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    Day 1 today for me. I did a successful 30 day challenge 2 years ago and I am overdue for this again. For me it is almost all drinking to relieve my stress…and you know what? It doesn’t relieve my stress. It just steals my motivation. Time to get back to where I am supposed to be.

    Anybody else out there looking for support?


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    Hello Johnnyoooo, Welcome to the plan. I read that you already know it works. The site is not maintained but there are people here who get a lot out of reading peoples posts. I’m one of them.

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      To myturn75 Hi. Thanks for writing. I am so pumped to alcohol free for a while. I’m going to reach out to Dave and see if they might consider volunteer admins to monitor the site.

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    Hi, I’m at day one too. Been drinking since I’m 13 up to now. When I was younger, it was only on weekends, but for the last 6 years, it became an everyday habit and one drink is never enough. I’ve spent so many days of my life just recovering from the night before. But, I was in denial and thinking it was under control since I was always getting up to go to work and keep on performing well (although some days were hell). I’m a mother of 2 beautiful boys and still think I did a great job with them even though I’m having a drinking problem. That’s maybe why I kept being in that state of denial, because I was always functional despite this bad habit. But I’m so tired of that vicious circle I’ve been stuck in for so long. It’s time to say, Enough now. So Day 1, check and will take this one day at a time. Did this 30 days of sobriety earlier this year but was focussed on 30 days only, I need more than 30 days of sobriety to get where I want to be. Good luck and keep focussing 🙂

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      motivated1978… I totally get that. I am so ready to take a long break from drinking. I work a very stressful job and have so much going on. Life is very stressful and unfortunately I have fallen into this bad habit. But let’s do this together! Others will tag along as we go. By 30 days maybe we’ll have an RV full of fun folks. JohnnyO

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    Day 2 for me and I am joining you on this journey. I understand the stress and being “functional” in the outside. I am sick and tired of short changing myself too.

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    Hello mrn31, Day 2 as well for me. I’m doing the exercises religiously this time and taking it one day at a time. When my thoughts goes to an upcoming event that will probably be challenging without having a drink, I removed that idea and focus on today only. It is nice though to have real people here, with their stories we can somehow relate to. Keep on going folks. 🙂

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    HI everyone…I am just finishing up my 30 days. It seems almost a little trickier for me because I don’t have the big stress that many people deal with. I am retired and although not rich…I am not stressed about money. I have no kids and nothing really to complain about in my life. My husband of 28 years loves me and supports me in quitting drinking (he is really happy about it of course because we all know it is no fun being with an alcoholic).

    So why in the heck is it that when I have a drink I can’t have 1 or 2. It is like something switches on in my head and I want more. My honey says its like the old saying of “chasing the dragon” your trying to get somewhere. I watch other people drink and they do not have this “urge compulsion”…before the program I thought about drinking all the time. But not because I was stressed out so I guess I have more digging to do to understand this. So I am starting over and tomorrow is day one again…it is great to be able to talk to someone…thanks for being there.

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    Hi Kat and welcome to your second journey. First, congrats for what you’ve achieved already. In my case I used to be jealous of people who could just know when to stop and just have a couple of drinks. Over the years, I’ve tried to be like that, but never succeeded. For as long as I can remember, I was always excessive with my drinking. Now, I have to understand why I kept on going even if I clearly had enough and wouldn’t get any benefits from it. I totally get it when you say, it’s like something switches in my head. Even if I had the greatest intentions of having one or 2, couldn’t do it. Oh, just another one, and another one… The fact that I could not drink for a couple of days from time to time led me to think it was not a problem. But, If I had just one, forget it, it would not stop there. I’m really investing my time now in discovering why exactly I needed that, what was I trying to avoid and giving myself this gift of being free from this addiction. Good thing, you have a supportive husband, that helps a lot. There’s also people here who are dealing with same issues even though our situations are all different. Wish you luck and feel free to write anytime you need.

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