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    As you enter into the last two days of content there is nothing more valuable then capturing your experience at the end of the journey.

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    I have loved the program! I look forward to the work every day and for he first time in a long time, I’m excited about my future and all the possibilities! I’ve stopped drinking before but really never had any tools that kept me from starting again – this time is different and I know that I can (and will) thrive in sobriety! Thank you for this book and program – I plan to repeat some if not all solutions going forward- I just can’t express it enough – THANK YOU!!

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    Thank you for the feedback, that’s wonderful to hear :o)

    I’m so happy to hear that your future is exciting and full of possibilities- what an incredible feeling to have! We certainly hope the tools we provide help you to truly thrive in sobriety, and we know you can do it! If you work the program, the program works for you.

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    Hi All:
    What an incredible book!! I am still baffled as to how I was able to put down alcohol after 30+ years of daily drinking. For me, the greatest revelation out of the book was that, “Drinking is a choice” It is not a disease, I am not powerless, I just made some bad choices, I “Failed Forward”!

    Here I am on day 28, thriving in Sobriety and very grateful to be here at this point. I want to thank the Authors, publishers and all who made this book possible, God Bless You All!!

    For me, I am going to have to read the book a number of times to get through the action steps. The forgiveness and relationship healing steps can not be accomplished in a day or two, (for me), these will take some time and consideration to define exactly what it all means to me.

    I am thriving in sobriety and I am truly grateful for this. I look forward to a life without alcohol to find the “Real Steve” so that I can use my talents to make the world a better place.

    Thank you.


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    Congratulations @steviea2727!! I’m so happy to hear you’ve found success with this program. Many people choose to read this book again in order to go through the actions steps they missed or didn’t complete as fully as they’d like. I don’t think many people can get through the forgiveness solution or the final few solutions in just a day. We ask a lot of you, I know, yet as you’ve discovered, it is all worthwhile and vital! Keep on posting and letting us all know of your progress as you discover the “Real Steve”, even after you finish this program!

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    The most surprising thing I’ve noticed after 36 days of not drinking is that my whole day is my own. I didn’t realize—more likely, chose not to see–how I’d arranged my activities around drinking. I’d hurry to get home after work so I could have some drinks, and then I’d be checked out for the remainder of the night. Now I’m present right up until the end of my day, which means I’m available for late night conversations with my goddaughters, midnight fun runs for ice cream with my daughter, and–not always an easy thing—available to deal with my own emotions.

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    I am grateful this is working for me. I had felt overwhelmed a lot and checked out every night with my beverage of choice. Hiding in my room. While I still like my quiet time, I am becoming more checked in with my family.
    I have faced two situations outside the house where I would have drank socially and did not. While it would have been nice, I made the choice to say no thank you. (plus no to some pizza, double win!)
    I need to get better with writing things down…on day six and seven here and this is my focus for today. Thank you for this book. I had tried other things but they just brought me more shame. Just my hang ups, of course, but we all have them and not every solution works for everyone.
    I have told a friend I was doing a cleanse for thirty days and asked if she wanted to join me. She did not. That’s ok, too. My husband recently stopped in the nightly beverages with me in early March. I have not shared with him that I am doing this. I don’t want it to become a “thing” that is focused on. I just want to get better to be a better mom, wife, business owner. I have big goals and this has always been a road block.
    I wake up more clear and happy each day. Excited to be getting healthier! Thank you.

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    Day 29 sober and I have to say it is interesting to go back and read the forums in Day 1 – Day 7. Lots of people with similar fears about where we will be today at the end of the program. I would not have dreamed that I would be sitting here reinvigorated, energetic, sharp, clear minded and sober. I knew I would be able to do the 30 days with pure willpower, but this is something completely different. I have no real desire to drink, and I’m guessing that the next couple of days they’ll give us the tools to carry on forward.

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    Hi, Hour 16 sober because I blew it yesterday. I did the time travel technique again. Journeled and re listened to day 9 and fine tuned my small habits and plan. Should I proceed with day 10?

    I also want to share that I am married to an alcoholic and he refuses to remove or even lock up any of it. He says, just stay away from it. Then not, 10 minutes ago he asked me to stop at the liquor store and buy him whiskey. I need to find a way to turn his drinking into a trigger for me to do something to stay sober but not have it hurt our relationship in any way. Any tips on that?

    I really have enjoyed the program so far. I purchased the book on cd and enjoy listening. I feel I will get through it quicker because I can listen. Thank you so much for your help so far.

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    Hey snoppysgal yikes that is cold. My spouse poured wine with dinner and said ” I’m having real wine because I don’t have a problem with alcohol.” Being asked to pick up is just mean. Also FWIW we have a large dresser that holds drinking stuff and is piled high with liquor. Have to walk past it from bed to kitchen that was hard at night. But it was one more item that bolstered my resolve. So. I hear you snoppysgal.

    I like that you have identified triggers and are looking for action steps.
    Some suggestions
    Be strong and assert yourself say calmly “sweetie I am on a 30 day challenge. Next month I can pick up liquor for you. This month, right now, no. I’d appreciate your support on this”
    Then. Use his drinking as a cue. Leave room go to a sanctuary and review your notes by day 9 you have added several items to your day. This is the time to review your Day 1 Vision, Day 2 New You, day 3 Action plan day 6 goals and so on.
    What? You didn’t just do them and turn the page didja? ’cause reviewing those were the best thing to keeping me on track (day 26).
    Oh as a last ditch effort. When you’re reaching, pull out 100% Commitment read it and go for a walk. You’ll get more techniques later.

    As for your drink. At this point carry on with program. You’ll get to lessons on relapse. One drink is not a relapse and you’re back already.
    Best wishes. You can do this others have so can you. One moment at a time. No future no past just right now.

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    This has been exactly what I needed and at the right time in my life. I had half-heartedly (if that much) given up drinking before, but never lasted more than 3 weeks mainly because I really didn’t see the need to stop. But when I started the 30-Day SS, I was at a place where I knew I needed to stop. Plus, it has forced me to deal with some inner issues that I had pretty much put off to the side before. I would really like to go back and do this again and hopefully all of the Bonus Solutions will be available to access. If not, I have plenty of work to do with all of the daily solutions! Thanks to everyone’s contribution, and especially Jack and Dave, for giving of yourselves to make all of this available and do-able to us. Like many other participants, I am very private and this has been a perfect resource for me to make the necessary changes to begin thriving in sobriety. I do hope the next time around I will have more feedback on the forum. I’m not sure why there wasn’t more discussions during the time that I was working through the solutions.

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    Has been very challenging and I’ve learned a lot. However I had a couple of drinks two separate times. I have learned that I cannot and don’t want to continue down the road of drinking even occasionally. I am floundering and don’t know if I should start at the beginning again or just read my journal and speak to the issues that I may not have incorporated into my thriving in sobriety. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. I feel the desire to drink when I can’t fix things for others

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      Hi Spencer, I also had what was supose to be 1 24oz beer yesterday on my 6th day. I ended up having another 4 12 Oz beers. That’s me I just can’t stop. I also wondered if I should start over but decided I didn’t want to get bored and quit all together. So here I am. I didn’t enjoy The beer either. I’m looking at it as a part of a learning experience.

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    Wow. Day 28 already! The time has really flown by! As far as firsts, yesterday (Day 27 and day 27 of sobriety) set the bar for the longest period I have gone without drinking in the last 15 years. During my previous attempts, I have literally circled the calendar for when I could drink again. Not this time! This time, although I’ve had moments where I’ve craved a drink (such as sitting in the bar of a restaurant last night with my wife as we waited for our take-out order), I have never truly felt compelled to drink. My hope when I started this program was to push drinking *way* down on the list of what’s important in my life (or perhaps remove it from the list altogether). That is exactly what has happened! Now, my charge is to keep it there!

    Other things I’ve learned during the program: the primary reason I became an excessive drinker is because during an incredibly challenging and emotionally charged period of my life, I learned to associate drinking as both a coping mechanism as well as a way to enhance positive experiences. To continue to thrive in sobriety, I have to recognize that I have all the tools I need to cope with whatever life throws at me (good and bad) and I don’t need alcohol to overcome bad times or enjoy the good times!

    I’ve also come to realize that, as Aristotle postulated, “nature abhors a vacuum.” In other words, you can’t simply remove something from your life, you have to replace it. It’s time to revisit my goals and dreams and take the time and energy (not to mention money) that previously went into drinking and apply them in achieving the life I truly want to live.

    Finally, I have become much more aware of how I talk to myself (in my head; you get funny looks if you’re constantly talking to yourself out loud!). If you knew someone who was constantly critical and talked down to you, would you put up with it? If not, why do we put up with that behavior when it comes from ourselves? No more! The only internal self-talk I will allow is the kind that helps me grow as a person and propels me towards my dreams and goals (which means occasional constructive criticism is allowed and necessary, but only if it’s *constructive*).

    Looking forward to the next two days, and looking forward to the end of the program as it marks the “end of the beginning” of my road to thriving in sobriety! I wish success to everyone in the program and here’s to thriving in our lives of sobriety!

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