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    Share your 30-day vision statement question in today’s forum at Day 16 – Quality Question. The process of sharing your question and reading the quality questions of others will put your subconscious to work on finding solutions to your limiting beliefs.

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    My two quality questions based on my original statement are: How can I be energetic, healthy, strong and the best person I can be? What can I do right now to keep me excited about my life?

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    My 30 day vision questions.
    How can I become more passionate about my life?
    How do I radiate contagious enthusiasm that has a powerful positive influence?
    What do I need to become more fit, healthy, excited and self confident?
    How do I develop self reliance, happiness and self confidence?
    How do I set my life so success and abundance naturally flow to me?
    How will I have fu sharing triggers for transformation, love and caring?

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    How can I be a dependable, winsome, attractive person who has recovered from years of alcoholic insanity and is transformed into a grateful, innovative, creative, humorous, fun-loving, motivated, adventurous, and positive person who stands confidently on her own two feet as a mother, daughter, sister, friend, counselor, and use what I know and what I have been through to help others when they fall down to get up and live again?

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    Today how can I shine with love, joy, peace and passion?
    How can I live with integrity, resilience, courage and connection so I can influence and inspire others to be their best selves?

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    How can I wake up every morning, excited, full of P&V and ready to meet the world?

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    How can I become the best possible, authentic version of me? How can I become clear about my purpose? What can I do to create happiness for myself and others by passionately fulfilling my purpose?

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    How can I greet each day ready and excited for the opportunity to learn new things and to help other people?

    How can I cultivate peace and harmony while enlivening it with a dash of spontaneity?

    How can I become a stronger optimist? How can I get my optimism to positively influence others?

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    How can I wake up every morning well rested and energetic?
    How will my heart and soul become and stay happy and light?
    How can I change from inside and outside so that I like myself?

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      What is working for me is praying to be in a deep intimate relationship with God by the Holy Spirit, the guy who created you. Because you are not your own. That can give me some relief take off some pressure sometimes. And just by recognizing I am asking my own subconscious “Why am I so worthless and awkward?” gives me authority over those thoughts now. And Now just by noticing to ask my subconscious the right questions has tremendously helped me and has gives me amazing peace of mind! God Bless you and hope you come to realize that you are great & made from a great God! 🙂

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    Mine is How can I create a life of freedom; a life filled with love, hope, joy, light, health and vitality?

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    Here are my 30 day vision statement questions:

    What can I do to be so thankful and grateful to have clarity about my today and tomorrow’s?
    How can I live in peace, joy, compassion, faith, integrity, honesty and accountability when I am sober?
    What can I do to be successful and enthusiastic about my life and see where my passion lies?
    How can I have fun making a difference in the lives of others?
    How can I be more accountable for my health?
    How can I forgive myself and others?
    How can I release others from any demands and expectations I have placed on them?
    What can I do to be free?

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    How do I become a happy,healthy,take it or leave type of drinker who is who is creative, free and fortunate.

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    How do I become a happy,healthy,take it or leave type of drinker who is who is creative, free and fortunate? What does look like when I am following my bliss and doors are opening for me?

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    How can I be healthy, productive, confident, and joyful in sobriety?

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    How can I wake up every day experiencing freedom, beauty, and self-respect and looking forward to living a fulfilling, active, engaged sober life?

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    How can I continue to learn and to use the skills and tools I’ve acquired to help me to continue to be free,loving,compassionate,motivated,productive,energized,healthy and rich with life and thriving in sobriety?

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    Negative Supposition Questions
    How can I reduce stress when I can’t drink?
    If I quit alcohol I am admitting I am an alcoholic and they are losers.
    Why can’t I have a couple of glasses of red each night because it’s good for your heart?
    How can I be happy and fun without alcohol?
    How can I be happy and excited in life without alcohol?

    Empowering Questions
    How can I leverage my athletic background to reduce stress through exercise and use my sobriety to keep my mind clear to address problems as they arise?
    How can I achieve my goals through thriving in sobriety?
    How can I prepare healthy food and plan stimulating exercise routines to keep myself physically and mentally fit?
    How can I leverage my sobriety to lead a fun, happy exciting life?

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    How can I thrive in sobriety to live a life of Joy, Happiness, & Love, to make this a truly meaningful and fulfilling sober life?

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    “How can I remain free of alcohol thereby ensuring that I have eliminated the last, controllable factor keeping me from a healthy old age.”

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    How can I facilitate the on-going opening of my heart, bringing a shining love that is glowing and vibrant?
    How can I be more peaceful, self-confident, healthy and strong?
    How can I share my wisdom and joy clearly as I work to benefit other beings?
    How can I deepen my integrity with my core values, which will bring greater satisfaction to my life?
    How can I deepen my exchange with others? How can I increase my comfort with being vulnerable and open?
    How can I craft my generosity so that it creates openings for others?

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    How can I continue to live as a free and powerful woman who shares fierce loyalty and joy? What do I need to do every single day to make this happen? I say it every morning when I wake up before my feet hit the floor. I also say Louise Hay’s affirmation numerous times a day. ” I love life and life loves me”.

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    How can I wake up energized, refreshed, proud, joyful, and extremely excited about my on-going sobriety, loving my SOBER life and loving myself?

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    How can I live each moment with joy, wonder and gratitude?
    How can I give and receive love easily?
    Is my sobriety an important part of my new life?

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    How can I take responsibility for my life so that I exude happiness and a sense of pride while choosing to thrive in sobriety?

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    How can I become more awake, aware, alive and full of loving energy, creativity, happiness, joy, fun and appreciation than I have ever been before? How can I be more patient, kind, generous, tolerant, centered and loving to those around me, to my family and to my friends? How can I become more happy and energized and full of anticipation for the moment and what is to come? How can I become more accepting and open and patient in my ability to listen and hear what my loved ones and everyone has to say? How can I become even more grateful for this opportunity to reconnect to my core values and have the authentic life that I want?

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    It was tough to combine my big vision into one question, but this is my best effort:

    How can I become more authentic and healthy every day while creating great relationships and exciting projects all around me?

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    My- question:
    how can I awake refreshed, committed to living a meaningful life with integrity, and with the knowledge that I am enough?

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    My quality questions are:
    How can I be passionate about my life without the desire for any substance?
    What do I want to do with my days?
    How do I get the courage to be authentic and the discipline to follow through with my plans?
    How can I let the past be the past and enjoy the now?

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    What do I need to do in order to wake up eager for the day? How do I express kindness to my family/be cheerful toward those I meet? What will bring me satisfaction about how I spent my day?

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    Once I retire (in May)how do I want to celebrate?

    When I start my dog training classes, how can I use my enthusiasm to motivate students?

    Since thriving in sobriety, I have so much extra time. How can I use it in a healthy way?

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    My 30-day vision statement Questions: What steps can I take today to be strong and courageous, healthy and energetic, fit. How can I wake up every morning feeling proud of myself and knowing I am a good role model for my children, refreshed and ready for life, free to choose sobriety. What can I do to feel excited about thriving in life and thriving in sobriety, being honest and dependable. How can I create an abundance of wealth and joy doing what I love in our new business? (P.S. 18 days sober today. I’m so excited and proud of myself! What a great program and I’m happy others are thriving in sobriety too.)

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    How can I learn to love myself?
    How can I learn to love life?
    How can I learn not to judge others?
    How can I find friends and develop meaningful friendships?
    How can I find passion and meaning in my life?
    How can I develop myself into a compassionate human being that sincerely cares for others?

    I guess the answer to the last question would likely solve the others.

    Day 16 and still hanging in there. It is getting easier. Love the forum and hearing from others.

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    How can I rediscover my natural human energy, be true to my core values and glow with health and positivity?
    What can I do to support my natural human energy, my health & positivity?

    Two answers came to me straight off the bat:
    1) Get enough sleep.
    2) Eat well.

    Back to the basics….

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    How can I become the healthy and vibrant person I know myself capable of being?
    How can I embrace the vitality and energy available to all living beings?
    How can I engage with life fully and enjoy fully the many relationships I have?
    How do I proceed in creating a loving relationship?
    How do I honor the creativity, ideas, and plans that I’ve developed over the many years of my life? How do I see them to fruition?
    How do I serve my friends, family, community?

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    How can I continue to remain excited about my new life of health, joy, strength and compassion?
    How do I develop wisdom, love and a generous heart?

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      The above {how questions} that I have been reading have been very helpful. I was having trouble formulating a question without getting engaged with how I feel trapped in some of my same behaviors over a long period of time.
      I get nervous ,rattled easily in any situation that I feel is the least bit confrontational and seem to not be able to articulate my thoughts as well as I would like. end of feeling stupid
      so this is what I wrote and any feedback is appreciated.

      how do I utilize my strength, wisdom and confidence to engage in any type of conversation I engage in?

      I am so thankful to have stuck to being sober for 16 days.

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    How can I live the fabulous sober life of my dreams that is filled with so much love and abundance and happiness?

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    I don’t know how to turn some of my why questions into how or what questions

    Some of them are

    Why can’t I behave when I drink ?
    Why do I drunk message people when I drink ?
    Why can’t I just have a few beers and leave the bar instead of drinking until I’m drunk ?

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      Hi @grimm1390 . The fact that you pose these questions seems to explain why you bought the book. Maybe the questions coukd be:

      How can I have a great time without drinking alcohol?
      How can I have an occasional beer without risking doing things which I always regret?
      It may be that you find you can’t “drink responsibly ” and in moderation. Or you might be among the few who are able to control your consumption…. Hopefully you’ll find your answers as you continue to work these Solutions. Onward! Sina

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    What can i do to live obediently and honestly?
    How can I get the most joy out of each day taking them one at a time?
    How do I radiate the love and quiet peace that comforts those around me?
    What can I do to make better use of my time each day so that I can have time for study and reflection?
    How can I define the steps I need to take to accomplish the goals God has laid on my heart?

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    How can I maintain clarity, relief and inspiration, so that I will achieve creativity, freedom and fame?

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    How can I become more clear in my thoughts, more intentional in my actions and more consistent at making good decisions, big and small?

    What would I need to believe about myself to feel more confident and able to deal with other people as equals?

    What do I need to do or believe in order to feel good about myself, and not live a life based on worry and shame?

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    How can I achieve feeling lighter, more healthy, and feeling proud of myself?
    How can I follow my core values to be with my family, have patience, and respect for myself and others?



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    Following my 30-day vision statement, I came up with my question (after a few rewrites!). I want to say it every night and re-adjust it for the remainder of each day! “How can I passionately greet the day tomorrow and be the best person I can be for me, my future and loved ones?”

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    How can I greet each day clear-minded about what I want to achieve that day, lit up with passion for what I need to do, and full of happiness for the friendships and generosity I’ve been given?

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    How can I sleep easily and soundly through the night? How can I do intermittent fasting for 13+hrs/day? How can I eat 2x day max….eating raw greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, seeds, nuts, berries? How can I have a strong right leg? How can I be positive, vibrant, motivated, empowered, able to touch others in a positive light daily? How do I meditate daily? Use my PEMF matt daily? How do I attract and maintain friends with others who share my values and are positive, and calm?

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    I like it Sumosam80. “How do I attract and maintain friends with others who share my values and are positive and calm.” I’m gonna use this one.

    For your first question and your question on meditation; I have found using the meditation at night, when I wake up and my mind just won’t shut down, invaluable. I keep some on my phone and a cd player with headphones (library meditation cds) nearby. It helps me calm down and just listen to the guide, within the short duration I am asleep again. Helps going to bed and waking at 4am when my mind is up but my body needs more sleep.

    One of mine is also how I can eat a plant based diet and be happy about it, and I found that I can! It helped with the cravings, but I didn’t try to be perfect in the beginning, (no wine first) but I eased myself into it one satisfying meal after another.

    Thanks, Good questioning.

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    How can I be healthy and clear-minded, and know what is true? How can I be sure I exercise every day? How can I be my best self? How can I be available to family and friends, and consider their needs? What do I need to do to learn and create, and have the freedom to achieve great things? How do I know I am moving forward? When can I smile? How do I earn the admiration of myself and others?

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    I am here. On Day 17 today (day 35 Alcohol free). It is my second time through (as a reset), and am taking it much skower on the Solution studying. But, i do read my vission statement, total truth, and new beliefs daily.

    My questions I created now are:

    How can I have a wonderful time in my life, enjoying myself, being kind, able to sleep well, and enjoy my family while thriving in sobriety?

    There are a few more personal goals, but that is my thriving in sobriety one. 😊

    This week, I travel to Florida (for work) and will me meet up with my family. I am sure it will go well, but I will be in the middle of my 30DSS so will continue my studying at night.

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      I really like your vision statement! I like how you added something about sleeping well since that is apart of mine as well.

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    The video doesn’t work…like way too many of them. That aspect of this is really frustrating! But, all in all, I’m loving this program!

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      Hi LCinID64. I am glad you’re hangin in! I know the state of this Companion Website sucks!
      Still, the Program is sound.
      I hope your wife and family are noticing positive changes!
      Onward! Sina

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    first post here. Managed the first 15 days quite easily! Thank you, Jack and Dave!!
    My modified 30 Days vision statement would pretty much sound like the one suggested in the book (“How can I wake up feeling excited, vibrant…”).
    Other questions I ask myself (modified negative presuppositions) are the following:
    1. How can I enjoy myself/ have fun going out with my friends without drinking?
    2. How can I maintain my friendships without drinking?
    3. How can I stay sober in holidays?
    4. How can I stay sober when going to concerts/clubs?
    5. How can I mourn without drinking?

    Stay strong everybody!

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      Hi Panenka75!
      Thanks for posting.
      I like the tone of your Quality Questions! It sounds as though your answers will soon reveal themselves!
      Onward! Sina

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        Cheers, Sina! Good to see that the forum is alive! Where are you in this journey? How are you coping? I am fine/ doing well and feeling well (great to not be hungover for weeks now!). Yet, I have not been out with my mates and avoid contact to some extent to not face the challenge in a bar situation (for the time being). And what confuses me a bit is the “option” to drink again in the “take it or leave it”-fashion; i.e. I am unsure what I am striving for. Deep down I think I need to quit for good, but if I could be sure that drinking “normally” from time to time would work, I might go for this option. Whatever..
        Stay on track!

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