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    Captain’s log, day 15 – Half way and only two times did I really have to fight myself to stay on course which is pretty impressive considering the regularity of my past drinking. As mentioned in the book I too am feeling a bit frustrated with the amount of and time these exercises take but being realistic I know it’s worth the short sacrifice looking at the whole picture. Definitely been worth the effort so far.

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    Day 15, 8 AF – As much as I resisted it in the past, I finally put together a vision board and found it to be kind of fun. Didn’t go crazy and photoshop pics of my self onto other people, found that would be a bit weird, but have several photos of the things I used to have so much passion for and after drinking they just became memories. I still do most of the thing I did in the past, but with much less enthusiasm, I did them as a means to get a drink after. Alcohol is the opposite of a motivator, the alcoholic king story stood out, all these thing I wanted to do but never got around to them. I resisted the vision board for so long but realize now that it can help me with visualization just by gazing at it occasionally and dreaming of the things I can accomplish with a little effort. As I work through the solutions and do the work, even though it does take some time, it makes me think more intently on the message each of the solutions brings. Looking to the past for the patterns that emerge and dreaming of the future for motivation and insight has been an eye opener. Visualizing will help me gain a new default action rather than relying on past habits that were basically on auto-pilot, leading to the undesired state that I find myself wanting to change so badly. I know it won’t be all kittens and rainbows but seeing how I feel now compared to hungover, the future is a bright and sunny place, full of possibilities and adventure.

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    Thanks for sharing. I am on day 5, but fully sober for 15 days. I am taking more time to do the exercises and think about them. I had the impression that this forum was inactive in 2019-2020… Good to find someone else doing the program and motivated here! 🙂
    I am quite motivated as well!

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    I am so glad there are other people still on this forum too I am day 10 and it feels good. I wish I feit great but I just got home from the movies with my mom and my husband has been drinking whiskey and I don’t want to fight with him so I am at the gym this has been my biggest struggle I don’t want to nag him
    He wants too talk about things but I ho honestly don’t want to argue so I am writing in this forum. God I felt so good all day
    it is really a struggle when you live with someone who is still drinking

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    thank you to everyone who is still sharing and best of luck to everyone. The few posts that are out here have really kept me going

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    Day 10 complete! Mind feels clearer and I dont feel like I am in a fog, what a difference. I also agree it is nice to hear about others on there journey.

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    Today was day 11 for me and it was a little challenging we went to my daughters tasting for her wedding and there was a lot of free alcohol but I came prepared and bought my favorite tea bags with me and it really did help having something to look forward to drinking. Today was all about the lies alcohol told me and boy did it lie to me. It never really helped me with anything I started drinking 40 years ago and all the things I was worried about and trying to push away are still there. At least I am facing them now. Alcohol does not work for me anymore in fact the last few years it has created more anxiety more stress and has done a number on my self esteem. Low self esteem was one of the main reasons I started drinking. I can see clearly now that the only way to improve my self esteem is to stop letting alcohol run my life.

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      It’s heartening to read your post mtucker69! It is said ” Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.”
      That is definitely NOT you!!!
      Onward! Sina

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    Thank you so very much for all your support It really does help me so much to have other people out there who are working on a solution at the same time I am best of luck to you with your journey

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    DAY 15!
    As I mentioned in my Day 12 post the withdrawal symptoms were so bad and physically awful I haven’t been tempted to drink. That’s still the case. However, I’m still dealing with brain fog at different times throughout the day which seems odd. I’ve been reading websites about this and would think this symptom would have passed by now. That’s the one thing I’m concerned about in the long term. My memory and cognitive abilities have taken a hit in the two weeks of sobriety which I don’t understand. Hangovers felt awful but I could recall facts and felt mentally sharp. That’s not the case now. Anyone else experience this? I’ll keep going, but hope this fog lifts soon.

    Brain fog aside there have been many positives. I’m less stressed or quick to anger. I enjoy the daily visualization and journaling, and look forward to my morning journal sessions which starts my day on a positive note. I’ve stayed consistent with exercise, something I did while drinking too but it’s no longer as a punishment. And I’m consistently brushing my teeth every night. It’s amazing I never had any dental issues but I would often forget to brush my teeth at night or wash my face cause I would pass out in bed. And, this weekend I’m going to 2 evening social events with new people which usually would fill me with anxiety and dread and lead me to cancelling in favor of staying home instead. But I’m looking forward to getting out of the house and meeting new people.

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      Hi Rara50.
      Congratulations on your continuing Sobriety!!
      Here’s one explanation in layman’s terms of how the brain recovers after one stops a regular drinking habit. In most cases, from my understanding, full recovery is attained. I’ve also read that some changes are irreversible, but should not effect your cognitive abilities. The changes which last are those (not discussed in this interview) which make one permanently vulnerable to developing the same drinking addiction should one pick up again.
      Sounds like you’re making great strides!!!
      Onward! Sina

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        Thank you, Sina.

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      First of all I want to congratulate you on your success great job. Today is day 25 for me and I have not experienced brain fog but I did for weeks when I quit smoking maybe it is similar to that. I felt like I was high on pot it was very disturbing. Best of luck to you I really hope you feel better

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