Day 1 – the SHAME of this addiction. I look forward to meeting the real me again

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    It took a lot to get from “I drink wine because I love the taste” a few years ago to the shame of all the recycling of empty bottles every week. Even my best friend who is a problem drinker told me to be careful… that it’s a slippery slope. How did I get here? Is this really me having a problem? Wow… it is happening to me right now. Gulp. But I’m glad I saw this audio program at a time when enough is enough.

    I’m hiding. No one knows I have this problem. I have been distant and avoiding gatherings. Ashamed of weight gain. Oh boy… it was fun to escape and have the wine… for five years now but the cost is too great since I do not recognize myself. And I used to get away with it but can’t anymore. Even the bloodwork cannot lie. My friends wonder about me. Embarrassed I did this all to myself when I am pure potential.

    I’ll be kind to myself during this process. I know I gotta dig deep to find what pain I’ve been masking. I suspect it’s the feelings of being rejected in the past. The belief that I’m flawed and unlovable by others despite knowing we are all lovable. It’s believing it for myself which hasn’t stuck. The rejection evidence I’ve collected from past experiences sticks harder.

    If I get through these 30 days I know I’ll be a huge force. The force will explode out into my business becoming more successful, feeling sexier, more engaged and CONFIDENT. The wilting flower feeling is what I most want to get rid of… the drinking was only a lame excuse and coverup which compounded recently this year. I hope this process will help me look at my shame. And propel me to heal. Anyhow…

    Day 1 here we go! Grateful.

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    WorldTraveler: I hope you can soon realize there is no shame, and you are not flawed in any way. You simply have been duped by the confidence game the alcohol industry has played on us all. Alcohol has been marketed to us in every movie, TV show, Magazine as if it was the “normal” thing to do. But give yourself the gift of listening to a few books along with this program. Alan Carr EAsy Way, Jason Vale Kick the Drink, explain this way better than I can.
    This program, along with listening to these books, have given me 44 days of sobriety – the longest in at least 20 years.
    So do the work, review your vision plan every day, and if you like support, keep writing here. I will look for your posts.

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    Thank you. I see the marketing engine as well. Day 3 today and I’m feeling confident. I’ve been enjoying the process. I’ve already saved $60 on wine. I am waking up with muscle cramps and body stiffness… but today is far better than yesterday felt. It might also because I went on a bike ride at sunset on day 1 to start it off right. Doing the work! And I’m happy to have this forum. Thanks for keeping an eye. Congrats on 45 days!!

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    WorldTraveler your post resonated with me. Thanks for sharing. I too have gained tons of weight thru drinking . I don’t like how I look or feel. I don’t like how I feel health wise or emotional but in reading your post for the first time I realized I’m grateful for the weight gain and how awful I look cuz I think it’s what snapped me out of it. Congratulations on reaching Day 3 . I also find it helpful to read books on sobriety . I like The Naked Mind.

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    WorldTraveler, your post resonated with me as well. I too used the excuse of loving the taste of wine and just wanting to relax with a glass of wine and feel sophisticated. When did it get so out of control? Goodness. I’m not sure of the “whys” yet but there must be something going on that makes me want to numb any negative feelings. I love my rose colored glasses! I’m fairly sure there are going to be issues coming up regarding unworthiness and not measuring up to others expectations. I too am looking forward to the journey. And I saw my future self with big smiles and joy. Off on my exciting journey to that beautiful woman!

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    Day 1 for me. Just beginning this journey. Scared and very emotional.

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