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    I started Day 1 this morning feeling really positive and feeling as though this was it. The beginning of a new life. However, when I got home from work it didn’t take long for me to give in and have a few drinks. It’s become so much part of my routine that it’s harder to break then I thought. Not necessarily looking for a response but needed to post my feelings somewhere. Will restart again in the morning (a reccuring event). I know I can do this but maybe it’s a bit harder than I thought.

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    You are certainly not alone! We have been there. Give yourself a hug and a blessing for starting day one. Not a perfect one among us.

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    I have been there, more than once. The best thing I ever leant is that the only way you can fail is by giving up. It get just a little bit easier each time you start again, and if you don’t give up you will eventually get there. Best wishes Tony

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    One thing that might help is to clear all the booze out of your house. If it’s there, you’ll always have the ability to cave in during a weak moment.

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    Hi, just started day 1. Im scared to death this will be so difficult, but i have to do this. If i can get thru tonight without a drink, i will be elated.

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      Just wanted to encourage you and say that this needs to be taken one day at a time or even one minute at a time. Don’t look too far, just focus on tonight and the pride you’ll get if you’re able to do 1 day of sobriety. Best wishes,

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    Thank you for your encouragement. It feels like breaking up with someone. Im terrified to not have my “best friend” with me every night to help me forget the things i dont want to deal with.

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    Made it through Day 1. Long day. Focusing on Day 2. One day at a time.

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    Yep get the booze out of your house and that really really helps. Now if I can conquer the many social gatherings I attend!

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    First, I’m a newbie to ever posting anything online in my 61 years.I started Day 2 of the book Monday of this week. But, actually I am on day 5 with no alcohol and it’s been TOUGH every-single-day:
    anxious, nervous, irritable, sleeplessness (but, last night was better). For last ten years I have been drinking 5-6 beers during the day, maybe a drink at happy hour and 2 bottles of wine in the evening, hiding alcohol so my wife would not know how much I was really drinking, etc.,etc. I.e. All the things mentioned so far in the book. Agree with above post to remove all things alcohol from your living space. I even discarded wine bottle cork screws. I had them all over our home from the kitchen to my office to the garage and two, yes two in my vehicle. I find that keeping my stomach full REALLY HELPS keep the cravings managed. Drinking lots of water, other NA liquids and food. Sorry to ramble, but you/we can do it. I am taking it one day at a time, one hour at a time. Started my journal and writing my vision statement tonight.

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    Welcome to the Sober Coaster all who are new to this site! It IS a wild ride with ups downs and yes, setbacks. But you’re strapped in now and there’s no going back.
    Try to keep your chin up and resolve strong. If you haven’t already discovered it, this Companion Website does not function well. But it does work well enough to ensure success through Connection here. Poke around til you’re able to access “Site Wide Activity ” where you’ll find current activity from others on this path.
    Read old posts too, as the story doesn’t change, just the cast of characters!
    Onward!!! Sina

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    Hello all,

    I’m a recent veteran from the united states navy. I did not have a “drinking problem” while I was active duty, or at least i thought. I have ruined my marriage and am now divorced because of many things, but mainly my drinking problems. For four years I drank behind closed doors and would routinely finish a fifth of whiskey every night. Now that i live alone, I have no one to tell me I have a drinking problem which I know is going to be the hardest part of this journey. I am hopeful for this book and this process, the anxiety of tonight and not drinking is building, but in a few minutes i will be dumping all of my alcohol out and taking that first big step. I am a little afraid because alcohol has been such a huge staple for me in my life for many years, but this is a fight that I really want to win, one day at a time. I sat down and looked at how much money i spent on alcohol and the number was alarming, no wonder I am facing financial hardships.

    Well, here goes day 1!


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    Welcome James!
    Here is a video to help keep your resolve strong on Day 1.
    Beware that Craig Beck is a tough love in your face kinda guy!
    Stay Strong Friend!

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