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    Woke up early – very excited to start day 2! OK – I read day 2 last night before bed but I re-read it all again this AM. 🙂 Crazy to think I can begin to realize the “NEW ME” in 30 days. Hard to describe but I feel a nervous-excited-kind-of-energy all throughout my body. This is so scary and I’m truly nervous about tomorrow BUT – wow – just to imagine how happy and FREE I’ll feel is worth it. This forum is such a bonus!

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      It’s my 2nd day too although I just checked the date & your post was from a year ago.
      How did it go?

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        Karakucha, it seems that eigramsmada started the program again…tap on her screen name and you can see all of her posts. If you request her friendship, you can connect more if you’d like! Sina

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    Thanks so much for sharing your excitement eigramsmada!

    And you are right, if you focus on how happy and free that you will feel, it IS WORTH IT! You can do this! Just stay on top of things in the moments that it is hard, go to the solutions and they will help get you back on track.

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      I have to admit Day 1 I felt worn down and rock bottom but Day 2 has me encouraged and SO ready to move on forward with this very positive path. Writing about the past me hurt and I was truly honest with myself about it and then the Purpose for me so helpful. Not going back!

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        Hi @change me for good! Please tap on the “Where to?” above . Scroll to site wide activity. The you will see up to the minute posts. Tap on them and check them out. Also, on the forums, don’t hesitate to start your own topic. When you read a post which resonates with you, tap on the person’s screen name. You’ll be on their profile. You can see all the posts they made and when they were last active. Don’t hesitate to request to be someone’s friend. All these things will help you connect and get feedback/dialogue with others on the same page. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions! I’ve been active here since April Fool’s Day of last year! Onward! Sina

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          Sina I’m wondering if you can help me — I don’t see “where to?” above, nor do I see “site-wide activity.” Have those tabs been removed? How do I find the most recent posts for any given day? thanks!

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    Eigramsmada, I did the same thing. I read Chapter two last night and again today. I don’t want to miss anything and I feel like it will give me more time to do the assignments.I am loving how looking into the future and focusing on how it will be if i am sober. It gives me so much hope. Thank you!

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    It’s wonderful to hear how hopeful you both are about your futures- that is exactly what we hope to hear! If you work the solutions, they will work for you.

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    I had my Day2 yesterday, but didn’t have time to write here. Day was partly challenging but that I was waiting for anyway. Most difficult part was when I got home from work and started the house work, dishes, cooking. At that point I usually grab a drink so for a while I was bit confused. The habit of drinking really had become a habit for me. After thinking for a while, I did grab a drink… apple juice! 😀 Same time I was wondering, if we should also break the learned habit, even when now it is not alcohol drink. Is it still ok to continue this physical habit? Or should we totally try something else instead? Like jumping Jacks? 😉 Hope you know what I mean. Like when you smoke, that is as much a habit as physical addiction.
    I also told my husband that from now on, he can’t leave any empty drinks in the fridge. I also told that we should get rid of drinks but that is a challenge, because he drinks. This is something I still need to figure out.
    I was also very tired the whole day. Maybe that is normal too? I did sleep better than usually though. I read the Day2 chapter from the book just before starting to sleep and was hoping I had more time for that earlier that day. So today it is my 3rd day without drinking but my mind is set on Day2 lessons. This is bit irritating to me, when should we read the next chapter.. But, better not to stress about that too much. Most important thing is, that I am doing this!!!
    The biggest thing I realized on my day 2 was, that now I am free of guilt!!! That is huge! Drinking have made me feel SO guilty all the time. The feeling of freedom after these years is so huge that I think it is difficult to really understand yet. Same time I realized, that now my past is not bugging me all the time. When the past comes to my mind, it is much easier to let the thought go. Past can’t get a hold of me anymore! What a relief!!!
    Today is my 3rd day and my mood is better than yesterday, still tired, but better 🙂

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      Hi there,
      We sound like we have the same routine. Day 2, the 5 o’clock demends wanted me bad started bugging me around 3″00!I think I’m giving them a scare, I havn’t gone 2 days since my last pregnancy 20yrs ago. I was easy then…
      I hope you made your 30 days !

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    Thank you to everyone for your comments. I was travelling until this past week, and just started the program. I think my biggest hurdle yet will be tonight- my husband who thinks sharing two bottles of wine a night is ok has invited friends over for drinks- I plan to be having herbal tea. Last night I was home alone, and ordered pizza- normally have a drink with that- just water last night, and I felt so much better this morning. I agree with aikatherinee- freedom of guilt is priceless! I didn’t realize how guilty I constantly felt over my drinking. I can’t wait to get to my next level!

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    Today is my day two but the third day for no drinking. Going to a car show but already feeling better. Woke up strong this morning and got right to work on today’s solutions. Keep on keeping on everyone!

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    Well this is day #2 for me but day #3 without drinking, and I guess I am not where everyone else is. I still have these niggling thoughts that creep in saying “are you really going to do this??” I so far have shut them out but I don’t feel like I am totally the winner here as yet. I want to be 100% committed and I am doing the exercises and trying to be positive, what else should I do??

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    Janz2244, Day two for me too. And those same creepy thoughts came in this morning. I started yesterday – it was a bad day, very hung over from a simple Friday night out for dinner. Too much wine, same story another weekend. I am pretty good- not always good – during the week, and if I drink it’s a couple of glasses but it affects everything the next day. The weekends I am bad, once I pour the first glass of wine I don’t stop until I fall asleep or pass out- maybe it’s the same thing. I have a good job and no one would believe that I am like this, I hide it well. Everything I am doing now I hate, my job, my body, the lies, the low energy. I have been trying to stop this for years like… 15 years. Actually, I have been a weekend warrior since my teens. The really sad part is that I am working with my daughter who is helping me change she thinks I did not drink for the month of January…but I did, so how low is that lying to your daughter. Day 2, one day at a time. Thank you, Jack and Dave, for this alternative approach. Morgan Kennedy is not my real name – funny thing is that is the name I would use when I was in college going to bars and did not want to tell guys what my real name was. When this is all done, I will leave Morgan where she belongs in the past!

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      I am also on Day 2, and much of your story resonates with me. I have a good job, a wonderful family and yet a drinking problem. I do believe that it is worse than it was five years ago, so that is why I have committed to the program. I can see the small chinks in the armor now and I feel that they will be gaping holes soon if I don’t address it. I have one child in college and one in high school, and I shudder to think of the example I have set wth regards to alcohol. I have tried to quit before but never with an intensive program such as this one. I am so glad I found the book, and I will be very cautious over the next week or two.

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    This is Day Two for me. I listened to the Time Travel meditation last night and it was quite a shock to think what I might be like 10 years from now if I carry on like this. I have been a fairly high bottom drinker for decades, and in 10 years I will be in my mid-70s. It really made me stop and think!

    I am so grateful that I happened upon Jack and Dave’s book while surfing on Amazon yesterday. I have read so many books and tried so many times to quit drinking over the years. When I was younger I had a serious eating disorder that I managed to recover from, but alcohol just took its place.

    There are so many things that I want to achieve while I still have the gift of life. Creating more paintings; taking care of homeless animals; perhaps being able to help fellow travelers who are on the same road as we are. I feel a sense of excitement this morning, as if finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

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    Yesterday was Day 2 and it was successful. The hardest part for me is the time from 7-9 in the evening. I have programmed myself to have beers sometime in that time frame. So about 5:00 I can hear the self talk going on about how to work the beers in but then I try to override that with thinking of the Time Travel Technique and the “Alcoholic King” story which really resonated with me. Anyhow, got through that time with a little TV and then reading. Feeling great today. Wishing all success.

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      Where is the Alcoholic King story you mentioned in your post? Thanks.

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    I’ve just finished reading and doing the exercises for Day 2, but tomorrow will be my first day of not drinking. It’s funny, but I’m like some of you who posted: I am successful, I don’t drink during the day, but I’ve been drinking wine every day now, and I can’t believe how much of a habit I’ve formed – now I long for the wine at night, way more than I can even admit to myself… We’ll see what happens tomorrow!

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      Wine has become a near-daily after-work habit for me, and a serious concern. After reading the Day 1 advice to identify the reason behind wanting to drink it, I have realized (as a single person) it is a combination of loneliness and boredom. Coming home often after work and having dinner/relaxing alone with wine has become a routine that I need to change, and with more than just attending business networking events. It is a relief to admit the reason why. I have been thinking about how big and full the world is with so many people and opportunities. It isn’t necessary to stick to this stale situation. The time travel process of the Day 1 program was helpful in identifying that. Sometimes I will stick to my two glasses-each-evening routine when I don’t really feel like drinking. It is the habit aspect of it – because I have not replaced it with a better one.

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        I know it’s been several months since you posted that particular message yet I felt like you were describing me. I am a professional, single, and an empty Nester. Got into the habit of drinking a glass of wine every night with dinner and then having a second one and this is going on now for years – more than 10 years now since my divorce. Takes the edge off of my loneliness and boredom yet realize that I am avoiding dealing with finding something more satisfying and interesting to do in the evening. Truthfully, I don’t know what to do with myself and drinking wine – even only two glasses – keeps me from addressing it. Tonight was day one and I was keenly aware of how lonely and bored I am at night. I turned on the TV, then turned it off quickly. I don’t want to waste the rest of my life watching television, after a full day of work. It is So clear to me I need to figure out what will bring me greater Joy and satisfaction.
        I feel like I hide out, tune out, check out, find my happy place – just me and my wine.
        I don’t want to do this anymore!
        I also realize that as I no longer fill the void with wine I’m going to be dealing with issues I’ve ignored for quite some time. Feeling like I need to fasten the seatbelt!

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        Day 2 for me as well. Too bad all of us who drank due to loneliness or boredom don’t live in the same neighborhood. Then we could hang out & do stuff 🙂 That must be a consequence of modernization – since we don’t have to milk the cows & walk to the well, we have free time. I always thought living in a co-housing situation, like an ecovillage, would make for a happier life. Anyway, signing off to do my daily exercises from the book.
        Congrats to everyone.

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    Hi Everyone,
    Thank you for your posts. Today is Day two for me, and day one for being abstinent, alcohol free on my 30 day journey. I’m very excited I’ve read three quarters of the day to chapter completed my vision and The before me. I will finish the exercises tonight and I am very hopeful and excited to have found this program and to be part of this community. It’s so helpful for me to know that I’m not alone Because this is the perfect program for me.

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    Please ignore. I wish there was a ‘delete’ funcion.

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    I have a slight issue with the website.
    I have brought the audio book, I like to listen via my ipod at night before sleeping- it helps get me to sleep, without alcohol!
    A lot of the solutions have references to stuff found in the physical book, its not so easy to find a particular portion/ paragraph on an audio book!

    Is there anywhere on here that I can find the pages on here?

    Other than that, Im doing ok and more importantly havent had a drink in 3 days – I only drank on an evening, and not really craving any either!

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      I`ve gone ahead and ordered a secondhand copy of the book from amazon.

      Also the timing on the server doesnt take into account that I`m from the UK.

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    I am having the same difficulty with the audio book. BUt, this is in Beta testing and will be solved in the future it seems. Day 2 whew… all consuming.

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    Hi everyone
    Newby to the programme and just getting started on Day 2, thought I would share this with you.

    I am full of life, love and energy and I am happy and excited about my future. The more good things I put in my body the healthier my life will be. I am strong, self confident and enjoy every moment of every day like I was before the cancer and drinking thing.

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    I am on day two but tomorrow will be my first day not drinking. I feel inspired by everyone’s hope and excitement. I have stopped drinking for a few days in the past. I know this time will be different. I have so much to gain!

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    Day 5 of not drinking, day 2 of the 30 day solution (I`m doing every other day, to give me time to complete the planned actions.)

    But the bit Im excited about tonight is that Wednesday evening is one of mybogeynights. I do our food shop & usually end up with a bottle or two of wine totreat` myself after such a horrible chore.
    To night I did not.
    I brought a bottle of pop & have enjoyed it as much, if not more!

    So proud of myself & everyone else here…

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    I listened to day 2 on my iPad last night. I started with the audiobook of “the 30 day solution” because I travel a lot in a car. I listened to a great rendition of “Moby Dick” in the car. It was the first time I could make it through the detail of that classic. I thought I would do “30 day” the same way. So far I listened to “30 day” at home. I did not realize there would be assignments. The vision statement is going to be hard for me. I read so many “corporate” vision statements that are such crap. Whenever I encounter current

      corporate speak of the day terminology

    like “vision statement” or “out of the box” I immediately become resistant. I don’t see myself doing “30 day” in a linear progression. I am committed to many things. “30 day is just one of them. I maintain an active exercise schedule, I try to do at least an hour a day. I also committed to reading the “Bible” in a year. Soooo, I am committed to “30 day”. I will finish the book and more importantly find direction. It just won’t be on a set rigid schedule.

    My vision is currently kind of a ramble.

      I want peace with who I am, focusing on who I am, instead of who others are or who others perceive me to be. Remain true to being an honest person. Start the journey to a living that provides sustenance and lightness. Help my children see their future. Help others.

    Part of me is the alcoholic King. I used to frequently drink at home drifting off into my imaginary kingdom. I started the 30 day sobriety 3 days ago. I do not see 30 days of sobriety as difficult at this time. It will be a fun and interesting journey.

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    Hi @tigerfish and welcome to the community! I understand your reaction against the vision statement, so many corporate vision statements are crap. But your personal vision statement is far from that. I know you said it’s a bit of a ramble at this point, but you’ve got a great start! Remember to keep it all positive, you don’t have to mention what you DON’T want. You want your brain to focus on all of the things you DO want. Also, keep it in the present tense- such as “I am at peace with who I am…”

    Now, you certainly don’t have to stick with the rigid schedule of the 30-day program. Many participants have chosen to work the program on their own schedule. We generally recommend not to wait too long between solutions, as the feedback we’ve gotten is that that is when people start to struggle or even relapse. Generally, people give themselves the time they need to complete each solution to their satisfaction. Sometimes, that means just one day, other times that means 3 or 4 days. I appreciate your commitment and I can see your excitement in starting this journey. Best of luck!

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    Day two for me, 3rd day no alcohol. Poured all the alcohol that was in the house down the drained. The smell was sickening and the act itself “Powerful”. Within two days, I have joined a holistic group “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, have a better understanding of what my Purpose in Life is. Went food shopping and purchase organic teas to replace the alcohol, replace junk food. My Goal is to become healthy every way possible. Loving Life!

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    Feeling really bad sick…racing thoughts! Seems everyone else is “up and at it” on day 2…I have little appetite, but must walk to kitchen for nutrition! My husband is out of town…will be home in about 3 hours…I have done this alone for 50 hrs. Alcohol has landed me in jail, and ruined many relationships with friends and family! I must quit! Cutting back is not an option…I really am a good person… my young son died in 2009, and I have not had a sober breath since then! Very Shaky…but working on trying to write all this stuff…overwhelming!

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    I am midway through Day 2. I agree with tigerfish in the earlier post that mission statements are often merely words with no soul to them in the corporate world. I tried to be true to myself and my dreams, as I can vision it now with my statement, though I admit it was kind of hard.

    I am glad to see there are many people that have lived lives and have tried to hide their problems as this is how I have lived. Been really bad abuser for four years, it has been escalating to an alarming point. As a look back, alcohol has always been a crutch. Hoping to get rid of it and no longer feel ashamed when I wake in the morning or worry about my health.

    Best wishes to all to achieving the goal. Day 2 mid way for me, committing to 100% and looking forward to Day 3.

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    Okay, Day 2 had it’s good and bad, but no ugly. The good, I understand a few things related E + R = O for me. I think there are three times that I am most likely to drink: When board, when upset, when in unsure social situations. I experienced two of the three yesterday; day two. I met each one with my mantra of 100% not 99, and it worked. Now, how to replace the thoughts with positive response rather than having to steer myself away each time. Anybody know of literature or web sources about this?

    The bad, last night and today, rather than feeling refreshed with clarity and success from not drinking last night, I did not sleep well last and this morning I have a really bad headache and I am stiff and sore. Not sure why. I celebrate not drinking, but I feel as poorly physically today as I have when I had a hangover.

    Again, no ugly. The celebration is that I did not drink. 100% commitment!

    Best wishes all!

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      Hi @100%committ- love your username and that this is your new mantra! Great job recognizing where E + R = O shows up in your life. You’ll learn how to replace negative thoughts with positive ones throughout this program. Day 5 will start this process a bit, as you are asked to stop using one specific word and replace it with a positive. You’ll also focus on this on Day 11, when you are asked to uncover how you’ve been lying to yourself and how to replace these lies. This program believes in the power of positive thoughts and guides you to utilize this power.

      As for not feeling so great, right now, your body is detoxing from a poison. As your body gets rid of it, you’re not going to feel awesome. The great feeling comes later. Some people experience this pretty quickly, within a couple days, whereas for others it takes several weeks. Each body is different, just be patient, you will feel great! Best of luck!

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    Thank you for your response. Today I am feeling much better. I got through Day 3, which was the first workday just fine, which I was kind of worried about because it was the first work day. I Used E+R=0. Or maybe I should say E + A = O. Using ‘A” for Avoidance. (I went another way home that did not go by any stores). I know this is not the best solution in the long run, but for the next 30 days it may be helpful to reinforce positive behavior until my mantra sticks and is second nature. Thanks again! I appreciate the support!

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      Your very welcome! I’m glad to hear you’re doing better today. And going a different route home to avoid temptation is actually something we recommend. Very intuitive of you, good job!

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    Day 2 assignments were tough, particularly the one about the past. I cried during the Time Travel exercise and really had to shake off the bad vibes of that vision. I was going to skip the before story but 100% committed means do it even if my mind wants to avoid it. I know that I need to add things to it to make it more complete. I really do want a record of how bad it actually is. However, when I go to write the words slip away. I had much more fun imagining my future, I am good at imagining. The tough assignment will be taking action. Boredom is a trigger for me too. It isn’t that there is nothing to do but nothing that will give me energy and pleasure.I need some mind tricks for getting off my butt.

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    Day 2 for me.

    It is very hard as our life is social. I decided to be 100% from Day 1 and today I have an urge to drink already. I am excited about 30 days and scared at the same time. I can do this.

    I want to have a clear head again, I want my children to know and enjoy me and have fonder memories of me than I have of my father. My friends dont really understand my daily struggle with this as they all drink too.

    I am just knowing that I need to change. I want to achieve many things. And even if no one reads this I need to write it.

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    Hi All, It’s Day 2 for me too, but I am not into my 30-day yet. First, I will remove the alcohol from our home, as suggested in the book. I plan to start tomorrow, but I am already considering a drink tonight with a friend who’s coming over later. Then again, I am also thinking a cranberry and club would be fine today. I understand from today’s chapter that creating a vision and working toward clarifying my life’s purpose will help with changing this unhealthy drinking pattern I’ve gotten into. I was having wine most days while making dinner. I’ve slowly cut it down a few times, and sometimes I went without a few days, but I was not making very much progress, and this has been going on for many years now, way too many years. I will probably stop completely, since this is a health issue (among other things). This program looks very promising and I feel great about completing the daily solutions! I look forward to supporting one another in our journey toward the lives we all deserve.

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      Hi Margo! I LOVE the idea of mixing cranberry and club soda as a replacement for wine. I am also in Day 2, although I blew it last night with a bottle of wine….not proud of myself, but I am resuming my journey today. I also drank wine while making dinner, during dinner, after dinner, the rest of the evening until I fall asleep. I LIKE the taste of wine with certain recipes, like beef dishes, and that will be a challenge for me.

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    Well, I simply can’t have wine in the house. I went TWO days without drinking and blew it. Last night I thought I would have ONE drink with some Mexican food at home. It ended up two drinks, three drinks, and the whole bottle of wine! I don’t understand how I can go out to dinner with my husband and/or friends and be able to limit myself to two glasses of wine, but end up drinking a whole bottle at home. I know my husband is concerned about how much I drink, and I am also. So, I am determined to make this week a success by taking it one day at a time and trying to be more active in the evenings. All suggestions are welcome!

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    I am on day 2. I have finished all the reading and the assignments but it is only 3:40pm and I have a ways to go before bedtime. Usually the evenings were the difficult time for me since I have an overactive mind that must be calmed (which drinking accomplished). I plan to re-read day 1 and day 2 in the book to keep my mind busy. I am 100% committed to this 30 day sobriety solution. I have tried everything else (except inpatient rehab) and this seems the best program I have found with the most follow up activities and information. I was drinking 9-11 drinks each evening (alternating beer and wine)and unable to go more that 2 nights without drinking over the past several years. My cholesterol and triglycerides were through the roof, my husband was bewildered each day at my arguing with him each night, and my daughter had no idea why I would just go off on her in anger some evenings and other evenings laugh with her. I have hidden this problem for so long, but have known it was a huge problem. Best part about the last 2 days is going to bed sober, waking up with energy, and feeling free from all the constant guilt/shame/self-condemnation! I will make it through this 30 days! I will break this cycle and come out on the other side living an alcohol free life. Thank you Jack and Dave!

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    I hope the authors will look and comment on my vision statement. I am really struggling today and I am not sure why except for the lie of alcohol in my brain. I should feel good that I made it through a work function last night and didn’t drink any of the free alcohol but I just feel more depressed. Like I missed out and intellectually I know I didn’t but I am just feeling that way and need to use my coping steps and not stopping by the store. Just scared and wish I felt stronger. Haven’t given in.

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    My 30 day vision is I will sleep better and have more energy which will help to be more organized in everyday life. I would appreciate feedback. I started on Tuesday and didn’t drink Tuesday and Thursday. I drank a full bottle of wine on Wednesday and last night. I have not completed day three action steps or listened to day four. I am already overwhelmed and behind…probably need to change to 90 days.

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    lore I can so relate. It helps to tell myself that the getting up part after falling is what matters. I have had so many restarts, recommitting that I get discouraged but as long as i keep trying and stay in the game. Hang in there and it sounds like you have figured out what works for you in terms of days which is good.

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    Wow! I had great hopes when I started this process that I could finally beat this and felt confident I could. But, after failed after day 15 and then again at day 26. I had this book now for three months and will try this from the beginning starting at day 1 today.

    Thanks for the post about having falling and recommitting, makes me feel like I can get up again along with others who have endured the same thing.

    Here’s to hoping and praying with all the others out there who desire to overcome alcohol. If I learn from not meeting my goal, then it is not a failure, it is just ones step closer to success.

    Best wishes to all.

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    I am just ready to do my Day 2 Action Steps. My family has been supportive, but I am really on my own with this program. No give and take from my husband, just listening and I realize that means I shouldn’t be trying to engage in fruitless conversation. He has been very supportive but isn’t the talking type. I damaged our marriage by being critical when drinking, and I don’t even remember what I said! Sober is beautiful, and I am enjoying delving into new interests like calligraphy, but I struggle with ghosts. I use the Time Travel meditation to help, but had to do it a second time. I wasn’t fully engaged during the first half of it in the beginning because I had it on audio and my husband could hear it. I need to do this alone. I am using E + R = O very often. Criticism finds an easy target in me. My responses are now much more controlled, thought out, and healthier. What I can’t change, I decidedly let go. I know the future is much better now, and I am learning to be comfortable and to appreciate my melancholy personality. I work with kids so my empathy is a gift, and so is the habit of seeing each day as new and distinct. Just need to do that at home! Rambling on, but engaged in this Solutions Program. Thank you Jack, Dave, and company for providing this book and website.

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    I feel the support that is coming through working the solutions and from the open discussion on the forum. It’s not just a step at a time, although some days are like that, but a journey with a clear goal and no judgements along the way.

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    I am tearful with gratitude I hit my bottom and am on the way to a thriving life. Day 2 and happy.

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    I am day two on the program and day two for being sober. I guess the problem I am having right now is fear of being in social settings where alcohol is around. It is much easier for me not to be tempted when I isolate myself….but I also know I can’t live in isolation forever. My thoughts are on this weekend, the weekend of the fourth of July holiday. I am hosting a beach party with friends (something me and my husband planned months back). I haven’t shared with my husband I am doing this program…and I can’t cancel on these plans. So, I am going to try to get through it without drinking, but if I am being honest, it would be the perfect storm to break my sober streak. I am really relying on the “one day, one hour, one minute at a time” approach and trying to remind myself that I only need to focus on right now and not this weekend. Still, I am feeling anxious about it. Anyone having a similar experience on how to approach tempting social situations and healthy ways to cope? Thanks in advance.

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      Hi Lucy! First, congratulations on getting yourself sober with the help of this wonderful program! It’s working for me and it will work for you. My last drink of alcohol was March 31. You won’t regret your decision!
      As to this weekend, go to Day 7 and access The Social Solution, a bonus solution. You’ll find 11 reasons to choose from, if anyone should notice and ask why you aren’t drinking.
      As you negotiate life without alcohol, it gets much easier! And you will ultimately prefer every celebration more sober! I still get urges, but I don’t want to go back.
      On a practical note,
      1. Make sure your blood sugar stays level by eating/snacking.
      2. Stay hydrated. Find a beverage you enjoy and sip to your heart’s content!
      3. Reward yourself. Now is not the time to eliminate everthing, so indulge in some treats that aren’t terribly unhealthy, but still satisfying.
      Good luck, and stay strong, the rewards are enormous.
      PS, Next step is to get your husband on board.
      Again, congratulations! Sina

    • #12348


      I’m completely in the same situation Lucy! And thanks to sinaqueena for the tips! I know that I could make up every excuse possible and my family will wonder why I’m not drinking. I’m going to do my best, but I also recognize that if I take a drink, I can’t spiral down into shame and suffering. I’ve already started making a plan to have plenty of water available, and to keep myself very busy! Last night, when I typically have my 3-4 glasses of wine, my daughter walked in the kitchen and asked me to go walk with her. Previously, I would have declined (hence the effects that alcohol has on relationships). But I said yes. And left the temptations behind. It was such an accomplishment for me. One day at a time…One hour at a time…

  • #12353


    Hi all, in the interest of playing it forward, as to all the support I’ve received, I’m passing on something I just found out about. There’s a blog by Belle called “Tired of Thinking About Drinking”. Someone in my private Facebook 30DSS support group shared it with us. I just read the first months blog. WOW! If anyone wants a link to the Facebook group, ask and I will direct you. Stay strong soldiers, may the Sober force be with you! Sina

  • #12834


    Today I am reading day two but technically this is day 6 alcohol free for me. Already feeling so much better in the mornings…still the hardest part of the day is shortly after 5pm as soon as I get off work contemplating the to drink or not to drink scenario in my head. I love the 100% solution mentality which keeps me from slipping backwards into my old life of being sick and tired and depressed. Thank you for this program and this forum! I am here with you ALL.

    • #122366


      Hi Sina! I did not know about the Facebook group – I would love to be connected to it as I find it often quite hard to login here to respond to people’s posts. Of course I would love to respond to new people here as I’m able to login, but it would be great to be in the Facebook group.

  • #12945


    Day 1 and 2 are complete. I followed all the action steps, watched the videos and read the forum posts. The “before me” was a struggle. I don’t much care for that guy and will be very happy to see him go away. Tomorrow things get even tougher as that is my chosen sobriety start date. My start day is 7 days before my birthday and 14 days before my wedding anniversary. I wrestled with the wisdom of picking that day but figured that there will always be an excuse to drink so I might as well learn to deal with it now.

  • #12990


    Hi, All
    Finished day 2 and am having my last drink as I am typing this.
    Tomorrow is the start of the new me.
    Am excited about becoming me again and am 100% committed.
    It is comforting to know that I am not alone in this struggle.

  • #13066


    Hi I just finished day 2. I am so glad I stopped drinking 4 days before I started this program as day 2 was really hard with the old me stuff! It was really hard but now 2hr after I finished I feel great.

  • #13071


    I also just finished day 2 (2nd time around). I revised my vision statement a bit to make it easier to repeat throughout the day. I’m hopeful that I will be able to continue beyond the 30 days–one day/minute at a time, though. I like the quote by MLK about not looking at the entire staircase but just the first step. Best to everyone as we get one step closer to the “new me’s”!

    • #13077


      Hello, I just finished the first chapter and went through the timeline exercise… I am going through a mix of emotions; excitement, anxious, eagerness and fear. Fear feels the strongest right now. What if I start and can’t complete the program? Tired of feeling like a failure, don’t want this to b another one

  • #13178


    Hi crick3ts, I just seen your post and wanted to reply. You can’t loose by trying, even if you don’t complete the entire 30 days you’ll have planted some seeds that will eventually take root if you continue to try. Everyone is afraid of failure your not alone, but you have a fabulous opportunity to start your growth in a supportive private environment. I’m not sure you’ll see this because if I understand the posting correctly you haven’t been back in since the day you wrote this. So if you see this and you’ve relapsed just know your only a failure when you QUIT trying. So start again – You can do this!

  • #13767


    Day 2 for me.
    UGH. I miss wine already. I’m usually not too bad at home, can have 2-3 glasses (although let’s face it, that’s likely too much every night!). Its a ritual that my husband and I have…although he is a man so can drink more without the same effects. He drinks too much as well though, but I have to do this for me. I’m shocked by all the women on this thread in the exact same boat! Many of us struggling with giving up ‘our nightly wine’. My problem is binge drinking when we go out..getting kicked out of places, embarrassing myself and my husband…passing out at a restaurant or not being allowed into the next venue. Shudder. My son is starting to comment on my drinking. I’m scared shitless about the next 28 days. I’m going to a concert tomorrow night and a ladies night on Thursday! All booze triggers. I’m 100% committed!

  • #14515


    Day 2 for me. Both the program and alcohol free. After yesterdays profound experience with my future selves, I am 100% committed to this program. I love the “retraining” aspect of it. I never quite felt like I belonged in AA. I don’t think still hanging on to sobriety in meetings 20 years later sounds like a life I want to live. I want to be free. I want to be the mother my daughter still believes I am (she’s 8 and calls me her hero). I believe this is the program that will help me learn how to do that.
    My vision statement goes like this:
    I am a mother, I am a Nurse, I am strong. I have control of my life and the outcomes that result. Nothing holds me back from being the amazing woman I am.
    I haven’t spoken about myself in such a positive manner in a while (maybe ever?), and it feels amazing!

  • #14516


    Hallelujah!!!! Lady Newbies!!!
    Congratulations on your continuing Sobriety . Do it for yourselves and everyone,especially you, will reap the glorious awards! Sina

  • #14617


    Day two for me feel really excited about doing the 30 days and finally end my drinking habit. i have a lovely and happy life, apart from holding on to a poison that ruins it for me, something i have held onto after a failed marriage and years of binge drinking, why do i do this? that’s the question i want to answer for myself and i am hoping this programme will help me find the answer and help me to rid myself of it. i cried thinking about all the moments of madness i have experienced when drunk and how i would feel free if i just stopped drinking, i have done it for so long now, i’m 50, i want this to work but scared it may not! early days but i am 100% committed.

  • #15203


    Question – Had my last drink 3 days ago but started my DAY ONE 2 days ago. Relapsed on day two of the program. I read where someone relapsed and picked up where they left off and some wait for their start date but continue to read the book. Am I doing this correctly? Also would like to know if there are suggestions on alternatives to the drinking (to occupy my time). I have not seen anything as of yet online or in the book (only on day 2). I am a night time binge drinker and I drink alone. Im sure “part” of my “WHY” is due to boredom but not sure about the rest of it…..yet, that is. Any suggestions of how to keep my mind elsewhere?

    • #15210



      In regards to your “oops”, don’t worry about where you start again. Start where it feels right to you. Its all about YOU and how YOU feel. The point is that you’re doing it 🙂

      I am a night binger as well, so this is night 4 of sobriety and day 2 of the book. For myself, I have been going through the book in the evening. I figured doing it at night would keep my sobriety motivation going and help work through the boredom. I know working on the book can only last an hour or two so I bought another book to read afterwards, a sort of motivational self-help book. Hope this helps a little.

      You got this!!!

      • #15213



        Thank you! Second round of Day 2 of sobriety for me. Had dinner with a friend. I don’t drink when eating then I was full so no room for drinks tonight! Ironically Day 3 in the book makes suggestions on keeping occupied. It helped. Lets DO THIS!

    • #15351


      I too am a night time drinker and drink by myself and it is difficult to fill that time but when all is said and done I will be grateful to have that time back in a positive way.

  • #15233


    Ok, I am on Day 2 of starting again. So far so good. Small baby steps. writing down the ‘before’ me was horrible, everyone thinks I have everything together and when I wrote down what’s really going on I felt like such a fraud, like there is just a very thin thread between me and everything being revealed and the ultimate crash that will come as a result.
    Although this is my second time, I see that my vision and the ‘new’ me is different – a little more honest, a little more humble about this whole thing. I like to think this is a good thing. As it is the weekend still, I feel like its the easy part, going back to work tomorrow and having to face all the stresses and strains without my ‘friend’ to come home to and blot it all out. Acting on faith at this stage – just carry on on step at a time, one foot in front of the other.
    I want to say though that I find these forums really helpful, I see myself in so many of the posts, I don’t feel so completely alone anymore struggling with this demon. When it gets hard I think of all of you out there struggling as well all over the world and that helps so much. Thanks for sharing your journeys.

    • #15350


      I totally identify with flowjax description of the very thin thread. my life feels that way and I suspect that is one of the reasons I was drinking out of fear of everyone find out what I thought the real me was. having done the vision statement started a path where I actually see something positive in my life.

  • #15248


    Day 2 for me too. I am so grateful for all of your honest posts. I can relate to them all. I am a teacher and when I get home to my 3 elementary school aged kids, they get the cranky, impatient me. So not right. Wine and martinis got me through the nights. Drinking every day, hating myself in the morning. By noon, I had already forgotten my self loathing and would be planning on drinking that night. Last night was my first night without alcohol. Woke up so happy today. I have to stay strong and invest in me and my family. I was sober for 4 months three years ago and it was so easy to give it up! I was going through a divorce and I knew I had to be crystal clear. When I first went back to drinking, I remember thinking, be careful this is a slippery slope. I did well for a while. It took 6 months for me to get back into abusing alcohol again. I have to be sober for at least a year before I can even think of having a drink. I am scared that I won’t be able to do this.

  • #15289


    I was sober for 26 years and slipped back a year ago.

    I’m in a different life stage but definitely have noticed changes and not for the better. I am not getting anything done except the basics. My art has gone out the window. I really related to the Alcoholic King and for me it is not that long since I was achieving happily.

    My vision statement is

    “I will seek to be healthy, industrious, financially wise and content with simple pleasures for the next 30 days.”

  • #15409


    My vision statement:
    “I am grateful to gain my weekend evenings and Monday mornings back for productive activities.”

  • #15493


    Yesterday was my Day 2, I am on the 60 day plan. I haven’t drunk any wine for 8 days now (today will be 9). I was reading earlier posts from 2016 and, for me, I am so thankful to be letting go of the guilt and shame of my drinking. It was daily but not overly excessive until about 6 months ago. My life is so great in almost every other area. I would wake up at night, more clear headed, and just berate myself for drinking a bottle of wine, AGAIN, that night. For myself and my teenage children, I must be successful. I really am 100% committed to this. I have made promises to myself before, but this feels different. Luckily for me, my husband doesn’t drink at all.

    After reading day 2 I was even more scared. What if I can’t figure out my purpose in life. That truly scares me. I have been trying to figure that out for years. This is the crux of the entire 30-day solution and what if I can’t figure it out. Needless to say, I am an anxious person (hence the drinking) and have a touch of ODC, particularly in my thinking…..obsessive thoughts that I can’t seem to stop and they just loop in my mind. Meditation helps.

    I must say, as others have, I have been really tired and sleeping quite a bit. I know that drinking made me less apt to do things, but this is really overwhelming. I hope it is just the detox phase and my energy will return better than before. Best of luck to all. My Vision Statement:

    I am full of life, love, energy, and happiness. I am healthy, strong, successful, and sober. I radiate confidence, happiness, and strength. I eat healthfully and fuel my body with healthy substances and my life is more vibrant and joyful everyday! I am excited about life and live life to the FULLEST everyday!

    • #16532


      so glad to see some 2017 replies! I am on day two. I have a wonderful “main” boss, inherited another; the latter always wants me to take untruth and unfounded blame for mistakes/adjustments for him as he has a long legal history. The minute it happened today, I wanted to come home and have a drink. I am so professional all day that I am ashamed I lose it over a rear. I know I am better than that. I did slip and drink 1 drink of wine, then I told myself – no girl, not worth it!

  • #15506


    Hi Sabrina, like your vision statement! Short and sweet, captures the essence, I think!

    I’m on day 2, too (in terms of the book and being sober). Just finished my checklist for the day. Looking forward to a good night’s sleep and a full work week ahead.

  • #15511


    i started this dec 10th but after 2 nights of no sleep i started having weird nightmares that would wake me up as soon as i started to sleep so i put it on the back burner. a friend told me to try tylenol pm (i hate buying over-the-counter stuff but none of the natural sleeping aids were helping), the tylenol helps some …how is it everyone is able to sleep?

  • #15513


    To Bisky, I take four melatonin at night to help me sleep. Maybe that will help you! It’s anti aging also! You will not feel tired at all when you wake up. Try it. Good luck on your journey.

    • #15518


      thank you, butterfly …tried melatonin years ago and it never did anything for me. but i never tried 4! i’ll do that 🙂

  • #15514


    Hello to all. Today is my day two. I really want to post every day to let people know I am here and sticking with this. I did the homework and here is my vision statement. Not sure where to post it! I am looking forward to this journey with everyone!

    I am
    Moving forward
    Living life
    Free from anything that constrains me
    Keeps me from not being healthy
    From being the person I want to be in 1, 5, 10 years.
    I am making decisions and choices that will allow me to be the woman I found in my time travel, that I picked up, put in my hands , my pocket because I want to be her:

  • #15578


    Hi All! Today is my Day 2 in the program as well. Day 4 of my new life of sobriety. I had a hard time sleeping last night too. I’ve also used melatonin, but didn’t last night. I will try it again – there are gummy ones for adults that I think kick in sooner. Just a tip. 🙂 I’ve also started drinking peppermint and “sleepy-time” tea at night. It helps me replace the glass of wine I’m used to having.

    #sabrina – I felt the same way about the purposes statements. I’ve been searching for that myself, without success and felt the same anxiety about not finding it. For now, I just have to make myself relax and flow with the system. Go through this process and hope that it leads me to my purpose. I haven’t tried to do it sober and healthy, and that can’t hurt!

    I keep thinking back to the person and life I had before I started drinking at all. Perhaps my answers lie in that person – extending that person to be the one I am now, with more wisdom and more experiences, but the more pure and authentic person I should be without any alcohol.

    I’m excited to grow and learn. Glad to have some people along beside me, working too.

  • #15620


    I’m the biggest cynic when it comes to claims of herbal supplements that help you sleep as none ever worked for me…..and then I discovered Sleepytime tea also. It kicks my butt…my eyes are heavy as I’m typing this now in fact.

  • #15668


    Day 2 – I woke up so refreshed and happy that I made it thru yesterday without drinking! Took awhile to get to sleep, so I’ll get some Sleepytime Tea and try that. My purpose is simple for the next 30 days – I want to sleep well, get healthy and happy again.

  • #15871


    Day 2er here as well, although I have chosen a future date this week to be 100% sober, it is this Sunday the 22nd. We have a big family Reunion on Saturday, and of course most of the family likes to hammer them down, and I don’t want to put myself through an almost impossible task right after just a few days of starting my 30 days. I know that there will always be excuses or events, but this is a big one and it’s at our house, after it’s over there will not be any major events such as this for a number of months.

    After reading and performing the exercises for day 1 and 2, I must say though that my desire to drink has subsided quite a bit, because I do not want to continue down this path.

    I take medications to go to sleep, unfortunately. I wish to stop those as well, but we must do these things one at a time. Big congrats to those of you that have been thriving in sobriety for 2 days or more!! Keep it up! I’ll get there as well.

    I find it hard to think about or decide what my life’s purpose is in regards to my career. As far as personal stuff goes I already know that I want to be a healthy, slender, happy, vibrant and loving wife and also be there to take care of my critter children. I do not like my career at all right now, and I know it is a major factor in my drinking (just like Jessica in the book), I definitely want to find something else, but I know that the areas I would like to be in moreso are not going to pay even half of what I make in salary today, so I feel stuck, and giving up that salary right now is not an option, it’s just not realistic, plus I would lose my health benefits. But I know that when I’m thriving in sobriety it will be far easier to deal with my current job, and I may even have a different view on it all together, and it will be easier to find something else, I’ll have more of a drive to go out and find something better.

  • #16534


    I’m enthusiastic and terrified…having a final glass of wine as I type this. My 30 days start tomorrow. Will I manage? Until now, I haven’t found anything that suggested I could. Certainly not AA. Can’t afford rehab. I guess I’m what one would call a highly functioning problem drinker (alcoholic) but it’s finally gotten the better of me. I’ve NEVER driven after having a drink. That used to be my only criteria. For awhile, I didn’t drink until after 5. These days I sometimes start after breakfast (I’m 78, retired so who cares?) and proceed throughout the day. I can walk to most places today in my retirement community, so driving isn’t a problem. But dammit, I have a driver’s licence and should be sober enough to get behind the wheel once in awhile. My big excuse is hubby, who has dementia. That is also my biggest reason for getting sober. I’m the caregiver here and need to be able to take care of him anytime there’s a problem. That means being able to assess the situation and drive him to a care facility. Once he OD’d on insulin while I slept over a lot of Scotch. Fortunately, the EMTs took care of the situation. But I’m terrified it might happen again. I enjoy the buzz I get…and the relief from the stress of caring for a belligerent, overweight, hubby. I’ve seen lots of stuff that has been hopeful, but nothing, until now, that spoke to me as this book has. I’ve finished my wine now. Taking a deep breath…and expecting to see you all in 30 days.

    • #16616


      happy78thbirthday…how is it going for you? Today is my Day 2, which is how I found your post. For some reason I connected with it, or you. Not really sure, but wanted to reach out to you.

      • #16628


        Hi @joster. Welcome aboard the Sober Coaster, as one friend so aptly dubbed this ride/journey. I’m glad you are here, and among friends. The Website can be awkward to use, it hasn’t evolved beyond Beta Launch, which is regrettable. Still it works well enough, despite promised content and links not working, time be a fine place to share and give and recieve support. Tap on “where to?” Above to view current posts in all forums. Tap on a person’s screen name to go to their profile. You’ll see all their posts and if they are current ones. I’m an old timer here and love to help folks best that I can. This program can be a lifesaver! Onward! Sina

    • #16621


      happy78thbirthday – I feel for you. Your post sounds so much like me!! I am my husband’s caregiver as well, multiple sclerosis, and I was drinking to try to get past the fact that he doesn’t want to help himself or take care of himself so life all falls on me. Now, I know I need to be sober in case of emergency and I think if I finally start to take of myself, he’ll want to start taking of himself. Not holding out high hopes but can’t hurt and if (when) the time comes, I know I will be able to take care of myself.

      Good Luck!!! I’ll be here if you want to chat with someone in the same boat, just not necessarily on the same route.:)

    • #16622


      Hi @empress and @78thbirthday.
      You 2 can “friend” Each other by tapping on the person’s screen name. You can communicate more effectively that way by writing private messages to each other. Hope this helps you connect! Sina

    • #16626


      Hi Joster…thanks for reaching out. I’m on Day 7, review, and day 5 without scotch. Can’t believe the amazing changes I’m already experiencing. I had a little trouble on day the day 4 activities but fixed them the next day and am moving along. Having a glass of water with lemon always on hand really helps. I was probably dehydrated from all the drinking. Skin tone is noticeably better and my eyes are definitely clearer. I wake up happy and excited knowing I’m going to get through another day without a drink! You can too!

      Empress…I’m so sorry your situation is similar to mine. Definitely no fun. Getting sober so you can take care of yourself really resonated with me! Honestly, sometimes I just want to shake my hubby when it feels as if he’s making me prepare for the inevitable. I’m not ready for life on my own, but this program is helping me so much, and giving me such confidence. I haven’t told him I’ve quit drinking and he hasn’t noticed. If he does, I’m using one of the excuses from Day 7: I’m taking antibiotics and the doctor told me not to drink.

      sinaqueena…thanks for suggesting we “friend”. I’m still exploring the website and am not even sure this will post, but my next step is to try and “friend” both Joster and Empress.

  • #16627


    Sounds good @78thbirthday! You’re definitely getting the hang of the Website. And Congatulations on your continuing Sobriety! Onward Fellow Sobriety Seekers! Sina

  • #18626


    Day 2 has been hard for me. I have been having to taper off so I don’t get DTs, my dr is monotoring me. But i’m struggling. I’m thining that aftet the 30 days I’ll be going back through this again completely sober. this is a great program. I hate that I feel this way. With all my disorders and then dependent on alcohol as well, I feel so lost. I feel like I’m loosing a friend quitting it too. I know that sounds stupid, but It’s been with me for so long. But it’s not the friend I want to keep around. It’s not a true friend. It’s one that mocks you and makes you feel bad the next day. This is a friend you need to get rid of. So as I slowly push this friend out of my life, I’ll be better off.

  • #18804


    This is my first post on this forum, and actually my first post on any forum in quite some time. I have an irrational amount of fear built up around participating in online communities (even anonymously) because I worry about what people will think of me and that I don’t have anything to contribute. It would be good for me professionally and socially to get over this, so I intend to participate in these forums throughout this process to get some positive experiences under my belt.

    I just completed the Day 2 action steps, though it took me a couple days to get through them all. I wanted to be as thorough as possible with the journal entries since they seem so foundational to the program. I’m currently on day 18 without alcohol of what was originally intended to be a 30-day experiment. I’m extending that so that I can go through this book and get some more tools and coping strategies. I read This Naked Mind by Annie Grace prior to starting The 30-Day Sobriety Solution, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone struggling with cravings. It really does a good job of unpacking and breaking down our unconscious wrong beliefs about the “benefits” of alcohol. Even before I stopped completely, I was seriously cutting back (not drinking at home, in the weekend mornings at brunch, etc.), and I was going periods of 2-3 days without a drink for the first time in probably 10 years. But I found myself really struggling with anxiety in work and social situations, and it’s clear that just stopping drinking on its own won’t be sufficient (aside from reducing health risks).

    I struggled during the Time Machine Technique to visualize what my life would be like in 1 or 5 years without drinking. I’m pretty clear on the reasons I need to make a change, but the future feels like a big blank. I think some of it is because I feel guilty for things I’ve done (and haven’t done) in the past, and I don’t entirely trust that I’m capable of really “thriving.” But the “New You” exercise was helpful in that it asked very specific questions and left open possibilities. I didn’t feel like I was committing to make 100% of it a reality; it just felt more like a brainstorming session with no judgement attached. Really, it would be awesome if I ended up bringing even 5% of it to fruition.

    I do expect that I’ll still drink on occasion after completing this program, but I’m keeping an open mind. A couple months ago, I couldn’t have even fathomed the possibility of quitting completely. At this point, if I conclude that cutting back isn’t working, I can at least imagine living life without alcohol. Not drinking any booze at all has been psychologically easier than moderating and being conscious of every drink, so I do see why people decide to just stop completely, even if they’re actually capable of just having one or two. That said, I do absolutely love good craft beer and live in a huge beer city, so the thought of never partaking again at a beer fest or brewery makes me sad. But if I can’t do that without it turning into an everyday thing or a controlling factor in my life, it’s time to just move on.

    TLDR, I know. 🙂 Good luck to everyone here. It’s nice to read others’ posts and I know I’m by no means alone.

    • #18805


      Welcome aboard the Sober Coaster @leslie1982. I love your first post. You obviously have a lot of insight about your irrational fears, labeling them as just that in your first paragraph!
      This Naked Mind by Annie Grace is a good companion book to the 30DSS, I agree.
      Rather than trying to imagine the Future, which does not exist, I endeavor to live in the Now, as Eckhart Tolle advises.
      Onward, Sina

      • #18808


        Thank you for the welcome, @sinaqueena! That’s a great reminder about staying in the moment. It’s difficult when breaking habits or making changes — I just want to be done with it and on the other side! I’m enjoying the daily solution work partly for that reason. It’s an outlet for my tendency to over-think things but also helps channel it in a productive, hopeful direction. Thanks again for saying hi, Sina!

  • #18809


    Leslie, I left you a message on your profile page, access it by tapping on the “Where to?” above and choosing my profile.

  • #20291


    Hi This is my first post. I’m on day 2 and just finished the action steps. Dinner time , dishes, and my resentful feelings at that time are often my trigger to give up on promises to myself not to drink. Reading through all of the comments above are so helpful! However, they were posted quite a long time ago. I am wondering if anyone out there is in the early stages like me?
    Feeling hopeful for the first time in awhile.


    • #20295


      Welcome @carys ! Your best bet to connect with people currently active on the Forums is to find the most current Topic in each day’s Solution and post there, or respond to a post. You can also start your own Topic. This is an amazing program and it has transformed, and continues to transform my life! This Companion Website (even though it has some glitches) enables you to get and give support on your Journey. To connect with another, tap or click on their screen name. It will go to their profile page and you can read their posts, “friend” them (it’s different from Facebook) and private message them. Feel free to contact me if you have questions I might be able to help with. (I am a “Graduate”!)
      ONWARD, Sina

  • #20294


    Hey Carys!!

    Welcome and yes I’m also fairly new. I’m in Day 10 right now. I’ll be honored to be by your side on this journey! 😀

  • #89944


    Day one sober. Very happy and full of hope.

    • #94004


      Welcome aboard the Sober Coaster @amfxx !
      ONWARD, Sina

  • #119702


    This is Day 2 of the program for me and it is my 4th day of sobriety. My home is alcohol free. I dumped all my liquor down the sink and trashed the empty bottles.
    I feel FREE.
    My life has stopped going down the PROVERBIAL drain. Watching the liquid – red, clear, orange, brown & amber pouring out of the bottles and disappearing down the drain was non-emotional, uneventful. I did not shout, I did not clap my hands. I just just watched and silently said HELLO to my inner child who is eager to get me back to feed – nurture – guide – and protect him. I said a silent goodbye to what just disappeared and now every morning I will say HELLO to this beautiful world and gently hug my little David.

  • #120059


    Hi everyone, This is my day 2. I feel a little better than yesterday. I get drug down by all the feeling of guilt that I have. I constantly remind myself that I cant take back what I’ve already done. The only thing I can do to inspire positive feelings is make the decision not to drink. Isn’t it crazy how devious alcohol is that it can convince me to drink more because I feel so bad for drinking. That’s crazy!

  • #121284


    Day 2
    Have just completed all the actions for today. For me posting is my way of ensuring i stick to it, staying 100% committed and being transparent. But i am just taking each day with a positive attitude.

    To help me put the ‘pain’ and ‘pleasure emotions’ to the most important factors I used a table; 6 columns and 5 rows. I put the reason e.g Health as one of the reasons to start this programme and then in each subsequent column I put one of the five senses. It really made me identify the pain attributed to each emotion as it related to my reason. I then made a second table to do exactly the same for the positive emotions. It made me really think about it and very easy to look back on and read.

    • #121355


      Hi Christine,
      How’s the program going for you? Today is my day 2, and I came to check out the forum and yours was the last post on day2.


  • #122364


    My quick day 2 log as it appears I’m pretty much on my own here. Anyway almost 48 hours without a drink and all going well. Today’s lesson and actions just confirmed what I realized yesterday, that I didn’t have a vision or plan going forward. I’m confident I’ve taken good steps in rectifying this. Stay strong and true fellow warriors!

  • #122365


    Good for you! Good for all of us! Here’s to a beautiful week.

  • #122969


    Day 2 revisit complete (explanation on day 1). There is a lot of activity work to do but i completed it again and with heart this time. Capture the “before you” is pretty eye opening.
    Good everyone on completing day 2 congrats

  • #122970


    Sorry, that should say good job everyone on completing day 2

  • #123547


    Hi, There isn’t anyone making posts, but I will anyway. I am excited for this journey. I don’t have any fear, really, because I am 100% sure I will be sober and continue The 30 day Solution. Yet, I dread making the ‘Before Me’ entry in my journal. Always have not cared for writing the bad stuff down. I visualize it, clearly, and have often to try to release the humiliation. There is just too much to write. But, I am willing to do what it takes. On to journaling!

    I am beginning this during the pandemic. Tried on my own the first month and that didn’t work, at all! So, I will be sober when the Stay at Home is lifted! YAY

    • #123569


      This is not my first time re-visiting the 30 Day Sobriety Solution. In a way, this pandemic has been a gift that allowed me to reset at home and refocus on recovery. I’m over 30 days sober and this was the easiest time because I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything. I wake up feeling optimistic about what I can achieve that day because I didn’t go to bed with regret. My days aren’t perfect but there’s progress. Let’s keep at it so when we’re ready to join the world again, we’ll be ready.

      • #123703


        Hey awakeNow07 ! I just saw your post. I’m glad you’re using this time for self realization and overall improvement.
        Good for you!
        Onward! Sina

    • #124050


      I hope you’ve made it. I’m on day 2 now. Going to be a good day 🙂

  • #123697


    EXCITED FOR THIS DAY! Great chapter,I know there is a “new me” waiting at the end of these 30 days.

    • #123702


      Welcome aboard the Sober Coaster Prader81!
      Don’t let the state of the Companion Website deter you from the Goal. The Program will yield Gold in the form of becoming the New You!
      Onward! Sina

  • #124051


    Again hoping someone is on here!!! Day 2 begins for me, I’m excited.

    • #124052


      Hi Sklep00170.
      I’m here! Some others are too.
      I left a message on your profile page.
      Congratulations on your Day 2!
      Onward! Sina

  • #124060


    hi everybody..delighted to on this journey with you all. its been a long time coming..

    • #124062


      Welcome Bugscusak21 !
      I’m glad you’re here!
      Keep posting!
      Onward! Sina

  • #124160


    I guess I’m the only negative nelly here lol. I feel tired and ucky. Isn’t anyone else feeling the first few days of detox? I did a 30 challenge on my own earlier this year and never really felt energized after – so I’m really trying to find my positivity in writing my vision statement. However I think my expectations of what 30 days sober would look like the first time I tried was probably way too high, I also never defined that goal/statement previously and found at the end of the first 30 I had other obstacles I realized I had to overcome to achieve my desired outcome. I have a lot of work to do! I’m ready to try again and have a realistic expectation. I love the idea of defining my vision. I’ve incorporated those obstacles that flat-lined me at the end of my last 30 days sober into my vision statement, which was I have a major sleeping issue that was holding my progress back. I realize I can not achieve anything sobriety has to offer me while not on a healthy sleeping schedule. Also, I didn’t want anyone with similar feelings as my self to feel alone. We can do this as long as we never stop trying!

    My Vision Statement:

    I feel more positive, have more energy and more confidence in myself. I wake up every day following a morning routine and go to bed every night following a bedtime routine, sober.  I am on the path to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling future that will not give up on.

    • #124161


      I hope you’re keeping it up!!! You can do it. Just figured out how to respond to people who might actually be on here. I’m on day 24 and feel okay.

    • #124174


      Just seeing this Lindz45.
      Your plan sounds good. I think being honest with yourself and others here is the way to go.
      Sleep problems are a big hurdle and unfortunately a common one in attaining Sobriety.
      Maybe this video will help.
      I’m glad you haven’t given up on your goals!

  • #124165


    Day two for me and day one starting sobriety from a replacement drug I got hooked on two years ago when I then stopped drinking. Last year I started back drinking after seven months to try and get off that other stuff but now I just do both. Well I mainly do the replacement drug then totally black out from drinking on the days I’m taking a break from that. This is day two no alcohol for me. I am excited for the program and doing the work. I quit drinking and prescribed Xanax pills twelve years ago which lasted three years. Those were the best three years of my life, so happy and healthy and strong. I didn’t even want to drink when I started back but my sister (who drinks heavily) encouraged me to try a sip of fine wine when we were out with a client at a fancy dinner. That started the cycle again for me. Lots of bad things have happened since then because of alcohol and I’m going to write about them all when I do today’s exercises. I’m looking forward to it all and to getting my healthy, happy and passionate life back that doesn’t revolve around numbing myself completely for several hours each day by myself home alone. I do know I drink and use the replacement drug from boredom and loneliness and that it has robbed me from feeling pleasure from normal things I used to love like hiking. I look forward to getting back into my healthy hobbies and the fun active life that will be coming back again after committing 100% to my sobriety and happy life.

    • #124175


      Hi Myranda Love. Welcome!
      Please keep posting. There are others here to support you besides all the SPAM on the Companion Website. Sounds like you have great self awareness and you’re off to a good start.
      Onward! Sina

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