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    This chapter really hits home for me. Drinking has a made it ok to push the boundaries of my core values. I have been living too much of my life with regrets with no path to change. The happiest times of my life have been when I am living my core values and not allowing compromise.

    My new vision statement

    I am experiencing a fuller life by finding joy and happiness because I’m purposefully spending my time doing the things that I love. I am free, laughing, and enjoying being present and in the moment with the people who matter most to me. My family has found a new energy because I am dependable and accountable for my actions. I am healthy, sober and excited about all of life’s possibilities and the time I am given.

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    Well done! I really like your vision statement and defining my core values and incorporating them into my vision statement made it more meaningful for me as well.

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      Thanks citrine! I hope sobriety is treating you well and you are continuing down the new path for yourself!

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    Loving your updated vision statement, @brighterdays! I’m finally on day 10 today. Here’s my updated vision:

    I have a clear mind, I am vibrant, and I am full of happiness. I feel amazing both mentally and physically. Sleep is comforting. Creativity flows through me, and my humor is amplified. I accept full responsibility for my actions, yet I treat myself with forgiveness, compassion, and self-love. I am grateful and proud that I have maintained sobriety.

    ~ Aspiring Reformed Party Girl
    Day 35 Sober / Day 10 Program

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      You writing about treating yourself differently – with forgiveness, compassion and self love makes me rethink my vision statement. The reasons that a lot of us are here is because of past actions, mistakes we made, or people we hurt because of the influence alcohol has over our lives. You put some real thought into yours! Nice going @reformedpartygirl for not half-assing this one!

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      @reformedpartygirl I really like you core values in this thread. I love the movement and feeling of the statement “creativity flows through me and my humor is amplified.” I love that line.

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    second time around for me…last year I wrote a vision statement and spent a lot of time on my core values ;
    this year I followed the advise and re-wrote my vision statement using most of my core values…it is much more powerful now :

    ” I am healthier and people accept me now that I am calm and can handle stressful encounters better. I have JOY and the respect I deserve from my friends. I am honest about my life and can see that love is possible again.”

    Brighter days, I like your last line about being given time for this change. I am sober today and feel going 30 days will not be a drastic effort…I can do this.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all…we have this to be thankful for

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    Hello. This forum really motivates me. This is my third time at the 30 DSS. Good luck to all and Happy Thanksgiving

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    It is very motivating reading the posts of others. It helps me to push through in tough moments. Here is my updated vision statement incorporating my core beliefs

    I am fair and honest and thriving in Sobriety – 30 day graduate
    I am living the life I want to lead. I am kind and caring and supportive to my family and friends
    I am a loving and dedicated Mother and wife to my children and husband
    I am determined and hardworking and creative and can achieve anything I want to achieve
    I respect and love myself and enjoy every moment in the now – I am happy, reliable and trustworthy

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