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    I thought there was to be a more extensive list of core values somewhere on this site, but I am having trouble locating it. Could you please help direct me? Thanks!

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      Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We are working hard to get everything up and running on the website. For the time being, this is a great resource for an extensive list of core values: 418 Core Values

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        Thank you @Chelsie Cohen for the link!

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    the link to 418 core values was very helpful especially the articles which recommends that your choses values that will influence your sobriety should be at the top.

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    Day 10 (again) it is! Equally as happy as the 1st day 10. A little nervous that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Of course I will be giving thanks to the authors of this book & all the participants and to my nascent sobriety 2.0 BUT also a little nervous. In the past, any holiday was another excuse to drink. Luckily I am going to outdoor vegan potlucks so maybe there won’t be any or much booze. My friends and family always drink at these events but I am going to 2 events with strangers basically so no pressure to drink. Phew!
    Any advice what to do in the evening?

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      Hi karakucha- and happy Thanksgiving! think the vegan potluck is a great idea ! I’m 16 days sober and hosting my husbands family today for Thanksgiving ( 20 people) They love to drink. it will be my first sober Thanksgiving in many years. I’m actually cautiously optimistic that I can pull this off! I feel really excited -not nearly so anxious and nervous and behind as I have in the past. Perhaps it is because I haven’t been drinking for greater than 2 weeks and have actually been more productive – ha- imagine that!
      Anyway – hang in there and be thankful for yourself and your great desire to succeed !

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        Hi @cecenash
        How did it go? I never got or maybe didn’t see that you responded until now (as I am back on Day 10). I didn’t drink at Thanksgiving but did after some disasterous Xmas holidays & basically kept going pretty much until here I am again… sheesh.
        Won’t beat myself up (much) because at least I am trying again. I guess the lesson is not to start again but focussing on one step after the other. How has it been going for you?
        My next challenge is flying – have two flights coming up for business which means I have to have my wits about me when I land BUT flying is scary for me (especially given the news lately). I keep meaning to start tapping well before my flights in May. Note to self – start tomorrow!

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          Hi karakucha, I’m also going to start tapping. I looked at Jack Canfield’s “how to” video last night on this site, and I think I could add this into my day pretty easily. I think it could work because I bet it interrupts our bio-electricity (the trains of thought that run throughout our selves – something like that.) I think there’s a similar method that people use for chronic physical pain.
          I’m at day 47 alc-free (first attempt in January I made it to day 44 alc-free). So I feel now is the time for me to watch out. I love it so much when I make it through the day without giving in.
          Have a great day! You’re doing a great job! -k

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    I know I sound like a broken record ~ but the way they have let this site go to shit is very disturbing! Dave go back drinking? What is the problem?

    Anyway ~ I really liked today’s topic. I’ve been doing ‘behavior chains’ for awhile now, which show you how your thoughts influence your actions, etc.

    I, also, like the Core Beliefs. Off the top of my head, with a bit of thinking, right now I can say my Core Beliefs are Family, Honesty, Loyalty ~ unless I get screwed over I can be the best friend anyone ever had and Fairness ~ but I have to be very careful in my thinking about fairness because my counselor tells me that gets me in a LOT of trouble. Because I think ‘Life isn’t fair BUT IT OUGHT TO BE.’ Rich says that last part gets me in trouble that I need to accept the fact that it just isn’t fair! Thinking that it ought to be tends to make me crazy because of ‘what should have happened’ ~ then I get angry.

    As far as who I admire, I’ll go with my list of ‘3 people you would like to have coffee with’ ~ who are General Robert E. Lee, Mark Twain and President Teddy Roosevelt ~ odd, since I’m Canadian. 😉 What I see that these men have in common is Integrity ~ so I guess that is a big one for me, as well.

    I will keep thinking and working on my Core Beliefs and people I admire. 🙂 Hope everyone has a good day!

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      Hi PJ!
      To my knowledge Dave Andrews has not returned to drink. He has had some major life changes that rocked his world recently.
      I believe he does care. I have Compassion and Empathy for him.
      It is a shame he is, in my opinion, squandering the momentous opportunity that was bestowed upon him by the great Jack Canfield. I believe he could help many more people than he is currently if he would focus on this Companion Website.
      However, most importantly it is still up to each and every one of us to reap the tremendous value of this program. And for me it means focusing on what is right before us in the here and NOW.

      “Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Make it your friend and not your enemy. In this way we will transform your entire life. ”
      Eckhart Tolle

      Onward Friend! Sina

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    Captain’s log, day 10 – The head is very foggy today but not from drink mind you. In the past I probably would have drunk even when sick but today isn’t one of those days. I think I’ll have to revisit this topic tomorrow before moving on but have certainly realized that I’ve just been going with the flow for years now and only dead fish go with the flow though. I’d like to say I know who I am and whom I’d like to be but I’m not sure that I do really. A lot of what used to be unacceptable somehow seems tolerable now such as my tardiness. Not one for going all gung ho in revealing what I’m ashamed of in a public forum. Definitely have to redefine myself in the coming days!

    In response to PJ from day 9, I’ve been sick with flu often enough to know that my day 2 and 3 are often my worst days once it kicks in, wasn’t trying to will it, just being a harsh realist. Sure it sucks that Dave isn’t around but at the same time this is a home project that is still giving me vast amounts of knowledge, drive and belief in my commitment to being sober. The responsibility ultimately falls on me to be sober not Dave. I also only (used to) have 1 or 2 a night but my unit of measure is bottles, not glasses. Much more on weekends.

    To Sina from day 9, I gathered you can’t but was trying to hint to those in charge that someone like you that appears to frequent the site and offers a lot of support as far as I can tell should be given that ability, should you want it of course. Even if they only give you 1 forum for each day to control I would use it, as at least it would be organized and on topic.

    Was trying to friend the two of you but couldn’t, prefer doing my conversations in private, tomorrow’s another day…

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      Hi Friend.
      I messaged Dave Andrews on his phone. I was a Mastermind Group leader in one of his ” Inner Circle ” groups hence I sometimes still have his ear.
      I called out the current SPAMMERS by name for him to eliminate.
      I applaude your refusal to hold Dave, or anyone for that matter, responsible for your success.
      You’ve taken the lessons from Solution #1, The 100 % Solution,
      to heart….” you must stop all your blaming and complaining ”
      Hats off to you!
      Onward! Sina

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      Hi Sina! 🙂

      I didn’t really think Dave had returned to drinking ~ but without him giving us any knowledge of where he’s at and not ever coming on this site, one could never know that for sure.

      On the front page of this site, it says ‘Please be patient during this initial beta launch’. Well ~ that was over 3 years ago and nothing has changed. There are links within the program that don’t work. There is spam all over the place. I am just frustrated that Dave, obviously, doesn’t care more about this site. But, no, I won’t allow his lack of concern to keep me from getting what I need from the program. 🙂

      I have, however, taken down my other posts. Also, on the front page, you can see that people are joining all the time. Apparently, nobody wants to post or converse with others. No problem, I give up on that as well. I guess I should have been posting things in my private notebook instead of on this site. I’ll go it alone ~ not an issue.

      Love your Tolle quote, I, too, am a follower of Eckhart’s and have just completed a 6 month course that was amazing. <3

      Thanks for your reply and trying to connect with Dave.


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    Sad that the site has gone unmanaged, but it seems there are some folks here who still care. So on with my Day 10 post. Anyone else come up with 131 core values? I’m gonna try to group some, (even though I’m on day 12, I think that day 10 is super important), and I’ll manipulate it to a manageable level. I just really thought that all of the core values I picked were very important to me. Keep going everyone!

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      Hi davideinmdo2 – I agree it’s a bummer about the site. I keep thinking we need a UX, web designer to step in with the “gift” of solutions! Or frankly speaking, there is just a monetization model behind every business, no matter how well-intended – and when tough time & investment decisions have to be made, it’s probably not the website, unfortunately.

      I also agree the core value thing can be overwhelming and all my value words kinda overlap. I have used VIA character strengths in past workshops for work stuff — It’s $20 for a report, but it’s a framework like any other, so the list of 24 strengths with definitions might help you to narrow it down for free.

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    I have to say here that I don’t mind at all that Dave is no longer active on this website. I don’t think I would be if it were me! It’s a decent site, everything is up there. He has clearly done a huge amount of work just to get the book done (it is deeply thought through and planned). More importantly, the program has got me to day 10 and, presence or no, it holds my hand every step of the way, which is great, answering questions as I have them which is uncanny, and shows how the authors have indeed modified over time to finesse the thing. The spam doesn’t bother me because there are such good posts from everyone in and around. Some have really helped me find my place in it all because they give you such a good idea of what other people experience. So thanks all. And good luck with sobriety!

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    I totally agree! The site might need some work but the book is wonderful and so are the action steps. I am on day 9 and can hardly wait to wake up tomorrow and start working on day 10. All of the exercises have really helped me. I can hardly believe I have made it this far. I have been wishing for a solution like this for a very long time. I think everything about this program is amazing. I do hope more people start posting. Reading everyone’s post have helped me get this far. Let’s go team!

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    @mtucker69, @splindiferous76

    I too am frustrated with the site. I actually googled Jack Canfield and sent an email about it to him, and I received a response. I’m hopeful something will happen. Perhaps you can send an email too.

    Congratulations on your success so far!

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