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    Today I started the 30 day sobriety solution and I’m eager and kind of nervous at the same time to find out what the outcome will be for all of the solutions. I prefer to stay sober and enjoy my life. Most importantly my marriage, and the best and most recent experience my 6 month old baby. I want to enjoy life again and not feel like I have to drink to stay positive. I want to commit to this choice because life is so much more important than picking up that glass of chardonnay.

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    Amen to that. Day 1 for me. Again. Haven’t made it past day 2 despite 3 attempts but am feeling better organized to get started as I have started setting aside time for myself to listen rather than excusing myself by giving in to doing everything for others and ignoring my own needs. I’m praying for success as quite frankly drinking and eating thinking about drinking takes up so much time!

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    Blessings to you All. I completely understand as I, too, have the same thing going on in my life. Today is day 25 alc-free free and my body and mind are thanking me. It can be a tough go at times, although this month was easy for me because my days are quiet (for now!). I think if things start to ramp up again for me. a.k.a., too much psych-stress, I’ll try to find a quiet place to pray and/or practice the Solutions in the book. This really is a good program. Very supportive, and forgiving & encouraging & practical. Enjoy your day!

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    Starting day one today as well 🙂

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    We can do this!!

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    Day 1 for me today. I’ve tried to quit so many times before, made it a few days, start feeling much better, and then the rationalization begins. It really wasn’t that bad, you’re feeling more in control now, just have two glasses of wine. Well, that never works. I’m scared. And a tiny bit hopeful.

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    Welcome all Fellow Sobriety Seekers, whether for the first or hundred and first run at Thriving in Sobriety!
    It IS possible AND it’s NOT dependent on LUCK. I think we all know that we retain the Power of Choice.
    So while we wish each other “good luck to you!”, let’s remember this is no Game of Chance!
    As the old poem Invictus ends,
    “I am the master of my fate.
    I am the captain of my soul.”
    Onward! Sina

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      Good morning. I know that you mentioned that you are a graduate, would you mind sharing how long you’ve been sober? I

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    Today is Day 1 for me. I started reading the book last week and I now feel ready to begin the real work. I want to enjoy life like I use to and I know that I cannot do that if I am drinking. This is scary and a bit overwhelming for me. I really want this to work and I am ready to put the effort into it. Any support is always welcomed!

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      Hey, djj – keep on going. Im already convinced it will be worth the effort. I’m on Day 4 and doing well. I’m finding the book ever so helpful even though some of the exercises aren’t a ton of fun. Sleeping is a bit of an issue, but I know that will sort itself out shortly.

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    Thank you so much for replying. I didn’t think it would be this hard.

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      You’ve got me worried on the daily action plans (tasks). I made sure I didn’t peek as to absorb everything per day. I just KNOW I’m going to be told to run around the block or something LOL. Physically , I won’t be running and another is to run into nosy neighbors.

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    djj – it’s definitely hard, but I’m sure it will be worth the effort and get easier. Hang in.

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    Thank you. Today is day 2 and I am going to be honest. I slipped yesterday. I guess I am afraid of any withdrawl symptoms and I am trying to get into a Dr for this. I think I may need medical help to quit. The good thing is I want to quit or slow way down. Thank you for your support. I am not going to give up!

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    djj – glad to hear you aren’t going to give up. Seeing the doc sounds like a great next step.

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    Today is Day 1 of my 30 Day Solution (3rd day alcohol-free).
    As much as I love my nightly glasses of wine and weekend cocktails, I now acknowledge that I am unable to limit my intake.
    I started occasionally, social drinking in my 20’s. I am now 47, happily married for 25 years, with two adult children, great job, mostly stress-free life, yet I have this shame and weight of having a drinking problem that I know is only increasing.
    I’m so done with it!
    I’m done feeling like crap for work in the morning due to “just one more”. I’m done trying to remember what I said in a conversation with my kids or my husband the night before while I was “relaxing with a drink”. I’m tired of hating myself and my lack of ability of only having “a glass or two”. I use to love to run (early 30s) and now, I can’t even imagine running around the block. Actually, it seems I’d rather stay home and enjoy a bottle of wine than doing any type of exercise. I can’t imagine this type of drinking is doing my body any favors. I’m tired of remembering the night before and thinking how stupid or unsafe I had been. I don’t want to be constantly thinking about drinking.
    With Gods help, I’m done.
    Started the book, my journal, this forum.
    I’m all in. 100%

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      Lovex3 You described my experience exactly. I am encouraged by sinaqueena’s success and think this is indeed possible if we work the solutions. I know on the very few days I don’t drink I wake up refreshed and on the days I drink I wake up feeling tired and the day doesn’t improve from there. It’s time to make a change.

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    Hi @live×3! You are going to LOVE this program!!!(I’m a “Graduate”!)
    It’s very positive and it delivers, based as it is on The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. It turned my life around and I’ll bet it will yours, especially with your great attitude! I am excited for you!
    Onward! Sina

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    lovex3 – you sound so committed and motivated which is fabulous! I am too, and I sure hope it lasts. I’m felling many of the same things you expressed. So far, the book has been tremendously helpful and I look forward to the next chapter each day. At the end of Day 5 now.

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    Hi @ciaobella and all on this thread. I started ti Thrive in Sobriety on April Fool’s day of 2016!
    After 7 months I had a setback which evenyually led to a spectacular Relapse in which I foolishly drank and drove and got a DUI! It turned out to be a great gift ultimately, cementing my resolve to my Sobriety path! Although I can now cross off “going to Jail ” from my Bucket List,,,😅
    However I don’t recommend getting yourself in such a fix!!! And you need not repeat my error!
    I continue to learn and grow NOW as I Thrive in Sobriety. I Love to encourage others on this path, and I did when Dave Andrews invited me to lead a Mastermind Group in one of his “Inner Circle ” workshops. You need not enroll in one to reap the rewards of this program.
    I still use the many tools which I was introduced to in the 30DSS, as well as learning from many other resources. It is sooo worth it !

    Onward Fellow Sobriety Seekers! Sina

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      What an inspiring story @sinaqueena! I appreciate your input and encouragement – I think it is helpful to see someone who has made it long term after having done this program, even with the detour.

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    Greetings all 🙂

    Great to read your posts. I don’t know quite how these threads work — if we only write on the day we’re on, or if we continue chatting on other days, but this is my third attempt at Day 1 — got my journal on Jan 28, wrote my statement, did all the other day one homework, and then found out we had to go out to a work cocktail party at which I was not successful at keeping away from the wine. then the next day my Beloved invited a bunch of visiting-from-overseas work colleagues home for an impromptu dinner party, and again there I was, not saying NO THANK YOU to the profferred wine. So today is the day.

    I have had challenges keeping journals all my life, so to further cement this habit, I’m going to copy my journal entries on the corresponding days here.

    One reason I think I’ll be successful finally is that yesterday is the first time I told my fiance that I was doing this. I had not wanted to admit to her that my drinking felt so out of hand that I needed a book to stop, and that I feel the need/to stop entirely — at least for a while. I get tremors and sweat every time I try to stop, even though I don’t think of myself as someone who drinks a huge amount. It’s more that I drink every day, even if it’s “only” a couple of glasses of wine or a couple of hard ciders most days. Now that she’s in on what’s happening, I feel that I don’t have to fear these physical responses as much.

    thanks, Sina, for coming back and supporting us newbies here. Thanks Lovex3 and the rest of you for sharing honestly where you are.

    Journal entry Day 1: 30-day empowering statement:
    “I am so grateful to be living into a life of renewed mental clarity, physical vitality and zest for life, abundant energy and focus to pursue my vision and goals for my own life and the life of the family I am creating with H. I am entering a period of boundless self-confidence and creativity and the ability to execute powerfully&effectively on all my chosen goals. I love being stronger, slimmer, and more in control of my days. New opportunities pour into my life as a result of my new sobriety, and I enjoy all the riches they offer.”

    Best to all,


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    I think that’s key to have some accountability. I’ve gone the 30 + days without telling anyone, but it was tough. Since then, I have mentioned it to a very few people, but not people who I interact with on a daily basis. So, when I cheat, theyn never know the difference. I really would like to come to a place where I just quit drinking for me–not to please anyone else–just me. I am almost there. Hopefully, tomorrow. Hang in there and enjoy the freedom of being sober. 🙂

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    You’re very kind. Thank you. Here’s to tomorrow for you!

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    Tried this website using IE instead of Chrome. Some of the IE browser had fresher pages with a copyright of 2018, all the Chrome pages are the beta 2016.
    Could have something to do with the email issues as well.
    Anyone using Firefox?

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      The Companion Website will remain in Beta Launch with it’s problems until Dave Andrews has the time, resources, and desire to prioritize fixing it. From time to time the email function is corrected. Bear in mind that this site is provided at no cost to us and works well enough to ensure success!
      Onward, Sina

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    Starting day 1 today! This is actually my second time doing the 30 Day Solution. I was successful for 50 days last summer and then I allowed alcohol into my life again, at first little by little, and now it has really accelerated. After missing work today I decided it was time to get back into control. I guess the positive thing is that I’ve learned a lot about myself and maybe this time I’m more prepared and more aware of the dangers that can appear. I plan to work through the solutions in 60 days. That will work best for me. So, hello to all of you who are on the journey too!

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      Glad you’re back, bill_0606. If you did this once, you can certainly do it again. I’m on Day 10 today and I really like how I’m beginning to feel.

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    Awesome! Glad you’re here. I’m on my second go-round as well. Here’s to your health.

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    Thanks for your kind words!

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    Today is Day 2 of no drinking for me and Day 1 of the book. I did Day 1 & 2 of the book back in August, but did not stick with it. Have not been able to make it more than about 2 weeks with out drinking at a time for a very long time. My drinking has progressed through the years, and I go through periods of “controlled drinking” where I set a limit and stick to it, but it always ends up in the same place of extreme drinking and making big mistakes. My marriage is in jeopardy with even threats of taking my kids away from me. This I cannot imagine. I have bad anxiety trying to imagine the rest of my life without drinking, but that is not what this is about. I am 100% committed to the 30 days for my self and my children. I made what i consider the worst mistake of my life 2 weekends ago and I can’t even think about it without wanting to be sick. So ashamed to say that I drove with one of my children after drinking a decent amount. Never in my right mind would I ever put my children in danger. They are my heart and soul and are still so innocent to not realize what I have been doing. I feel like the most awful person on the planet and break into tears whenever i think about it (now). The fact that I made that choice just shows how alcohol has taken over my judgment and is changing my character. It has to stop now. I Sorry for all of the info, I need to get it out somewhere. I started with a new therapist this week and had a great connection and now am giving this another go. I need to get back to the old me and not this “wine fuzzy, just getting through life” person I have become. I am craving the passion and zest for life that I had for so long and don’t even realize when it went away, but it did and I have been trying to fill it with wine. Again, sorry for all the info on Day 1! I know this is not a therapy session. I am writing similar things in my journal, but wanted to get it out elsewhere. Thanks for the listening and I am so glad to have this support outlet available!

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      Welcome @tdanie17! You are among Friends here who get it. It sounds like you have every reason to succeed. With your family who WILL back you (although you may have to put in some time and effort to regain your partner’s trust), the support of your therapist, this amazing program, and of course the support of this community of people with the same Purpose, I predict that an amazing future awaits you! Keep posting and Journaling Friend!
      Onward. Sina

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      @tdanie17 It has been really helpful for me to post on this site. Makes it more real for me and harder to just give into my old ways. Reading about others in the same struggle as I am is extremely helpful to achieve my goal of sobriety. Thank you for posting! ❤️

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    So glad you posted this, tdanie! And I’m so glad you’re here. Please keep coming here and sharing EVERYTHING. It’s what will help you the most.

    Sending you a virtual hug.

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    Hello – new.

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      Hey! Welcome aboard the Sober Coaster Red Pickle ChickInn!
      Great moniker!
      See if you can access “Site Wide Activity ” by poking around
      Ignore the SPAM. Start your own Topics if you’re so inclined.
      This Program is one of the best ones for achieving your goals.
      Onward! Sina

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      Hi! Welcome! I have done this book before and have returned for a refresh (the shutdown has been challenging). I really loved this book and I’m excited starting it again. Day 1 here round 2 🙂 Hope you enjoy it! And yes, why the heck is there so much spam now?? Lol


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