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    30 Day Vision Statement

    I enjoy waking up each day feeling excited, vibrant, grateful and passionate about living a meaningful sober life.


    Wow – the Before Me exercise was tough. Seeing all of that crap down on paper felt awful. I never want to be back there again, because I know it would only get worse. I’m looking forward to alcohol losing its grip on me.

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    Hi Diane53! I am on day 2. Looks like I am a few days behind you, but totally agree. That before me is awfully scary – It’s so NOT who I am but just the path I’ve found myself on & I feel grateful to be able to acknowledge it and chart a new course. I’m scared of it, but also scared of the unknown changes in my relationships. I’m already practicing what to tell people at the endless events I can’t get out of. I’m feeling more confident with the Day 7 excuses list, glad I pulled that up sooner than day 7! Reaching out to sober friends and friends who stopped all alchohol for months/years to ask their advice in prep for everything to come.

    This is 100% possible. I’m finding inspiration in the before me excercise, but also celebrating everything else I’ve achieved in life & putting this as a new goal amongst all the good achievements. Personally, it helps me to keep a focus on what will be, over what has been or what is. 🙂

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    Hi laurie_d. I agree – the before me is not really who I am and I want to get reacquainted with the real me. She’s kind of cool.

    I’m going to check out the info you reference on Day 7. I’ve been thinking about what I will tell people. I haven’t yet told anyone in my circle that I’m doing this, but will have to before too long. I want to feel like I’m on more solid ground first which may be misguided, but that’s my decision for now. I glad I’ve set a bit of a foundation for this work by becoming involved with yoga and meditation in the past couple of years.

    All the best. We’ve got this.

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    Hi I am on day two and it is my 5th day without drinking. I have been drinking since I was 13 so I am having a hard time with future me. I don’t know what to expect really.

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      ccatlas – I can understand why you’d be having trouble knowing what to expect from future you, but on the up side, you get to create your best version of yourself. I don’t know exactly how my future self will evolve either, so I focused a lot on how I wanted to feel – clear headed in the morning, energetic, hopeful about the future … I hope it goes well for you.

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        Thanks Diane53 I am trying to stay positive. So happy to have others out there to share.

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    Hi Laurie, Diane, CCAtlas — Hope you are all doing well. CCatlas — wanted to ask you if you had physical symptoms in your first few days of not drinking, what they were and how you addressed them. IF you care to share!! The questions is posed for anyone else who wishes to answer as well! Thanks 🙂

    I mistakenly posted my Vision Day Statement on Day 1’s forum rather than here, as even though I’m further along in the Sobriety Solution, it’s Day 1 without alcohol for me. I won’t report it hare but just mentioning that so I can find it if I lost my notebook 🙂

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      I’m having trouble sleeping, but I expect that to change soon. I also craved sugar the first few days, but that seems to be decreasing. It’s easily been worth it so far.

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      5th day alcohol-free for me. I too, seem to be having trouble sleeping. Maybe it is because me dreams are so vivid. Don’t remember dreaming this much while I was drinking (probably because I just passed out). @tanfree I don’t feel I have had any psychical withdrawal symptoms, but I am wanting to eat more!! UGH!

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    My 30 Day Vision Statement:
    I am in control. My thoughts are of family and friends, gratitude and excitement. I am sober.

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      Hi Tanfree
      I have had very little sleep and very edgy. I just keep telling myself it wont last forever.

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    Thank you all for your responses. They say if you want to know why you drank, stop drinking and you’ll learn. Here’s to a day of discovery — we’ll all be learning more about ourselves today! Take it gentle, everyone – I know this ride is rarely comfortable, but we can do it!

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    Hi. It’s my day 2 (day 4 without drinking). I have been feeling amazing in the morning, full of energy and happiness. However, I crash around 1-2 PM- feeling very tired and by the time I get home around 6 I am in a bad mood and irritable until bedtime. When I wake up the next day, I’m back to feeling amazing. Anyone else dealing with this? Is this normal?

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      Hi @spe3263. Congratulations on day 4 of abstaining!
      Welcome to the Program.
      Yes to your question…your pattern of emotions/state of mind is normal. Even though you are making one of the most positive and significant choices of your life, leaving an alcohol dependency behind you, it isn’t accomplished without some pain and discomfort. The “before you” is cranky irritable and sometimes even angry especially as the time to quench the thirst gets closer and is denied. Sometimes new beginnings are the hardest part. Hang tough, keep posting!
      Onward! Sina

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        Thank you for the information and encouragement!

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      BTW, there’s another group of followers of the 30DSS which mirrors this one. It’s confidential and has no SPAM!
      I hope you consider joining us.
      Onward! Sina

      I want you to join my group on MeWe:

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