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    Help! I can’t find the time travel meditation?

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    TO find the Time Travel Meditation, look at the tabs at the top of the site and go to YOUR SOLUTIONS, and select DAY 1. Scroll down on this page until you see the 5 action step tags. Select ACTION STEP 5, The Time Travel Technique, and then you will see a video pop up that you can listen to.

    Have fun, it is a good one! I promise you will come out of it with a new perspective!


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    Can’t seem to subscribe to daily 30 day solutions e-mail. Any suggestions?

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    I can’t change my profile picture also Is my email address able to be viewed by others? I cant seem to disable that.

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    Hi. Also wondering where I can subscribe to the daily email/newsletter. Thanks so much! Really excited about this program, and want to use all the features!

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    Jan 31. Day one also wondering about daily email/newsletter. truly

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    We are working on getting the daily email reminders up and running and are hoping to have them finished very soon!

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    Any updates with the daily emails? Thanks

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    daily emails????

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    @bron and @shannon717- Many things are currently a work in progress. We know how excited many people were for the emails (myself included!), but unfortunately they are not quite ready to be rolled out. You can always check here for updates as well. I am really really hoping the emails will be ready any day now!

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    Day 1 and I already feel better

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    Day 1 – 100% committed (excited and terrified).

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      How was day 1 for you? Today is my day 1 and I just did the Time Travel Technique. Very enlightening.

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    Just joined but it looks like I am in 30 day program…looking to see how I can do the 90 day program …where are links?

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      Hello and welcome to the program! You can move through the program daily (30 days), every other day (60 days) or every three days (90 days). If you choose 90, then simply read the chapter and do the corresponding action steps every three days. We do ask that you journal on a daily basis. There is no separate website or forum for the different tracks. Essentially, we are just offering people three different timeframes to complete the program. Please let me know if you have further questions! Good luck!

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    I am starting the program today. I tried to start it last week but I got scared and just didn’t. I really hope this works. My health is not the best and I feel I have been asleep for the last 24 years, since by brother’s death. He wouldn’t want me to drink myself to death.

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      Welcome to the program @maria33. I’m glad you’ve decided it’s time to wake up and reclaim your life. I wish you the best of luck.

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    Here I am on day 1. The time traveler video was a real eye-opener. Scared me to death.

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    Hi there I just ordered the book but it will take at least a week to come as I’m in UK. My amazon order number is 109-1814893-3060235 – is there anything I can do to start before the book arrives?

    Thank you.

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      Hi Sandrap,
      I’m in London and I got my copy from Foyles in person a couple of days ago.
      I know you said you’d already ordered it from Amazon but it might be worth checking UK booksellers in case they can get it to you quicker.
      M x

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      Hi @sandrap. You can do exactly what it seems you are doing- going on the website! You can get a sneak peek into each solution by checking out the first couple days (all within Phase I). Also, you’ll be asked to keep a journal, so you can get that set up as well (whether you purchase a journal or you’ll use an online program). I’m happy to hear how excited you are to get started, keep that excitement going!

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    Day 1 feeling excited and terrified…

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    For two weeks I’ve been stuck on day 4. Action steps brought up so much emotion linked to trauma and actually acknowledging trauma. All necessary to move forward. I had a therapy appointment same day and was the first time in two years I was able to address some of this. Going back to day one as I’ve discovered the forum and connecting with others will be necessary for me to get through this process. Too much isolation, self-employed, work from home, rural community and this looks like a good source for daily support.

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      Hi @mab1029, I’m glad you’re utilizing this forum for the support you need. Day 4 is a very triggering day for many people, especially anyone with a trauma history. I’m happy to hear you are working with a therapist while going through this program. A therapist will certainly help you process everything that comes up for you. Take it as slow as you need and please feel free to reach out to me (you can always send me a message) or to this forum in general if you feel triggered in the future. Best of luck!

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    Just completed day 9. Starting to view drinking in an entirely different light. Drinking does not now feel like a friend I need to protect. This solution has put drinking in full view as to what it really is and what it really does. I was much easier than I thought to write the Before Me and the New Me in Day 2 and I often go back to remind myself just how important it is to stay the course. I went the entire month of January this year without drinking but realize if was just counting the days until it was over. This time, I’m not waiting to start drinking again. This time, I will not start drinking again, I’m sure of it. Looking forward to Day 10 and the rest of my days in sobriety.

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    Day 1 almost over. Got the book, got the journal, visited the Dr. and did the time travel exercise! Feeling scared and a bit overwhelmed right now. This is my first time to ever use or post on a forum. Really glad of the support.

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      Look around the forums a bit more if you haven’t already. There is a lot of support out there.
      Congrats on Day 1 and moving forward!

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    Is there a written text format for the Time Travel Meditation? Say if someone was hearing impaired or did not have audio on their computer, etc?

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    I guess this is where I drop in from the sky (sorry, just listened to The Time travel visualization). I am bit aprehensive as this will be my 1000th time of trying to quit. I have never cut down in over 30 years. I started to drink from 18 years old but only on the weekends. It could have started earlier but I am thinking it was just a one time thing that I stumbled upon with a friend with an old bottle of home made wine. I was sick after that but never stopped trying to get more alcohol. Keg parties were always fun and I had a girlfriend and was coming of age. I wanted to fit in and be one of the cool kids. My own father gave me a bottle of whiskey when I was 6 or 7 years of age and I can vividly recall my mom screaming at him. He used to give me beer all the time if he was drinking it and I asked. Things were much-much different today compared to when and where I grew up. People even drank and drove their trucks and didn’t think it was wrong at all. I saw all of that as I did the time meditation. Old feelings arose. My first serious, real drunk was when I visited my dad after he and my mom divorced. I was 16 or 17 at the time. I started to drink heavily after I joined the military. It was the thing to do – prove I was a man and I was thrown in jail. I was late for my military duties as I was too drunk to go to work. I saw all of that as well in the meditation. I broke both sides of my ribs by riding a bicycle drunk and landed the back of my skull on concrete (while drunk). I upset many people as I just didn’t care much. Now as I peer into the future, I am dead before I reach the 5 year mark. My liver failed me and I ended up in the hospital. There was nothing to see as I was no longer a part of this wonderful earth. I also had a wet brain. Why do I know this? Becuase I am already feeling the effects in my present state of mind and physical state of mind. Thank you program as you might of just saved my life. You kept me so busy that I am in no mood of a drink tonight (plus scared me a little bit too). I am choosing 100% today but fear I will relapse. My fears are also all part of the E+R=O. Currently, I am 51 years of age (look 35 years of age from what everyone says to me but think they are just being kind), am a published author, educator, veteran, husband, brother, son, uncle, nephew and grandson to my 104 year old grandmother. Thank you God for getting me here and if I pass tonight, you have delivered every promise you made. Please give me time to deliver every promise I made to you as I know I can do it – if only given another chance (this will be chance 1002, so please be patient as well). Thank you all.

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    Inspired by the guided imagry. I have the start of a horrible disease and while quitting drinking for a few weeks is not hard, i always miss it and tell myself just one. I can’t stop until i hit the tipping point. I wake uo feeling guilty and promise myself i will not have a repeat. Then a rough day at work or a beautiful evening on our front porch and my husband offers me a glass of whatever he is drinking. I accept and its a repeat of the night before. The alcohol with my disease is terrible and add to that my meds increase the effects of alcohol. I am actually 5 days sober today. My commitment is to work this program. I’ve followed Jack since i read Success Principals and trust him when he says this program works. I’m not one to share so much but i think i need to get pretty comfortable quickly to get the most out of the next 30 Days to stay siber, work through why i drink and resolve my issues with my alcoholic father. Thank you for creatung this extra tool and support network. Here’s to a successful 1st day!!

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      Your coverage spoke more to me than the actual time travel. Thank you and hope it is going well.

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    Me to me — You can do it (also checking the reply system).

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    I completed the Time Traveler video and saw no good in my life when alcohol is in the picture. When I thought back, I never touched alcohol, drugs, or even ate sugar until I went to Iraq. I came back with a healthy case of PTSD, that became my single excuse to drink. Pushing loved ones away, was always followed by the statement their better off anyway. Alcohol has ruined several relationships, and impacts my ability to do my job correctly and successfully. Like most, I have tried to quit too many times to count. The reason was simply, I was not committed 100%. I was like so many, simply having the conversation in my head that allows me to continue to binge drink. Today I say, no more, and the holiday is just another way to rationalize drinking. In reality the alcohol doesn’t make the party, I do. I wish and pray for peace and recovery for each and everyone of you sharing this journey with me.

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      I served for over 26 years. I can relate. I came back from the desert a changed man. Throughout it all, I drank to make it (until, I realized) I do not need it to survive. Day 9 and working on the next day (everyday).

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    Day 1 – Scared, but hopeful – 100% committed- I can do this, right? I don’t want to be the person I saw 5 years from now in the first visual. I want to be the person I picked up and put in my pocket…

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    You will be scared. You can do this. I am on day 9 and it has not been easy. I drank for over 32 years and have decided and tried to quit 1000 plus times (each time I failed). With this program, I am making it. It is something different and it does work if you follow day by day the solutions.

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    Is there any help getting through Day 1 cravings????????? Day 1 activities didn’t mention cold turkey cravings —- how do I get by???? How do I avoid desire to relax with martini????

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    easy peasy, lemon Squeezy.

    Do what I did and buy “Mitadone” on

    It’s about $40 but it worked for me. I was craving so bad that I was crawling on the walls and then bought this stuff. I pop a pill and in 30 minutes, all cravings gone.

    Just passing on what worked for me — I jut bought 3 more bottles to get me through another few months.

    It’s all natural and you do not get addicted to it.

    Give it a shot… Better than drinking.

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    THANKS. But wholly paranoid about any substance. Feels like slippery slope. Don’t trust self. . . . I’m really baffled that I don’t see abundant material in the book or companion site, addressing cravings. Day 1’s activities & chapter 1 nearly omit craving—-let alone address craving in any substantial manner. For anyone who finds abstinence challenging, isn’t craving the number one topic & challenge? Isn’t craving the only reason we have difficulties with sobriety??? I felt alone from 3 pm until 2 am, Day 1. How did everyone who raved about the process get past Day 1 & overcome their powerful cravings? To wind-down, relax, de-stress, avoid boredom, pass time———with a drink?????

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      i’m on day 1, as well, so i’m definitely not an authority, by any stretch, but i’l share a couple of the things that are helping me so far. I remember one thing i read that pointed out how much sugar is in alcohol, and mentioned that our bodies get used to that dose of sugar in addition to the booze. they suggested that unless you have a reason that you NEED to avoid sugar, it might help to have some hard candies or something around. the other thing i’ve found for myself (in occasionally failed efforts to abstain/cut back, so take this with a grain of salt) is that one thing i miss when i’m not drinking is that feeling of having a treat or something special, so i’ve been getting fancy carbonated water and doctoring it up with fruit juice or flavored syrup or fruit or something, so it feels like something special i get to enjoy. i’ve also been splurging on good quality teas and stuff – tea works for me because i have to take time to make it, so it’s also a distraction from boredom. i’m also realizing how often i reach for alcohol when i’m actually physically thirsty, so i’ve been drinking A LOT of water. not gonna say the cravings aren’t there, but these are helping. staying busy is helping, too.

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      I totally feel the same way! I don’t know!! It was not addressed and I’m sitting here wondering what to do, next time. Because this time I gave in 🙁

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    Whitefour4, I’ve been there and quite frankly, I don’t know how I did it. It’s been five months and 9 days and despite personal challenges that seem to arrive on a daily basis, I remain alcohol free. Do I still crave? Yes, but not as often. When I do crave a drink, I think about how crappy I would feel the next day; the usual headache, grogginess from lack of sleep and the negative outlook of the day ahead. Stay focused on how good you will feel and optimistic you will be if you don’t drink. It’s a battle in the mind and you can win. There will always be temptations, but remember, life is good without alcohol. One last thing, when I do feel weak, I come back to this web site and read the posts from people who are struggling and working to free themselves from the grip of this negative habit. I don’t want to be there again. Good luck.

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    I made it to day 12 — 1 hour from day 13 and said (II) – or pause. I did have a drink but am back on track. I was able to concentrate my efforts but the “cravings” in the end did me in. My Mitadone supplements worked for me and they are a huge assistance with the cravings. I’m also getting kuzzo root to take that assists. These are all natural and are not drugs by any sense.

    I drink for the buzz (and to check out). Not for the taste or because something happened to me. I come from a good family and have a great life.

    So I had an awakening of sorts as I always deep down knew why I drank (which is very important because now I can work on that aspect of things).

    Society has also brainwashed my subconscious – so I’ll work on that as well. Back on track….

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    Hello all,

    I am seeing that in Day 13 (my date of abstinence before I befuddled myself with a drink) discusses cravings.

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    Hi All.
    I am working on finishing up day 1. I feel like abstinance will not be problematic for me. I fear that I will not be able to do the ‘growth work” – whatever that is – that one needs to do in orderto fully benefit from the program. Can I understand it.Do I know the answers. What if I don’t or can’t I access the information in my head … Abny one else feel this way?

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    I’ve worked through Day 4 in the book but back to Day 1 alcohol free. Having problems getting through Day 2 alcohol free. Is it best to keep working through the solutions or wait a few days and let the book catch up to my alcohol free days? I’m signed up for the 30 day program. Thanks!

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    Hi peaceful1.
    Welcome to the 30DSS book/program. When I first started, I too wasn’t quite ready too commit to abstaining. After a few weeks I became convinced I needed to make the 100% Commitment, as the Day 1 Solution instructs. The authors recommend total Abstinence for 30 days so your brain can adapt successfully to Thriving without the toxic poison which Alcohol has become for you.
    If you want to do the program as written/ instructed, you can do just that. If you read it closely, you’ll see the authors advise you to pick a day during the first week to stop drinking alcohol. So you can decide to stop at this point and carry on. If you skip ahead to Day 14, you’ll be able to access the Bonus Solution on the Companion Website. It’s called the Relapse Solution. I suggest you go ahead and do that nnow. Read it and then decide how you want to proceed. Let me know what you think! You definitely can succeed in this. Onward fellow Sobriety Seeker! Sina

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    I have been sober 10 days but I am just starting the program now. Starting at Day 1. Is this the way to go?

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    What does E + R = O mean? I must have missed that.

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    Just getting started,

    What supplements help with alcohol cravings? Thank you.

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    Great job. Your boys will be proud. Stick with the program and not only will you feel the difference but others around you will also notice. I purposely didn’t make any kind of announcement having failed so many times before so just figured I’d wait until someone else said something which they did pretty early on. So happy I found this program. Good luck!

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    Hello… Day One for me…
    Cannot locate the Time Travel Technique. Went to YOUR SOLUTIONS – PHASE I – DAY 1 and it asks me if I want to reset my password.

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    general549 (and everyone else), when I first started using the website I was very frustrated because I couldn’t find the bonus videos because they are not located in the spot where it says “Bonus Material”. I did eventually find if you click on the Action Steps, the videos are located there. For example, if you click on the Action Step 5 for the Time Travel video, it is there. Hope this helps.

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    I found the 30 Day Challenge book on Amazon yesterday and read all it would allow me to. I also ordered the book and have been reading this website most all day. I have been in such a tremendous amount of denial about my alcohol use/abuse and how it has affected me. Well…this past weekend was a complete rock bottom, I was shocked and horrified at my choices and my behavior to be drinking in the morning into the middle of the day. Drinking to the point of intoxication at 3pm. It was like a nightmare. The two people I was with were drunk and fighting and breaking things and I was terrified. I am a professional, educated woman and this is what I am involved in?? IT was absolutely nuts. It is not okay, it was a dangerous situation for myself, where I could have been hurt, really hurt. I couldn’t figure out why I would drink in the morning?? Did I think it would be fun to just carry the drinking from the night before into the next day?? All I know is this has to stop. I recounted all of the times I have drank so much that I made awful, dangerous decisions. I would quit for a week, then rationalize that I had it all under control. I don’t. I don’t have it under control. Even though I could go days with just one or two drinks, then a few days with none, I would reward myself with a bottle of wine, then another bottle of wine. I thought because I don’t have any legal problems, no DWI’s, because I never drink and drive, that my drinking was “normal”. That somehow my professionalism, my advanced degree somehow insulated me from the dangers of alcohol. It’s sad but true. And now, I need help. I have to change, I want to change how I think, how I cope, and live fuller, better. I completed the time travel meditation and sobbed. I sobbed and cried for what I could be and what I might be if I don’t stop this cycle of denial and rationalization that alcohol somehow helps me. It doesn’t. I am 100% committed. 30 days. I am curious and excited, scared and emotional. But so very grateful to have found this community and the book. Today is day two. I can do this. Thank you.

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      Congratulations jcb530!
      Today is all we have. Now is the perfect time to begin this fabulous exciting scary and thrilling next chapter of your life, Thriving in Sobriety. I will friend you on your profile page, which you can access by tapping on “Where to?” above. Stay strong. I’m here to help if you want it. You won’t regret taking this step!
      Welcome to the Sober Coaster! Sina

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    I woke up this morning after drinking entirely too much yesterday, and decided today is the day. I dumped the rest of my vodka and did the Time Travel Technique. I cried. I have been wasting my life up until this point. I know how I have been acting is not who I am, and I look forward to meeting the real me. I don’t feel scared yet, but when I do (as I am sure I will), I hope to find the support that I will need from this group. I also expect to support anyone else who needs it.

    Let my journey begin…..

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      Welcome Joster! Onward! Sina

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    I read in the Day 1 section you can sign up for daily emails, but the link provided in the book does not work and I can’t seem to find any info about it on this website. Is it still available?

    Thank you

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    Starting day 1. I feel like my drinking is edging up (I can easily drink a bottle of wine and I’m about 58kgs), and I’m not sleeping well. I’ve done a dry month before (but not for a long time) and want the upper hand in a half marathon in couple of months. I’m fit, but I can drink like a fish. I want different tactics to dealing with my family, rather than just drowning them out, and to go out without going hard. Right now, I’m hungover and tired. I’m documenting in this diary my sleep rating each day and my overall feeling of exhaustion… along with the number of KMs I’ve run (4.88 today). Good luck to everybody.

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    This is my day one. Terrified of trying…and failing…again. But equally terrified of not trying and remaining where I am.

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      This is my day 1. Again! I started reading this book over a year ago and never got past day 9. As I look back over the last year’s journal entries, it’s still the same crap – starting over every single day, etc. This madness has GOT to stop. I am also afraid to try because I’m afraid to fail. But I think the key really is making the 100% decision (not 99%) as described in Chapter 1 of the book. I am 52 years old and just thinking about going forward 10 years still drinking with the Time Travel Technique – I don’t think I’ll live that long. So that is more terrifying than trying. How are you doing?

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    I just bought the book and started listening. My issues is guilt and shame regarding drinking. I drink 1-3 per day except when I take time off…a month or so at a time. This makes me totally 99% right? It’s so true that being 99% is a bitch. I can always find a reason to go back to it. But it’s a waste of my time and health–at best. I’d like to know what it’s like to have friends who are not using. I’d like to sleep better, be more mentally sharp, more productive and creative, slimmer too.
    Question: what is the best way to take notes/journal along with the book?

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    Welcome aboard the Sober Coaster a wild ride well worth the price of admission! @booboo, there us no way you can make a boo boo (excuse the bad pun, I couldn’t resist!) no matter how you journal…just write from your heart, do the Action Steps and you’re good to go! Onward! Sina

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    I’m just getting started in this program. I began drinking heavily about 6 months ago. I’ve had a lot of life challenges and disappointments and turned to alcohol. Of course, that made my depression spiral out of control. It culminated with my first ever DUI Oct. 12, 17. I haven’t had a drink since then. I came home and threw all of my alcohol out. It is not an option for me anymore. I can see how I went from being a pretty emotionally healthy person to a very unhealthy person over night. The main issues I struggle with are depression and loneliness. I’ve had counseling on and off for 25 years, and I’ve read MANY self help books and studied the Bible. They’ve all been of great help, but I do think my underlying issue is the loneliness and feelings of rejection. I’ve found a new counselor and hope to have a first appointment soon. I’m hoping this book will help me reflect on MANY of my issues and bring healing. I know the drinking was just a symptom. Thanks for listening! 🙂

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    I am on day one but can’t access the day 1 link under “your solutions” – day 1 takes me to the login/logout screen (I am already logged in). I WILL take me to day 2, however. I don’t want to skip over day 1, and will do the work according to the book, but it would be nice to have the website “companion” information. This site is not working well though. Also, not getting the daily emails. Frustrating. :/

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      Welcome aboard the Sober Coaster @coppertop.
      Try tapping (or mousing) on the “Where to?” above. Then scroll down to Day 1 under Phase 1. Tap on it, then just scroll down to see all the content.
      Let me know if this works.
      Don’t worry about the email notification feature. It isn’t necessary for your success. And as you will discover as you progress through this excellent program, some Solutions warrant more time investment than others.
      I can help with other concerns you may have, just tap on my Screen name and leave me a PM.
      ONWARD! Sina

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    I am cautiously excited about this program since I failed once already. Went 45 days without a drink and felt wonderful. Now I’m back to where I was before. Maybe if I write down my thoughts each day it will help me to stay on track.

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    This is day 1 for me. I am sober and terrified and anxious. It is helpful to read these messages. Thank you all for being so brave and honest with your journeys. I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time. I must make a change. I have thought about quitting for a long time and just couldn’t see myself going to meetings in public. I am a secret drinker and have progressively worsened to the point of not being able to stop anymore. I have driven while drunk this weekend and I am terrified of getting caught or hurting someone and the shame I would bring on myself and my family. This must stop. I just listed to the Time Travel Technique and found that I could not take a deep breath. It hurts to think about what I could become in 5 years if I don’t stop. I am working on trying to pay attention to when I blame or find excuses of why I should drink. I come home from work and usually start drinking but not today. I am sober and have been pouring over the material and website. I am looking forward to getting a restful night sleep instead of passing out.

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    I’m right there with you – Day 1 today after hundreds of others. I have successfully stopped before so I know I can do it again and I know I need the support to be able to do so. I’m just tired of thinking about drinking. Tired of the auto-pilot that kicks in every day after work. Tired of sitting on the couch, watching Netflix all night, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. I need to start taking care of myself better not to mention we will have SO MUCH more money. It’s hard because my husband still drinks and smokes and he will not commit to quitting with me but I now know I have to do it without him. Good luck!

    • #20691


      I agree! I’m tired about thinking of drinking too! And watching Netflix and drinking each night – I’m right there with you! I’ve started so many day one’s. I’m on day 2 today – just about to go to bed. This is exciting! Day three is right in front of me.

      Thanks for sharing.

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        Hi – I am on Day 1 today – didn’t get there before. But I am almost ready for bed and am really going to make it! Yay!

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          Hey! That’s awesome – congrats on day 1. Think of how great you’ll sleep and how wonderful you will feel when you wake up tomorrow – enjoy!

          I find the feeling is very reinforcing for Day 2.

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            I made it and slept great and feel good, too. Have a great day 3!

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    Day one almost done…the time travel exercise was very impactful. Felt a little weakened in the late afternoon, when my energy usually dips and I drink. I’m really gonna need to lean into this program for support…this is the first time i’ve really taken a stand to stop drinking, but it’s become a problem even though i’m functional. I’ve been turning to drinking to cope far too often. It’s not the way I want to live. Hubby has been drinking two beers every night for as far back as i can remember, which has frustrated me in the past, but I’m just going to focus on my own self because I am worth it. Sending good thoughts to us all!

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      I started the day after you – I’m just finishing day 2. I feel great! I think I might really be able to do this. How are you doing after day 3?

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    Just starting day 1 today. Again. Since I first did this program, I lost my marriage, have chronic arthritis due to excessive drinking for 35 years. Two pivotal things happened today to get me out of denial and have a good hard look at myself. Today I am returning to the family home, alone. I spoke to one of my children who told me that he has been deeply concerned about his own drinking for years and has decided he needs to quit. So today is a turning point. I can sit around and be miserable about how much I have lost, or I can finally do something about it. I think I’ve almost come to terms with the fact that I’ll die young, but now knowing that by being a poor role model, as was my husband, we have had a terrible impact on our kids, it has made me take a good long look at myself. And I don’t like what I see. Drinking killed our marriage, it’s killing me, but denial is such an awful thing. Having a good hard look at yourself is terrifying. How did this happen?

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      Welcome to the Sober Coaster a wild ride well worth the price of admission as you well know.
      Ok, First, you need not die young, second, the latest chapter in the book of your life is being composed NOW by YOU .
      Second, “how did this happen?” There is no point dwelling on yesterday. Move forward !.
      It sounds as if you are ready to write and enact an inspiring next Chapter in the book of your life. I wish you the best as you learn to shift that feeling of “terror ” into what it signifies…. excitement!!!!
      Onward! Sina

  • #20741


    Thanks for the reply Sina, yes you are right, it’s irrelevant how it happened, and each day brings new choices, change terror into excitement, and I get to write the script of how I respond to what happens next.

  • #61398


    Hi, folks- Day 1 for me today. I’m tired of wasting my money, time, health, and future on drinking across from my wife (who is not yet joining me on the sobriety train). I want to get my edge back and be all that I can be, and I appreciate everyone’s efforts in doing the same. Open to all suggestions, stories, and distractions to make this easier for everyone here. Love to all.

  • #65242


    Hi hugh_manbeing … I think it’s a wonderful decision you have made. I’m kind of older (63 yrs old) and have been at this for awhile. This program has worked for me. I got sidetracked this winter with a college course, but stayed dry (alc-free). I did a few solutions which worked wonders, and now that the college course is finished, I look forward to hitting the 30 Day SS book and solutions again.
    A phrase has been popping into my mind for a long time now at the end of the day, and that is: My dry days are my best days.
    You’re gonna lot it!

  • #70842


    Starting again after many setbacks. I am so tired of how alcohol makes me feel defeated, ashamed, sluggish, and fearful. I’m ready to commit 100% to working the solutions and feeling good about myself again.

  • #71424


    Oh, I see a typo in my above post. I meant to type “you’re gonna love it!”. I agree it’s tough sometimes to feel strong about this, but when we add another dry day, aren’t we glad?! Enjoy the extra energy being alc-free gives you!

  • #99271


    I’m excited to start this journey with an open heart I’m dedicating 100% of myself to fully embracing my journey to recovery.

  • #118979


    Day 1 (again) for me.

  • #119010


    Day 1. I ‘got sober’ at 21 years old and it lasted almost 3 years because my behavior may have changed but apparently my real self didn’t. 28 years later, here I am. It was a slow process but the last few years have averaged a bottle of wine a night. I’m ready. And I’m 100% committed. Let’s do this!

    Hmmm.. I’m getting error messages. ERROR: Are you sure you wanted to do that? Well, yes I’m sure!

  • #119019


    I think Day One is the hardest day of them all. Here I go!

  • #119032


    I’m ready for another extended commitment to being alc-free. I love it, when during the night and being half asleep, I ask myself “am I still alc-free?”, and I can say “Yes!”.

  • #119169


    Day one. Again. I feel a bit hopeful and scared and frustrated all at once.

    • #119468


      I hear ya @laughingirl71 – I’m on Day 1 since starting then stopping more than two years ago. I’m hopeful scared and frustrated as well. How are you doing today?

  • #119229


    @laughingirl71 — how’s it going today?

  • #119246


    Good job everybody!

  • #119863


    Have read and re-read DAY 1 over the last week. Sober for a week before. I have done most of the action steps.. time therapy twice…struggling to start journaling! Have been to AA over last 30 years and always relapsed at step 4’re ‘taking moral infantry’…just brings up the guilt, low self esteem and self loathing time after time….am afraid this might happen again. ! Anyone else have this issue ?

  • #119943


    Day 1 is so hard. I feel so guilty for all the time I’ve spent drinking.

  • #120914


    Day 1. Again. But I got totally drunk and really made an ass of myself this week and the shame has me back on track. I know that is not a good reason to get on track. But hey, I am not drinking today and thats what really matters. I have been a heavy drinker for over 20 years, a really heavy one for the last 10 years. I can go through a handle jug of vodka in about 4-5 days. And I don’t only drink at home. It is amazing that I continue to get clear blood work and have a clean bill of health. I feel sorry for my poor husband. He puts up with a lot and he does not even know the worst of it. I am lucky to have someone like him to love me. I want to feel like I deserve him. Right now, I do not. But I am recognizing that I have such high achievement goals that I feel like the only time I can allow myself to stop working and relax is to drink. But I am really inefficient at work. I own my own business and am struggling to figure out if I am “doing it right”. I mean don’t get me wrong I make decent money and am not hurting for business. But I know I can do better. Way better. I am smarter than this. I really need to set daily or weekly work goals for myself and achieve them. I hear time blocking is a smart way to accomplish this. Then when my daily goals are achieved, I can allow myself to relax in a healthy manner. Not sure what that is yet. I love to read and I enjoy tea. I suppose that can be my reward. But it just seems like a boring reward. I really just want more stimulation like passionate sex and a bunch of martinis. Ugh. But I am 100% committed to not drinking for 30 days and working through the solutions. I mean let’s be honest, I won’t regret it. But if I continue to be a messy drunk, I will regret that.
    Any words of encouragement are appreciated…

  • #120915


    Starting Day1 today. Goal is full sobriety by Tuesday. It may to too ambitious considering how much I’ve been drinking. But going to detox/rehab is not an option right now with no insurance, so I have to taper. Went to a Refuge Recovery meeting today which was nice. Reminded me how scattered my brain gets on alcohol and meditation can help. The Time Travel meditation really freaked me out though. It was hard to shake of the unpleasantness of the drinking future self and truly envision life without. Wish me luck!

    • #120923


      Starting again myself. I cut back and lasted until about day 15 on this previously. Yes the time travel freaked me out too and also wasn’t able to shake it easily either. Just reviewing my notes from first day last time.

      I am going to try and figure out how to friend some of the people who are currently posting. Hope to see you still around in a few.

      • #120928


        Day 1 again, but after recent experiences I now have the clarity and the true motivation to be 100% committed. The time travel technique is a real eye opener for sure. I’m excited for the journey and I happy to see there is a good community to be surrounded by. Good luck to everyone. To all the success!

    • #122820


      Just finished Day1 again and started on Day 2. I haven’t had a drink in two and a half weeks. Today is the first day I miss my glass of pretty wine from its pretty bottle.

  • #120931


    Hi everyone! I am on Day 30 in the reading (I listen to it on audible) and can relate to you all. What has helped me is to plan for each day to read/listen and do something toward the actions. Some days, it is more than n hour so I split it up into two days. But reading my vision statement, reading back the before me and the after me kept me going.

    Good luck and keep going day by day. You deserve happiness and thriving!

  • #120947


    Why a re there a bunch of posts for show episodes? What does it have to do with getting sober?

  • #122370


    I just finished reading chapter one, I have some events in the next 6 days, let’s just say I don’t want to be asked a bunch of questions etc. If I’m going to make next week my “day 1” should I just stop reading and pick it back up next week?

    • #122374


      Hello nsmith71005! And welcome aboard the Sober Coaster!
      IMO, there’s no time like the present! In fact there’s no time BUT the Present!
      From one who has worn your the same shoes as you, as far as being a problem drinker, I can tell you that these situations where drinking is featured will not abate…EVER.
      As far as people asking “a bunch of questions “, you have no control over others. The only person you can control of course, is You!
      I will try to post a link to the Bonus Solution, Day 7.
      If you do decide to continue ” drinking poison for fun”, as Craig Beck ” the Stop Drinking Expert” calls it, then I would hope you will continue to read the materials and let them begin to percolate in your mind, body and soul. Unless you reach the place of 100% Commitment, as in Solution #1, your Journey becomes unsustainable.
      Onward! Sina

      • This reply was modified 1 year ago by  sinaqueena.
  • #122383


    ZenDesk doesn’t recognize my email, therefore I am unable to access the Support Portal. I don’t understand as I have registered, have a profile, and have received my Day 1 email.

    Also, the checklist doesn’t seem to have the little check boxes that are displayed in the video.

    True, I am not particularly tech savvy, but I am so excited to be part of this 30 day sobriety solution.

  • #122450


    Day 1- Ive accomplished all the tasks on the list. 1. started journal on Penzu 2. made Dr.s Apt 3.set date(today)5.take picture and put in journal. 5 Tonight will watch time travel when I get home from work.
    I can do anything for 30 days and who knows, maybe it will work.

  • #122614


    I went through this years ago when the book came out. They never have done anything past the BETA and since all the spam has been allowed and not cleaned up I think the site is abandoned. Unfortunately.

  • #122695


    Maybe they will come back and revive this site. I just finished “The Alcohol Experiment” which was awesome and they had “The 30 Day Sobriety Solution” as a recommended book, and that is why I am here and started this. They should request donations at the end of the 30 days, like the Alcohol Experiment, to make the site for them worth maintaining. Quite frankly, if they aren’t making money, I am surprised it is still here. Anyways, all the links worked for Day One, and I really enjoyed the Time Travel Technique Video so I will be using this, and not complain about links not working since it is free, and because not complaining is in chapter 1, lol. BTW, I really loved seeing my 5 and 10 year sober/moderating self! : )

  • #122696


    Welcome aboard the Sober Coaster FaithHipe38 ! I know it is truly disappointing that Dave Andrew’s Companion Website is not maintained! I have been here since the beginning as Tommy Rosen (a Sobriety Expert of more than 20 years! And the man behind “Recovery 2.0”, a yoga based Recovery Website) interviewed Jack Canfield soon after the 30DSS was released.
    Even with the Website as it stands, this program WORKS if you do the work. The emphasis is on You, not on the deleterious effects of Alcohol. I have done The Alcohol Experiment, and other of Annie’s programs and am her Friend. However the Program which gave me my Life back ( This program!) holds a place in my heart.
    See if you can find “Site Wide Activity ” and you’ll be able to connect with others currently posting. It’s good to read old posts too, bc the struggle doesnt change, just the cast of characters!
    ONWARD! Sina

  • #122861


    Hi Sinaqueena! I bought the book and joined this forum when it first started (under a different user name).I remember your posts. A few years have gone by and I decided that I need to get back on track. I reread chapter one and made a vow that I would log into the forum each day.I am so disappointed! Day One’s forum is basically advertisements and the most recent post is a month and a half old. What’s happened? Don’t they care about us “little people” anymore. Or, do you have to sign up and pay to be a part of the “Insiders Circle” to get any care and attention?

    • #122862


      Hi again Terry12319!
      Yes, it is a crying shame Dave does not/ cannot afford(?) to remove the SPAM from his Companion Website.
      I did participate as a Mastermind Group leader in his Inner Circle 3 Workshop. And while we definitely did not see eye to eye, as was the case for several other participants, I still absolutely believe in the efficacy of this program, inspired and patterned as it is, after the great Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles “.
      Dave had gone through some tough times is his personal life and perhaps that in part explains his lack of care.☹ If you can find and post replying to “Site Wide Activity ” or start your own posts, you’ll be able to interact with the few currently working the Program online.
      Onward Friend! Sina

  • #122967


    Im on day 27 of being sober but i feel like something is missing. I am not drinking but i am not living as well. The only real thing I feel that has changed is not drinking, but I am not putting my heart into the program either. So I am choosing to stay sober and start the 30 days again with heart this time. I am taking the next 2 days to revisit the program and start my journal over. I still plan to finish the 30 days on time so its my time to shine and get caught up. I will be posting on the day I finish after completing the action steps, so if you see several posts a day that’s just me plugging away.
    I do see the power in this program so if your reading this, don’t give up.
    Thanks for reading

  • #122974


    Day 1 of 30DSS for me. I just figured I would post something to judge how active this forum is. I’ve been trying to control my “normal drinking” for years. As a matter of fact the journal I’m writing in is one I started years ago when I tried to control my drinking. So far the 100% solution has made a major impact on my thinking. I constantly I argued with myself while driving home from work if I should or should not stop to buy that bottle of wine. Now I am 100% committed ! I will not let that inner debate even begin. I pray with God’s strength I will prevail. Good luck to everyone starting their journey!

  • #122980


    How do I stop getting these messages? Where is the “Unsubscribe” button????

  • #123036


    Hi All. I am on day #1 and it is a bitch. I’ve been drinking daily for over 30 years and I need to get serious about sobriety. Quitting is easy. I have done it a hundred times.

    • #123043


      Hi to those of you who posted in 2020! It’s January 13, 2020 and I’m on Day 1. How are you others doing? I think this book is already making a big difference. I’ve gathered some powerful tools already with the 100% solution & the E+R=O. Instead of relying on sheer willpower alone, I have actual actions to take to help me. I have a big problem not drinking at night. I get bored, am stressed or anxious, want to alter my mindset, or all of the above!Don’t get me wrong, I know I will bump into rough spots. But I can turn to the book for action steps, write in my journal, use the guided visualization etc. I also plan to get out of the house at night and go to a meeting if it gets really tempting to drink.I have already checked out some local meetings in my area as preparation. I t has been quite some time since I have been able to go more than one or two nights without drinking. Wishing all of us success in our quest 🙂

      • #123046


        Welcome aboard the Sober Coaster PeaceLoveFlowers!
        I am confident you CAN succeed in your quest to Thrive in Sobriety and Life! After all, you’ve “taken the first step ” as the Martin Luther King Jr. quote at the start of Day 1, The 100% Solution states. Boredom will eventually be supplanted with contentment Pride and curiosity for all this gift of Life has to offer those who behold it with clearer eyes!
        Onward! Sina

      • #123056


        I am day 14 and things are going pretty well. I haven’t had 14 days without drinking in 18 years. This solution really does help. I have read two other 30 day books and the most I was able to go was 5 days. It really helps to do the exercises I look forward to the lessons each day. I am so glad I found this book best of luck to you and please keep posting everyone’s posts are really helping me. Today we found out my husband might loose his job. 15 days ago I probably would have drank. I am so glad the desire was very low and I knew for the first time in my adult life that drinking really doesn’t help anything it just pushes it away and typically makes things worse. Best of luck to you

  • #123052


    If I choose to go the 60 or 90 day path do I then also increase this from a 30 day Sobriety period to a 60 or 90 day sobriety period? Or is the intent to still do just the 30 in the 60 or 90 day time frame?


  • #123147


    Day 1. 👌🏻

    I feel like I’ve started this journey to many times.

    Excited for this book and hopefully a life with NO more alcohol.

    • #123149


      Best of luck on your journey this is a great program the exercises are wonderful

  • #123235


    Made it through Day 1. I am 100% Committed!

  • #123814


    Hello Serious Sobriety Seekers!
    Do you want help and support as you work the wonderful Solutions of “The 30 Day Sobriety Solution “?
    Surprise! You won’t find much here until Dave Andrews re commits to a serious Rehab for this Companion Website.
    Come join Sobriety Society on a private non Facebook Forum!

    I want you to join my group on MeWe:

  • #7451

    Hi and thanks for the question! You may not hear specific questions to journal about (although sometimes you will). We would like you to journal about each action step for each day’s solution. For example, one of the Day 1 action steps asks you to listen to the time travel technique and journal about it. So although that’s not a specific question, just journal about your experience. Basically, journal as much as you can as you go through the program. Journaling is a great tool to help you become aware of what’s going on inside for you. Good luck!

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