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    A “press and hold” seemed to feel better for me; the audio said that tapping was quite forgiving when it came to placement, so I hope it’s also forgiving when it comes to the pressure. 🙂 A very interesting technique. I can see this working well at home, in solitude, almost like a meditation … but other than using the heel of hand point, it would be nearly impossible to use publicly without looking like a weirdo.

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    I can’t stress enough how using EFT has empowered me. I knew about tapping several years ago. I followed the 7th annual world tapping summit in 2015, offered by Nick Ortner, even bought the pkg offered. I dabbled in doing the sequences last year but didn’t fully embrace it. Then I signed up and listened to most of the daily interviews offered in the 8th annual world tapping summit, just completed a short while ago. I quickly realized, as I started this 30 day solution program, that the tapping was going to be the greatest ally I could have in conjunction with this program. Anyone who is doubtful, just have enough faith in tapping, just as you do in this program, that tapping will become your next best solution! I was looking for a tapping sequence for alcohol cravings, and voila!there it is in today’s bonus material.I am so incredibly grateful for both solutions. For real!

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      That is great to hear considering I am on Day 13…I’ll look forward to using the tapping solution. I’ve listened to Nick’s sister on House Radio, but haven’t actually done the tapping. Thanks for your post!

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    I have a question with the tapping. I am one of those people that abuse alcohol most times because I have what in the 30 Day S. S. was called a “Superstress” that I know I can do nothing about. Climate change. I feel like if I say while tapping and saying, “Even though Iam fearful of climate change, I love and accept myself” that I am doing exactly what the rest of the book has told me not to do which is to verbal repeat something that is extremely negative and fear inducing for me. I am hoping that someone, even Dave or Jack, might help me (us) with these “superstress” issues.

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    I’m trying tapping for the second time. I’ve read/watched videos from Nick Ortner before. I would like clearity on this: if stating what you DONT want is something we shouldn’t be doing, as said in the earlier chapter, why would I make statements I don’t want to happen when tapping?

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      Hi, I’m responding to two inquires about tapping. The inquiries ask about tapping on the negative issues. Someone said: you have to look at the dirt before you can clean. Then, go clean.
      My understanding is this: it is necessary to identify and state the negative phrase or issue. The reason to do this is to clear up emotionally a high level of negative anxiety. Example: as you are tapping on the karate chop point,you say “even though I don’t want(fill in the blank) I accept my self, I honor myself and I love myself deeply and completely.” This is referred to as the setup phrase and is repeated 3times. Then going on to keep tapping on the other points, while verbally making further statements about your feelings. As you do this tapping, you can begin to direct your attention to possible solutions about/for your issue(s). You continue to tap as you begin to see there is a positive choice for you to choose. As you decide to go for the positive option, you will have usually gone from a state of high emotion to a state of low emotion. Hence, you have allowed that negativity to flow THROUGH you, not staying stuck. So on a 1- 10 scale of self assessment, you might start out feeling at 8/10 level. After tapping you may be at a 2/10 level emotionally. This calm state is where the healing happens.

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    In Jack’s demo on tapping I can’t remember him using negative words like “don’t”? Didn’t he say “even though I fear or feel……I deeply and completely love myself, etc”. So we’re acknowledging a feeling or fear, which we need to do. Later in the tapping we choose a positive statement to counteract that. This is how I understood it. Mind you I’ve only done it one day. Felt weird and questioned the effectiveness, but will continue to try since others have said it’s such an effective tool. Day 13 addressed one worry and I did seem calm for the evening. Today, day 14, need to go back to day 4 and do it for the people on my list I need to forgive, myself included. We’ll see how it goes.

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    Captain’s log, day 13 – Well that felt weird to me and will take some getting used to. Definitely won’t be doing it in public but sure I’ll give it a try for a while longer. Short and sweet today, stay safe and strong fellow warriors.

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    I really like that this program trys to help people. And I did do 30 days by myself. But that is not the 100 percent solution. Especially if a person has no goals for their life. And I am really sad today that I am going to have to go back to AA because it was the only thing that kept me sober, unfortunately recounting the negative shit from the past, sitting in those shitty rooms listening to people whine. Not sharing because I wasnt a sharer. But walking out and not wanting to drink worked. Sadly it reminds me of shit times but somehow it works.

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    Yes, tapping is def strange. and boring. So i found myself doing several rounds of “even though this is soooo f*ing boring, i am choosing to do it anyways”. Then i started laughing out loud! Now that i have the “boring” thing out of the way, i am using it more, and with results. Hooray! It especially works when the negative voices and/or anxiety creep in. I just keep going and going like the energizer bunny.

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