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    I’m 38, live in ATL and am excited to just get this over with, honestly. No “rock bottom” but hearing your husband tell you one of your friends said they are worried about you, that wasn’t great.

    I plan to return to moderation, my line of work involves alcohol, so….

    Oh! And I’m quitting a chronic marijuana habit at the same time to boot! Anyone else quitting other habits or addictions?

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    Sunday 13th was my first day too. I don’t have other addictions so can’t help with that but just wanted to send best wishes that you are successful.
    I am on holiday abroad and yesterday was the first time I have ever been on holiday and not had a drink. I’m feeling very positive about the course.

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    Today is my day one. Excited to kick this all out of my system.

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    Hi there ! Day1 for me today, also quite enthusiast 🙂 … I’m aiming at starting with a 90 day challenge, really experience how is alcohol-free life deeply, and possibly going to 365 after …
    I signed up for a marathon just in 3 months (14/04/2019) which adds motivation to remain healthy 😉 … I’m doing this and the OYNB (One Year No Beer) challenge at the same time.

    Good luck to all of you !

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    Day 1 for me as well. Feeling very positive and looking forward to being the DD next weekend! That’s not something I’ve ever said…..Good luck everyone!

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    With you too, Poe (and others)! Day 1 – Jan 15th! I’m looking to quit smoking cigars alongside the almost-daily beer-fest (and by ‘smoking cigars’ I mean a pack a day of those little Prime Time style cigarillos).

    Interestingly, I only smoke when I drink, and only drink in the evenings at home, so the two habits are very closely intertwined (not sure if it’s the same, Poe, for you and the marijuana). In some ways, I think it’ll make it a bit tougher to quit (my body getting used to no alcohol and no nicotine at the same time), but also easier to just take the whole lousy evening ‘routine’ and toss it!

    Good luck to Poe in the joint effort and good luck to all!

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    Howdy all:
    Today is also my Day 1….although my abstinence date is actually Monday, the 28 as it is my birthday weekend. Although I actually may not drink for my birthday cuz I really want to know off this ever consuming (and pretty much only) hobby quick as I can. Nevertheless, I wanted to be on safe side before my non negotiable 100% commitment Monday.
    Hope everyone here is still here.

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    Hey Lola – welcome! Not sure about the others in this thread, but I’m still here and still chugging along (on Day 9 now)!

    Chuckle/Observation of the Day:

    The past couple of days, I’ve had moments of being kind of amazed at reaching Day 8, Day 9, etc. A little impressed with myself, even :). Mostly thinking, “9 days? That’s a borderline miracle”.

    Meanwhile, I’ve always claimed I could quit any time, I just didn’t have a good reason to. (Don’t have a worried family, big health concerns, career trouble, etc, etc.)

    Wait, Self – if you were so certain you could quit any time, why are you so amazed that you HAVE quit for 9 days?

    Hmm … I think I may have caught myself in a lie … :).

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    Day 1,mixed feelings. Nervous, scared of failure, optimistic for my future and trying to stay positive and win my self back. I need this and can do this! Still trying to learn the website and what it all has to offer but I like tthe support already. Stay tuned…….

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    Well Hello AJ and Sadie:
    I can certainly equate with your Observation of the Day AJ in that family, health concerns or career trouble (although I suspect I’m bs’ing myself a little on the latter) have never given me much grief with respect to my drinking….
    Oh hell…lying to myself if I believe my drinking has not cause me much grief. I’m pretty freaking fed up with my affair with the drink.

    I truly look forward to this….adventure. I have long been a fan of Jack Canfield. It was actually watching an old interview with him …in hopes of inspiration to get my life together – that he mentioned this book yesterday. Divine intervention perhaps?

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    Hi, yesterday was my first day! I felt so confident yesterday and today…. until about an hour and a half ago where I added some wine to my risotto and had a glass. Do I need to start again, or can I continue to day 3 tomorrow?

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    Hi Everyone! I started the 30-day Sobriety Solution a year ago. It’s been very, very successful! I did about eight 30-day alc-free commitments last year. I just finished my first one for 2019 (today is day 31 alc-free) and I’m not going to have any alc! I’ve learned that the side effects to alc are not worth it! It makes me sick! I love being sober!
    This past year I have enjoyed going into YouTube and watching/listening to videos from “coaches” like Annie Grace and Craig Beck and Tommy Rosen. They have battled alc, too, and know what they are talking about.
    Allison197791 … keep going forward in the book and solutions. As far as counting alc-free days, just begin again. But keep learning more, new things.

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    Hi, I started the 30 day solution today and I’m looking forward to the journey. Thank you to everyone for your encouraging comments, thanks!

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    Hi All. Starting day 1 today. I have not shared this with my husband or family as of yet. I will need all of your support. We can do this and improve ours lives!

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      It is my day two today. I’ve done the challenge before, but am back for a reboot because I haven’t been successful at moderation. The quality of life I have when sober far outweighs any benefit of trying to drink moderately. If I have to manage it, then it’s managing me.
      I wish us and all the best, this is a great program developed by caring people.
      Onward and upward!

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        Yes. Alcohol is managing me right now 🙂

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    Day 1 for me. I’m very ready

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      Bon Voyage Annie,! I think being ready and willing to work is the best! So far it’s going well for me, but I know I have challenges ahead! I have to complete my daily solutions and not procrastinate!

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    Returning from another tour of duty with alcohol, now ready to ‘come home’. Day 1 for me, again. Working 30-day from day 1, again, although I have been here before. I believe life is a series of lessons> We learn and we learn and we learn. I need a re-boot.

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    Day 13, i knew i would feel different but not like this! I sleep better, better mood, open to conversations, exercise regularly and just feel great! Not going to lie but it is hard on the weekends, habits of watching a movie with wine or going out for dinner and having cocktails. But i go on treadmill or play a game with the kids and all is forgotten.

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    This is Day 7 alc-free (2nd 30-day alcfree commitment of 2019). First commitment went to 35 days, then tried a few glasses, then couldn’t wait to get back on another commitment. I didn’t feel well after the alc.
    Good luck Everyone! There are so very many benefits to being alc-free! It’s a better life!

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      I’m with you @katballou, I pretty much did the same thing. I was sober all of January and on February 4th decided to have some wine.I’m not going to lie, the warmth of the wine that relaxed my body and quelled the excessive thinking in my brain felt pretty good, but it wasn’t worth what I felt the next day (hungover, cravings for sugar, salt, and fat, disappointment in myself). When I don’t drink I feel way more confident, open, positive, focused, and alive. So, I’m back reading and doing the work!

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    I’m a little sideways right now. Like you, I do really well for a period, then chose to drink again. Better rationalizing drinking when I want, instead of rationalizing abstaining. Going thru tough challenges…executor of estate/will due to my best friend’s death. His family uncooperative, which is why he assigned me. Still, no excuse to drink bottle of wine. So, I’m resigning as executor, with some guilt but I realize I can change what I can. I don’t have to accept this at this time of my recovery journey. I am going to relax, step back, and take care of me. I am confident. Not frustrated….just pissed off at my poor decisions lately. I actually like the periods I have been sober. Peace

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    Oh. By the way, Katballou. Way to go on your successes. Cool

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    Good Morning Everyone
    Here is a bit of my story. I am 55 years old, been a heavy drinker for over 15 years. I drink atleast 1 litre of wine everyday or maybe 6 or 7 whiskies. Usually wake up on the couch middle of night because I have passed out. My drinking is out of my control, I have realized. I am off work right now because during one of my drunken stoopers I slipped and landed on my dining room floor. I vaguely remember doing it. I got up and went to bed. In the morning I said to my husband, I better go to hospital, I dislocated my thumb. I have taken wine and had a hot bath and passed out. Seriously, OMG. I really should be dead by now.
    I bought this book a few years ago, and being a procrastinator, or the thought of not drinking scared me. My daughter is getting married this June, so I have to clean myself up. She will hopefully have babies soon, so I need to be clean and sober. I smoked cigarettes for over 20 years and quit like 17 years ago. I hope I can do the same with alcohol.
    I will keep active with these forums to i know we are not alone.

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    Dear happier1963 … I understand. At age 55, this is the right time to grab this bull by the horns. You can do it. This program has worked for me. It’s amazing. The visualizations work wonders. There are probably millions of us out here who understand you. Good luck. Keep posting. Do the work in the book, and you will get there!!

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      Thanks for encouragement. I will open up the book today. It will be challenging because my husband also drinks. He can go all week but enjoys his drinks on the weekend. So I need to just be strong for myself. We also make our own wine, so that needs to become history. What isn’t a pleasure now, having a nice glass of wine for the flavour, its now just needing to feed my addiction. I drink and drink and then not realizing I have passed out and don’t remember much. My twin sister worries about me a lot. I would rather just drink at home then visit my family and friends. So that will be a nice change. I work 12 hour shifts, so when I get in my car, can’t wait to get home to have a drink. So a lot of mental changes needed.

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    Day 1 of the book for me. But made this decision a few weeks ago. I have battled insomnia for years and my biggest, not only, but biggest stumbling block is drinking to fall asleep, to relax. I have already stopped doing that but I still am not sleeping and just want to be free of insomnia but I don’t want to drink or take pills to sleep. Very frustrated with that.

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      I too suffer with insomnia. I can’t take regular OTC sleep aids because they make my legs cramp and I become even more wired. What I did discover is Calm, it’s magnesium in powder form that is mixed with warm water. A woman who over heard me explaining my situation to a sales associate recommended it, as her daughter has many health problems and Calm is the only thing that helps her sleep. I gave it a try and it really works!

      My doctor explained that my body stopped making chemicals to make me sleepy as alcohol was doing that for me. She said eventually my body would figure it out and start producing what is needed. I am now less reliant on the magnesium.

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    I suffered exact problem with insomnia – used alcohol to sleep. After a few days things get way better – been sober for 41 days and have had some of the best sleep in years.
    Insomnia will subside – some herbal tea with honey is a nice relaxing beverage.

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    I have tried the Calm. It didn’t really help me but I am glad it helped you. Tried herbal teas too. A herb called Passion Flower seems to help a little. It is helpful to know that others struggling with the same issues. Thank you

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    Got through Day 1, yey. went to bed at 8pm and read Day 1 and did exercise. My dogs not used to going to bed at that time, they had me up at 4am for a pee. lol..Also started to read the book “The Secret”. On to Day 2

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    Hello, Im on my second – day 1. I bought the book in January and got thru the first 4 or 5 days, then I talked myself out of it. Said, oh you can drink the lite Organic beer at 3.8% alcohol. After a few weeks that logic was forgotten. The fact that I know the alcohol content of most beers is a dead giveaway. I Went out, which i really haven’t done in over a year. Basically, just drank at home. Well, I went out, ran into old friends. Did shots. Did and said the stupidest things I would never have done sober. So I am starting over again. But really committed this time. I am doing 30 Days no booze no FB.

    I have been reading others posts on here and I sincerely hope you all do well too!

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    I have talked myself into dumb stuff like that in the past. Told myself really good reasons why it was ok. I am on Day 7 and so far I haven’t had too much of a hard time.Day seven of the book but I had made up my mind about not drinking several weeks before the book. One night I just couldn’t sleep and got up and drank some wine we had in the cupboard for cooking. Felt like dog poop the next day. Wasn’t worth it. Alcohol really doesn’t work anyway.Waste of time and money. Hope I still feel this way forever. :).
    I have been focusing on little “pamper” type stuff, to relax. Like, a pretty cup to drink tea out of, essential oils, soft lounging clothing, low light. Anything like that seems to be helping me.
    One day at a time.

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    Thanks AF18. I am really committed. I like your tea idea, I have a large assortment of teas! I have so many new books and I collect DVD TV series. I have lots to keep me occupied. It’s just that time in late afternoon on the weekend in an instant I will say I’m bored and go get beer. I never keep alcohol in the house. And I only buy a specific amount as it will all be gone that day. If I can get thru the next few weekends withmaking that snap decision. I think I’ll be ok.

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