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    I never really considered myself an alcoholic to be honest. As a software engineer, I spent my 20s dreaming how I would be a multimillionaire by the time I hit 30 with some app that I would build, have the body of a fitness athlete (i previously played professional baseball, so the work ethic is there), and have a beautiful wife. Well I hit 30 a month ago, and although I make a solid 6 figure income, have the ability to travel pretty much whenever I want and however long I want, I’m still a far ways away from my goals.

    My finances have been stagnant for 3 years, I essentially maxed out as an employee. I have not been able to lose a single pound in 3 years due to my excessive drinking, despite working out 4-5 days/week. And although I have a great girlfriend, she’s not quite what I had in mind. My 20s consisted of drinking heavily on the weekends and moderately to heavy 2-3 days outside of that. I would also smoke weed once or twice a week which lead to eating a plethora of food.

    Although I wouldn’t say drinking was ruining my life, I can 100% say that it was the sole purpose I was not able to accomplish my goals in my 20s. This is the first time since I started drinking as a teenager I’ve gone 2 full weeks without a sip and it feels great. This is the first time I feel I’m 100% committed to being sober, although I contemplate being a casual drinker after 30,60, or 90 days. I feel like things are going great, but the past two days have been a little though.

    I’ve had a few more cravings to drink recently which scares me that they might get worse. I’ve been trying to combat these cravings with chocolate or a cheat meal which usually helps, but I would also hate to use junk food as a coping mechanism. I have also tried to go on long walks by the beach, but this time of year in New Jersey we usually get a lot of 40 degree rain, so that’s not always an option.

    Has anyone else experienced cravings around this time? Anything you would recommend to help combat them ?

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    Use the time traveling technique. It helps you focus on what’s important. When you feel cravings, your brain focuses on releasing it. Change its focus by the time traveling technique and see what happens.

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    Greatly appreciate the post and the response. Thank you for your courageous post!

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    I am on day fourteen. I have had strong cravings as well. Yes, chocolate helps, as does natural cola (cane sugar, not fructose)…..I am not beating myself up about giving myself sugar when I get a craving, because I know it helps. After all, alcohol is fermented sugar. I choose my treats carefully. For example, when I was at COSTCO, during day 3, I had a terrible craving for a drink. After my shopping was done, I bought myself a wonderful soft ice cream cone. I licked it slowly, savouring the richness and sweetness. This is something I haven’t done since I was a kid. It was wonderful and the craving lessened dramatically. At work, I have wine gums in my pocket. Occasionally, I put one in my mouth and suck it, rolling it around and chewing gently. You can get healthy ones at the health food store — or gummie bears….it helps. I am active, so don’t worry too much about gaining weight. Stick to healthy meals and have some treats around for the tough times. At least you aren’t drinking, are clear – headed…..and this too shall pass. Instead of planning for a drink, I now plan on an important treat or two that I look forward to. I wish you well, kindred spirit.

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