Day 11- lots of work!

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    It is day 11.

    The top five lies I tell myself and their positive counterparts:
    – Drinking removes stress and helps me deal with intense emotions
    Truth: Being sober helps me recognize and deal with intense emotions and stress in a healthy manner rather than drowning and repressing the emotions with alcohol which leads to disease and other problems.

    -I don’t deserve the great life being sober will give me.
    Truth: I am deserving of all my dreams and goal and being sober will help me get it.

    – I will never be able to to control my drinking.
    Truth: I have the power, not alcohol. I choose how much I put in my mouth.

    – I’m just like my father.
    Truth: I have a lot of my father’s traits but I don’t have to follow in his health journey or struggle with alcohol. I’m me, a different person.

    – Getting sober is really heard.
    Truth: Getting sober is as hard as I make it. I have the power to decide and can make it as easy or as hard as I want to.

    When I think of a sober person, I see someone who is probably more serious maybe not as much fun. I also see them as more successful as I and maybe I don’t feel I deserve it? I see them meditating, handling stress and emotions in a healthy manner. Something I don’t do.

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