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    I really had a hard time with the core value section. I had difficulty staying away from what “sounded good” or what I thought I “should be.” When I just was honest with myself and jotted down what really resonated I felt some relief and a realization that being true to any of them ultimately made me a higher functioning, better and more loving human being. ( what I thought weren’t good enough core values ) well, they are values that make me,me

    My purpose is as follows: I am Happy and proud because now that I am sober my best me- the me that is Kind, youthful, healthy, fun, adventurous, strong, wise and in integrity can be in total peace and ease with family, friends and all I meet.

    I am sharing as it was a big eye opener, how much I try to live in the world of approval and what looks good. Also, I am a 62 year old female so this is a bit embarrassing. I have been exposed to a lot of self help books etc. but, nothing has been as powerful as this program. thanks

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    I’m glad you are enjoying the power of this 30DSS program @katelane. Based on The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, it really is an effective motivator.
    One thing I find helpful when I’m on my own and tempted to drink is to flood my consciousness with Sobriety related materials. Here is just one by the author of This Naked Mind by Annie Grace. Others include Craig Beck and Kevin O’hara. Stay strong and keep posting. Onward, Sina

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    Day 10. Wow. I am still surprised every day when I think about the fact that I’m just not drinking. That would have been much more impossible without this program.

    This post might piss people off; that is not my intent. I am not boasting here. I have a really good life, and I’m very grateful for it. My rock bottom is my rock bottom, even if it looks pretty cool on the outside.

    If you were to ask the people closest to me to sum up my life in one word, they would likely say Charmed/Blessed, depending on which side of the religious coin they’re on. My life looks charmed. Things tend to work out for me. People tend to want to help me succeed. Bad things don’t usually happen to me, and when they do, there is usually some incredibly bright side to it. Most people I meet genuinely like me. I pretty much get what I want out of life when I put my best self into it. My life is pretty damn good, even though I was a fairly heavy drinker with lost of the negatives associated with that – blackouts, hangovers, weight/appearance issues, hurt loved ones, confused colleagues, and occasional self-loathing. It was still pretty good because I tried holding on to my core values. (thank you, 10 years of therapy)

    Peace. Passion. Magic. Integrity. Beauty. Love. Authenticity.

    I’m incredibly excited to think about how much better things can be when I really and honestly hold those values front and center in my life, instead of holding champagne and pinot noir front and center in my life. I only *thought* I was living a life of beauty and passion, of integrity and authenticity, of love and magic. I was living several lies, though, and rapidly losing touch with my personal magic.

    I can feel it coming back and am so excited for this!!

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      Go Mollygirl! That’s great!! I’m so glad to hear you’re happy and excited! It’s so major. I understand your perspective. My life is generally good, too. A lot of the things that other people go through just haven’t happened to me. But, I needed to change and I can see you needed it too. Be happy! Who cares what anyone else thinks!!

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    Vaping is out of alignment with my core values: Honesty, Environmentalism, Justice, Fun & Freedom, as was drinking. Wrapping up Night 10 w/ 0 booze. I feel great about it. At this point, I don’t miss it. I was able to celebrate the 4th clean & sober – even went to a get-together where ppl were drinking & I didn’t miss it.

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    Doing well. Today is day 14 alc-free. I am glad. There have definitely been “those moments” but somehow, some way they are losing their intensity. I’m realizing they are fleeting.

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