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    I guess I want to know how? How do you start believing in yourself or believing you don’t need a drink? What are some techniques?
    Self affirmations? A mantra? Journaling?
    How do you start believing? How do you keep believing in yourself?

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      For me I think back to a time when I did believe in my self and I had confidence that I could do anything I set my mind to. Knowing I was there at one time helps me see that I can be there again.

      How are you doing today with this?

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    Hi @shirleyw,

    This program is designed to help you through this process. First, focus on today’s action steps. When you stop using the word “can’t”, you will begin to use more positive language. As you do so, you are beginning the process of teaching yourself how to believe in yourself.

    The program builds on itself. Each day’s solution will help you continue to believe in yourself. Yes, self-affirmations, mantra, and journaling will all help this process, as will the majority of the coming solutions.

    If you feel you haven’t believed in yourself in a long time, then this process most likely won’t occur overnight. The idea is that you are learning a new way of thinking that will ultimately help you thrive in sobriety.

    Best of luck!

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    I’m finding that sobriety is dominating my thinking. When I was drinking, I never thought of drinking all the time. It seems that sobriety is in my thoughts every hour of the day. It’s a good thing don’t get me wrong, especially when I ask myself “How good is this sobriety?” I’m expecting that at some point I will not have to think about it, it will just be.

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    I’m afraid that, at this point at least, if I’m not thinking about it then I will stumble. Luckily I can distract myself from thinking about drinking and/or sobriety by keeping my self busy with work during the day or the kids, dog, or project when I’m home.

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    Don’t forget the program Ground066. There is stuff to review like the Vision, New You, Beliefs, Actions, and so on. Stay strong.

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    Friday, day 5 – first post. Having some ups and downs but haven’t drank for 5 days and can’t remember doing that in 2+ decades. The Lord has made some subtle hints that I’m doing the right thing. My son’s 6-8th grade chorus concert was last night…the only thing I ever look forward to that is getting it over so I can drink. Long story short, my mom is in a wheelchair from a fractured femur and we set up by the corner end in the front. After the first song, the teacher came up to me and told us we could sit front and center. We did and what happened was inspiring. The group sang their last song and it appeared to be over when the teacher said they had been singing a new song for the last 2 weeks, didn’t plan on putting it in the show but the students thought it would be a perfect ending. The song was “I lived” by OneRepublic. Not a big fan but when I sat there and listened to the lyrics, I literally began to tear up in a happy way. I looked up to say “Thank You” to God and noticed my son on stage looking at me with the most genuine smile I’ve ever seen. Right then was the best example of positive reinforcement I’ve ever experienced. Had no intention of doing this, knew I had an out of control problem but didn’t care. Came across 30-day solution via an email story (not promoting or an ad), looked it up and ordered the book. Something struck a nerve and I’m glad it did. Again, only 5 days in but reading the book/website, getting the daily emails and doing the action steps and it seems to really be making a dent in this super strong armor I have named bourbon. Jack and Dave, this program is incredible…thank you.

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      @irinne That’s it! That’s what makes all of this hell worth it. When we come out of this soul wash, we are gonna be so much better and appreciate the hell out of what little time we have left. I know that you had a life shaking moment, but take a second and think about your youngin’ as he drifted off to sleep tonight with the memory of seeing his mother moved by his performance. Congratulations and here is to your continued success (I am toasting you with a glass of water, but it still counts, right?)

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    Thanks ground066 you’re right, and I will continue to move forward with 4 words…keep it simple stupid. One thing, hopefully he drifted off with visions of his father….but his mother will work also…she’s beautiful. Day 8 and doing great. Day 7 was rough but sober.

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    Oops. My bad! No offense intended.

    Congratulations on making through 7 and into 8.

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    Thanks for the support!! Today is my Day 5. Last night I drove my 2 teenaged daughters to opposite sides of the city. At midnight, I fetched one of them and the other one early this morning after a sleepover. I felt wonderful that I could do these things for them. In the past, I would have gotten them to call their dad. And today, I am clear headed and feeling strong! Sending hugs to you all. Happy to have you along with me on this new journey.

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    Waking up without a hangover is such a great feeling. I actually look forward to reading and then getting on line to do the steps. While riding around in my car today, I noticed so many people sitting on patios drinking wine and beer and I thought how nice that would be but I didn’t – I had ice cream. I do find that I’m craving sweets now. Ready for day 6!

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    I feel privileged to be on this journey with each of you. Yesterday’s Stages of Total Truth Process writing activity triggered a huge emotional response. It was a cleansing process. And as a result, I feel so much more positive today. I look forward to completing this program with all of you!!

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    bblaney . . . happy for your “huge emotional response” — many of us feel the same way. I’m still working my way through the program and am sort of taking it slow and steady. Kind of like the turtle & hare deal. It took me many a long, lonely year to dig the big drinking cesspool hole I put myself in and, so, I am trying to earnestly follow the path laid out.

    This forum does help a great deal with feedback and honest feelings. But maybe you already know that.

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    I am very close to drinking that wine sitting on top of the fridg, but it is not mine. If it is not that, than it will be something else. I find myself “wishing and kind of craving” on this day, so it must be the turning point. I am following all the rules so am a little bewildered as to why I would even crave at this point. I know that if I drink the wine, I’ll go out and buy 2-3 more bottles and drink them as well. I will then sleep until noon the next day (destroying the day) and also not do any of the things I planned on doing. My liver will be that much worse as well as my heart. The shame will lead me to drink again tomorrow and the spiral downfall will begin again. I hate Fridays and I hate them even more when I can’t drink (ok, turn it) I love Fridays and I love Fridays even more when I do not drink. Hey! we might have something here.

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    Hello friends.

    I’m feeling super positive today. That’s something unique to this program, in the past I’ve felt the first 5 days are the worst. Now here I am, day 5, looking at new hobbies to take up, getting up early to get more done in the day, and basically living like a functional human 🙂

    One thing I have done that I’m not sure about: I’ve been unhappy in the sport I play for a while and I made the decision to quit. My partner thinks that’s a bad decision, he’s worried I’m isolating myself which is usually a bad sign mental health wise. But I’ve given it a fair bit of thought, now I just have to see how I feel in the long run.

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    Well I really liked day 5 in the book. Let someone tell me I can’t do something and see what happens lol. After the 30 days I will love my new live. I am going to be better sober than I ever was when I was drinking. I remember years ago I got sick and was bedridden for a year. When I finally started to walk I told my husband that I am going to run the NYC marathon and he said are you crazy you can’t do that! Well it took me 3 years of training and in 2006 I did it and went over the finish line. Maybe I will do another one but 1/2 marathon and this time completely 100% sober. A goal for 2018! I thank God that I found this book I have been looking for years for a program like this, then it came up in a search on kindle and I downloaded it and started the next day! Great job guys!

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    I’ve done it, exercise and stay active just to keep those triglycerides down. Couldn’t hide the bad liver readingS towards the end here. Looks like ive made it thru day five and ready to tackle day six. Good luck and be strong everyone! KEEP TAPPING!!!!

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      @dogperry – My triglycerides were high too & my nurse practitioner didn’t even blink – even tho’ I’m vegan & exercise regularly.
      I learned on Day I that it could be related to my drinking so I am going to retest after the 30 days to see if it is true.

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    It’s been a while since anyone posted in here, but for the wino who comes along behind me…. hi! I’m on Day 5 and it’s pretty cool. That confirmation bias is the real deal – I was totally doing that. But as the saying goes, if you lay down with dogs, you’re gonna get fleas. I was comparing my drinking to some of the people around me – either teetotalers by nature, people in recovery, or the fifth-a-day folks, and I was right in the middle, so of course I was okay. And triglycerides are high from heredity, sugar and red meat, right? yeah. right. 5 days down, 25 to go – and then it’s on for life!

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      Hey there Mollygirl, looks like I’m the wino coming in behind you!

      Like you, my social circle has a lot of heavy drinkers, so my binge drinking looked normal. It’s not as though I was so drunk at a party that I passed out, woke up, and then peed on someone’s laptop. Now, THAT guy has a problem. My drinking seemed modest in comparison… even though it meant that sometimes I didn’t go to work because I had drunk so much that it interfered with my sleeping and I was too tired to go to work…yeah, that’s it. Too Tired.


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    Hi everyone, I am the wino or vodka-soda drinker right beind ya!

    I would mix it up and appear like I was choosing the healthy drinks. Yeah, right!! I actually am a Moderation Management believer. It is true and the guidelines seem right on, but I just never followed. I told myself since I can go a day without, that I am a moderate drinker.

    It wasnt until I saw a pattern of being able to handle twice what I used to and not having one abstinence day that i realized I needed something more. Plus lying to my husband and the disappointment in myself was growing.

    I already feel so much better and I believe I can do it with this program’s help!!

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    It really can be a slippery slope, right? Dangerous stuff. I don’t like thinking about it so much, but I guess I have to right now so that I don’t get pulled into the trap again.
    I sleep so soundly without alc. I love that. My stomach feels so healthy in the morning that I enjoy my coffee so very much. I love that, too. Deep down I know I’m doing the right thing by abstaining, and that feels good psychologically. During the day when I feel the desire or see others at the restaurants enjoying their drinks, I try to redirect my focus away from the desire. It’s been a new practice, and just like learning to play the violin or something else, it will take time to strengthen the ability, but definitely worth the effort. Enjoy your day!

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