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    This doesn’t seem like a particularly active forum thread, but here is a January 2017 list of gratitude items. The daily solutions are so important for me in that I am taking an active role in my growth and in meeting my sobriety commitment.
    What I am grateful for ~
    1. My husband, his love and support for me
    2. My daughters and their families and that they live close by
    3. Our precious new puppy and watching her grow and learn
    4. Our home nestled in the foothills
    5. Being retired and having time to reflect and grow
    6. Financial stability
    7. My health and physical strength and my trainer
    8. My friends
    9. Being able to work out in a great gym
    10. Enjoying TV series such as The Crown.
    11. Amazon, Artists Network TV
    12. Painting
    13. Living in Colorado – the sunshine, the beautiful mountains
    14. My hair
    15. Lisa’s daily phone calls
    16. Our kitchen
    17. Our new lighting
    18. Starbucks and just coffee, in general
    19. The 30 day sobriety solution book
    20. Books/reading
    21. Technology
    22. More time, thanks to sobriety
    23. Quiet time for reflection
    24. Newly found courage to meet my goals
    25. My growth in sobriety

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    Wow, people were right about the spam. Just noticed it for the 1st time on the Day 20 forum.
    That’s too bad. They need to contact their server.
    I’m grateful I have had 20 days of 0 booze. Yay!

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    Lots and lots of spam and posts unrelated to the 30-day Sobriety Solution. I am grateful for this book…very grateful but would love to see this site cleaned up and renewed. Where are Dave and Jack and how do you get in touch with them????

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    Hi Now247 – While I’ve tried reaching out, I have not had any luck with that. I have , however, found there is a continuing community here, working on our sobriety. If you haven’t found it yet, be sure to go to the Site Wide Activity Forum to see all the posts.

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    Thank you myturn75. I have made an attempt to reach the 30 day support staff by sending an email. No luck. Thanks for the update and info.

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