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    I must say that this has been an exciting adventure for me personally! Day 16, and I have kept to my commitment to sobriety. This day of solutions is a knock your socks off, and spinning your thoughts into productive action. Thank you for this significant help!

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    Wish I were on day 16… This is my first day. I feel better after doing the time travel technique.

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      Hi Momo, If you are still doing the work we are only 2 days apart, I started on March 1. I felt the same when I just started after reading forum threads from others who were halfway or almost done with the 30 days. I wanted what they had which is what it’s all about. We just need to do the same work they did and have our own experience to share with others that start after us. Please check in and let me, us know how you are doing or if you need support, today tomorrow whenever.

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    Hi momo_1962, and welcome to the journey! If I could, I’d come back to Day 1 and walk with you to Day 16. I just made it to Day 16 today. Stay with it day by day, it’s totally life changing. And to everyone, be sure to read the amazing list of questions under The List Of New Questions To Attract My New Life, in the Daily Bonus Content for Day 16. For anyone needing some perspective, look ahead to Day 16 and read those questions, and remember Days 1-15 give you the power to dig deeper and really consider these. I’m going to print these out to read easily on a regular basis. The Action Steps for Day 16 have us writing our personal questions and updating our vision statement, but these questions really summarize why we’re all here!

    With Gratitude…

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    I,too, am on day 16. I felt the same way you did….wished I was farther along when I read about others. Time truly does fly and I am amazed that I am here. I have been thinking about drinking moderately when the 30 days is up so I can get a feel for what I can do. I drink more than I want to, but don’t get drunk or sick. I find that with each day, I actually have less desire to drink. I can see why I may not even want one when I get to the 30 days…..that is amazing to me.
    Hang in there….it gets better each day with more understanding of things you never even thought of before.

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    on day 14 with no alcohol and the one statement mentioned very early on helps me the most: “99% committed is a bitch but 100% committed is a breeze.” i sucked so bad with a 99% commitment for the last 6 years. with this program, i found if i left no room for bargaining and negotiations in my head with drinking, that the temptation disappeared. i’m essentially half way through and i do plan on re-visiting drinking at the end of 30 days. i am feeling confident that all this time and thought i’ve been putting in to this program will prevent me from mindlessly drinking beer every night. i’ve got a tentative plan in my head to only drink if there is a special occasion and never to exceed 5 beers. that one bit about “4-5 beers seems to be a magical amount” but every drink after that is just an effort to re-capture that buzz seems legit for me personally. that being said, if my “special occasions” become ridiculous, i’m ready to pull the plug and re-start this 30 days and either extend it or never look back. wishful thinking? any body out there care to offer their thoughts?

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    I think it’s important to absolutely set limits, but I’m not sure I’m ready to do that after the 30 days is complete (I’m on Day 16, too). A few years ago I was at a memorial service for a relative and an old friend from high school was there who I hadn’t seen in years. The family and a few close friends of the family all gathered at the home of my cousin who had passed away and most everyone was drinking. But I noticed he was not. I actually asked him why and he said, “It’s easier to not drink than to have to manage it.” I really didn’t understand at the time what he meant as I was not drinking excessively at that time. But I get it now. I’m not sure this will help you (in fact, I guess at this writing, it’s already after the fact regarding your question), but I keep those words in the front of my mind as I look ahead to the decision I’ll make regarding whether or not to drink, even with limits, after Day 30.

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      Your post really hit home for me. Whether I can drink a little, occasionally has been nagging at me since I started the program. I am on Day 17 and have not desired a drink but the full life commitment scares me. However, to say not drinking is easier to manage is so true.

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    Day 16, Day 9 AF – blueberrygal’s post really hit for me too. In the past year, I have had two cousins pass away from what I would call alcohol-related disease, acute chronic pancreatitis, and what I think was an accidental overdose with booze and pills. The crazy thing was at the memorial, everyone was drinking, a lot. They even had shirts on that said “You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning” I was in shock. I was in the middle of the 30-day reboot at the time and was not drinking at the time, but what I realize now as I have finished day 16, again, that even at that moment I was asking the wrong question. Why did this happen? not How did this happen? The latter has a sense of despair and sorrow just asking to ask not really looking for an answer. The “how” question is actively looking for the answer and it was slapping me in the face with every photo that was shown at each memorial, almost every one of them had a glass, or flask in them and it just washed over me like it was normal. Day 16, this time, really brought all of that emotion back and made me look at the questions that I have been asking myself and the self-pity I have been wallowing in for far too long. They all alcohol-related diseases, diseases of despair, and it gets lumped in with suicide and overdose. This has had the greatest increase as a cause of death for middle-aged Americans, and after reading day 16 I think it is because we are asking the wrong question. Why is this happening does absolutely nothing to fix the problem. How can we fix this? looks for the solution. Sorry to be such a bummer, but this day brought up a lot of emotion and questions I should have been asking and it may have been the breakthrough I was looking for.

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