

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    I don’t find the link either. And with today’s chapter, I feel unable or unprepared to deal with what it suggests. I have been able to really do and benefit from previous days work assignments. But today, reprogramming my subconscious seems like an impossible leap.

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    Why is the hypnotism link still not posted? That is kinda lame at this point. The site is already rather balky but usually I can find the promised content. Not this time. Am I missing something?

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    Anyone find it yet?

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    I never found the hyperlink either.

    But I have been using a hypnosis app for Android or Apple that I got for $3 and it works very well. I have used it since day 1 and have not slipped yet. I listen to it at bedtime and drift off to sleep. Quit Drinking – Andrew Johnson

    Regarding the homework assignment for day 12, my memories where of drinking and feeling like I was “accepted” and “part of a group” and I felt popular for the first time (since I had transferred from an old school where I had been bullied mercilessly since I was skinny and small)

    And at the new school I got with some “Heavy Metal” kids and started drinking and drugging but finally felt like I was being accepted and part of a group rather than treated like a nerd and an outcast like at my old school.

    THis one of my most powerful subconcious links: THat drinking makes me feel accepted, loved, popular and “part of a group”

    But I can tell you this year my drinking has spiraled so far out of control that I lost all my friends my girlfriend dumped me and I have turned into a recluse, drinking at home by myself. Feeling lonely and depressed.

    SO my new subconscious programming is as follows:

    It is only thru abstinence and sobriety that I can make good friends and feel the love of a girlfriend. It is only with sobriety that I can be “part of a group”. It is only thru sobriety that I can be popular and accepted and loved.

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      fc321 – I have also done most of my heavy drinking alone at home or after my husband has gone to bed. I have come to the conclusion that I just can’t have wine in the house. If there is wine, then I will drink the whole bottle even though I know I will feel like crap. So, NO wine in the house. In fact, since we are moving to another state, I have even packed up the wine, cognac, and shot glasses so that I can’t get to them. I hope you are getting out of your house a bit and finding some interesting things to do. One of the things I plan on doing after the big move is to join some groups with my interests/hobbies and make friends where the activities don’t center on drinking. I really desire that kind of social support system for ALL of us. So… onward on our journey…..

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    Thanks for sharing the link. I will download it today. It is so easy for me to see how much better my life is without alcohol in it. But the old messages that drinking is going to do anything positive for me in any way need to be erased from my mind. After periodic stretches of going without alcohol (and enjoying all of the many benefits that come with this choice), I continue to get derailed by the “sudden thought” that drinking is a good idea…that I deserve it…it will let me have more fun. It is always a lie.

    I love the concept of making the choice that I don’t want to drink because life is better and I get so much more out of it. So why is that so difficult? I am glad this programs gives us ideas to rewire our thinking that gets in the way of being about to do what we know is best for us.

    Wishing all of you here success in sobriety!

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    Still no link for hypnotism.

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    Finally found a video “Releasing Limiting Beliefs” think this might be one of the guides recordings that many are having a difficult time finding. Goto Day 13, Goto Daily Bonus Content, click “Releasing Your Limiting Beliefs” there is a video. Hope this helps

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    Hey thanks everyone for your suggestions on links. Going to try them out. Stay strong!

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    Still no hypnosis link

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    Still no hypnosis link?

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      No, I don’t find it either. I could not find the guided imagery recordings they refer to in the Action Steps in Chapter 12. I wonder if anyone is maintaining this website? Anyway I am going to check out the Rachael Eccles guided imageries suggested by another poster to this blog.

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    I also wonder how well this site is maintained, since it looks like folks have been looking for the hypnotism recording for a couple of years. Thanks for offering alternatives. I am now on day 20 but my work through the program has lagged behind so I have only completed day 11 steps. I guess this is turning into the 60 day version for me!

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    Hi beckyleese,

    I am on day 20 today but am also behind on the lessons. I am on day 16. Sometimes life gets in the way.


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    Can’t find the link either…

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