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    Read the book over year, but did not make a real commitment to doing the action steps. Something has to change. Reading the book again and pulled out my journal. The journey begins…..

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    Good for you! Remember the Relapse Solution and redefining what that means for you. You are on your own journey and what is happening now is exactly where you need to be. You can do this!

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      Thank you both butterflygam32 and avocado444 for your kind words of support.

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    I’ve been on day one, possibly 30 times now! While I’m not proud of that, I do like to share it because we are all in this together; we all struggle, and we can all prevail! Wishing you all the very best …

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    Hi All – I’m on Day 1, now nearly complete at 9:30 PM here in California. No booze in the house and I’m not going out again, so I’ve made it! Going to watch a movie here at home in a few minutes with my son, who’s 20 years and back from college for the summer. I just bought the book three days ago and completed the Day 1 section this morning. Since it’s Sunday, and I need to get back to looking for a new job tomorrow, I made my 100% commitment this morning. (My sister referred me to the book a few months ago and she’s over 5 months of sobriety already, she started day 1 on Christmas Day) So I’ve started my journal, created my account on the 30DaySolution website, obviously, and I completed the other steps for Day 1. I looked around the website for a bit and listened to a few of the videos for inspiration and completed the time travel exercise and made my journal notes after watching, which was valuable. Ok, on to Day 2. Thrive in sobriety!

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    I’m on day 1 for the umpteenth time. My drinking is less than it used to be, but I still have horrible binges which last for days and weeks where I need to drink in the morning to get rid of the shakes and stop my brain from swimming around in my head. My ex and I own and run a small winery and I have a very difficult time abstaining while promoting and pouring wine for others all day. I am stuck in this career for the time being and I know I can make it work, as I quit for 100 days last year and worked everyday. I haven’t figured out my “why” I drink. The initial relaxing wine buzz lasts such a short time compared to the chaos which unfolds every time I overindulge-which is all the time.
    I fell in the garden last night, scraped and bruised, spent over $100 in Uber fees this weekend and feel such shame and guilt.
    At least I have today, this moment and a clear head to start the work.
    Wishing you all the best on this journey!

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      You can do this! I know how you feel because my struggle is very similar. I have believed the lie that I am going to be stuck in this cycle for the rest of my life but I know that it is not true. I am scared of the unknown and failure but I also know that if I continue on my current path it will lead to more pain and death. Stay strong and keep moving forward even when you stumble and fall get up! Never give up!

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    Completed day 3 no alcohol. Can’t sleep at night and woke up this morning with a massive headache and feel like crap. I feel worse than when I drink. Hoping to get thru the day but mostly the night without drinking.

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    Hang in there! The third day can be the worse. It will get better! Onward….

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    perhaps part of you needed to began again more intelligently and or with more examples than previously you got this the past does not have to equal the future

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