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    I thought there was to be a more extensive list of core values somewhere on this site, but I am having trouble locating it. Could you please help direct me? Thanks!

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      Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We are working hard to get everything up and running on the website. For the time being, this is a great resource for an extensive list of core values: 418 Core Values

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        Thank you @Chelsie Cohen for the link!

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    the link to 418 core values was very helpful especially the articles which recommends that your choses values that will influence your sobriety should be at the top.

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    Day 10 (again) it is! Equally as happy as the 1st day 10. A little nervous that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Of course I will be giving thanks to the authors of this book & all the participants and to my nascent sobriety 2.0 BUT also a little nervous. In the past, any holiday was another excuse to drink. Luckily I am going to outdoor vegan potlucks so maybe there won’t be any or much booze. My friends and family always drink at these events but I am going to 2 events with strangers basically so no pressure to drink. Phew!
    Any advice what to do in the evening?

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      Hi karakucha- and happy Thanksgiving! think the vegan potluck is a great idea ! I’m 16 days sober and hosting my husbands family today for Thanksgiving ( 20 people) They love to drink. it will be my first sober Thanksgiving in many years. I’m actually cautiously optimistic that I can pull this off! I feel really excited -not nearly so anxious and nervous and behind as I have in the past. Perhaps it is because I haven’t been drinking for greater than 2 weeks and have actually been more productive – ha- imagine that!
      Anyway – hang in there and be thankful for yourself and your great desire to succeed !

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        Hi @cecenash
        How did it go? I never got or maybe didn’t see that you responded until now (as I am back on Day 10). I didn’t drink at Thanksgiving but did after some disasterous Xmas holidays & basically kept going pretty much until here I am again… sheesh.
        Won’t beat myself up (much) because at least I am trying again. I guess the lesson is not to start again but focussing on one step after the other. How has it been going for you?
        My next challenge is flying – have two flights coming up for business which means I have to have my wits about me when I land BUT flying is scary for me (especially given the news lately). I keep meaning to start tapping well before my flights in May. Note to self – start tomorrow!

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          Hi karakucha, I’m also going to start tapping. I looked at Jack Canfield’s “how to” video last night on this site, and I think I could add this into my day pretty easily. I think it could work because I bet it interrupts our bio-electricity (the trains of thought that run throughout our selves – something like that.) I think there’s a similar method that people use for chronic physical pain.
          I’m at day 47 alc-free (first attempt in January I made it to day 44 alc-free). So I feel now is the time for me to watch out. I love it so much when I make it through the day without giving in.
          Have a great day! You’re doing a great job! -k

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