Day 20 – Gratitude List

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    We’d love to see your list of 25 things you are grateful for, so reply to this post – Day 20 – Gratitude List – and add your list to Dave’s and watch the gratitude grow.

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    (In the action step, it is indicated there is a link to here. It actually links to Day 19.)

    I actually had a fairly easy time compiling this list. This phase is the one that really speaks to me and has been more of my breakthrough. I try to live a positive, grateful, happy life, and despite my drinking, I had been working on it and doing … OK. Not great. But these are not new concepts for me to practice, although I am doing MUCH better at practicing them now that I am sober.

    child 1
    child 2
    a special aunt and uncle
    happy memories with my grandparents
    my house!!
    my health and fitness
    my fit family and friends
    technology — makes it so much easier to stay in touch
    I am so grateful that my kids are kind and smart and loving
    spouse’s job
    grateful for the gifts of abundance — I have much more than I need and am grateful to have my basics met AND THEN SOME
    my kids’ school
    our church / faith
    the chance to pamper myself — nails, massage
    wealth (at least in terms of the majority)
    my safe, friendly neighborhood
    genealogy — I have met some awesome people, learned a lot and received many beautiful items

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    daughter one
    daughter two
    my husband
    the frogs I kissed before my husband
    my mom
    my dad
    opportunity to live overseas
    learn new language
    sense of adventure/I can try it spirit
    supportive friends within my business
    old friends from overseas
    newer friends from work
    new kingsize bed
    stepsons,daughter in laws, grandkids
    time/freedom to create
    new adventures in new place
    first cup of coffee in morning
    quiet time in morning
    meaningful chats

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    Wonderful lists- thank you for sharing! It’s inspiring to read what you are both grateful for, as it reminds me of the things in my love to be grateful for.

    (@fitnessfoodandfun- thanks for pointing out the mistake! It has been added to our “errors” list)

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    my house
    relationship with my mom
    essential oils
    massage therapist
    chakra healer
    Rieki healer
    Dr. Dyer
    My degree
    helping hands
    plant based diet

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    My list is very similar to everyone else’s. The top of my list right now is:
    I am grateful I found this book.
    Thank you.

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    I am grateful for
    My 2 sons age 18 and 21
    My x-daughter-in-law, she taught me a lot in a short amount of time
    My relationship with my Mom
    My best friend and husband
    Financial security
    Mountains, oceans
    Snow and skiing
    Lakes and swimming
    Good music
    Massages and pedicures
    My sisters
    My friends
    My home and waking up to sunrises
    My job and employees and successful business
    God’s grace
    22 days of sobriety
    The time I had with my Dad
    My in laws
    My grandparents
    My childhood
    My empathy for others
    Google (I don’t have to remember anything)
    Unconditional love
    I found this book

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    I really had fun making my list! I could have gone on and on past #25. I can see myself going back over the list on one of my “pity-party” days and being up-lifted to a good place.

    Thanks and Peace

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    Today’s topic is ironic as I sit in bed knowing that I have to pull an all nighter monitoring a sub pump draining a flood in our driveway/ garage/ basement. I have to turn the pump on and off all night hourly so it doesnt blow the engine when the waters low and flood us when the waters high. Torrential rains here on Vancouver island and our property is low level waterfront.
    Anyway, I was trying to be positive and started to make my list thinking about when we lived in central British Columbia with the forest fires and I was trying to sleep while on evacuation alert. We were watching the fires closely all night as they grew when the evening winds picked up and the water bombers & choppers pulled out for the night. All we wanted was rain…and here I am…drowning in it.
    So I’m grateful for Mother Nature as wild as she is. I’m not drinking and I’ll be damned if this is going to make me drink.
    I will meditate, read (I have the laws of attraction cards by ester hicks too). I will manifest good and not ask “why” but think about “how”. And I will think of 5 things that I’m grateful for as I walk up and down to the basement every hour to deal with the flood until I can get the professionals in tomorrow. It’s just a test to apply these principles…I’m grateful for the opportunity to do the homework?

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      Great job applying the principles.Please remember you do have friends who would help , as I am grateful for your friendship.

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    Wow, what beautiful perspective. Yes, mother nature is wild and unpredictable. She certainly teaches us to be grateful for what we have. I hope you made it through the torrential rains and are doing well. Great job applying the principles to real life!

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    This has been my favorite day so far! When I finished my list, it was as if a load was off my chest and I could breath again. My list is pretty much the same as everyone else reflecting family-dog, too of course!, friends, nature, spiritual practices. It may sound stupid but one of my people of gratitude is Bruce Springsteen! I can’t imagine life without his music…….
    I’ve always wanted to start a gratitude journal and now I will. I bought a journal recently at Michaels and the cover says, “Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry”. That pretty much sums it up for me!

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    Oh my, I haven’t had the courage to post until now, Day 20, and it was the Bruce Springsteen comment that got me. He’s on my list too!! So uplifting! I don’t believe in coincidences. Thank you to everyone for sharing from your heart during the whole journey, you are all rockstars. I have been so encouraged and inspired by all of your posts. We are all going to make it happen, of this I am sure!

    In Gratitiude, yup gratitude!

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    I have practiced being grateful and journaling for a very long time, so this chapter was so validating. I was very aware of the Oprah connection,her openness about keeping a gratitude journal got me started years ago. I am so grateful that this concept was included in the book, for everyone to be inspired! Day 40 for me and I could repeat the same phrase for the suggested 25 journal entries: I am incredibly grateful for all events that have come before this moment, all in perfect ways, under Grace, to be here and now in this state of sobriety.

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    ending a bad relationship
    my job
    got a glowing review today
    my “new” gym
    running 4 miles
    my spin class
    the sun
    my car
    my therapist
    my brother
    the library
    chilling at a comp now for free
    sober past 20 days
    another day
    my coworkers
    my sense of humor
    green tea
    food i have to eat
    my clothes

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    working close to work
    my little sister forgot two haha

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    Day 20:
    My beautiful, unique and amazing children
    My beloved dog, Honey
    The outdoors, nature
    The Sun
    My home
    My sister
    My job
    My brain
    My health
    Health insurance
    Smart people-who help me stretch and grow
    The USA
    The 30 day Solution book
    Dr. P
    Dr. G
    My mentors
    My work ethic and values
    Morning coffee
    The evolving consciousness

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    Grateful for
    Everyday a new beginning
    Coming closer to my best self
    Anytime that I feel calm and at ease
    My husband and his can do, will do attitude
    Feeling safe
    Getting up again and again and again
    Accepting life as it unfolds
    The opportunities and chances I have been given
    This book and the folks in the forum

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    My list:
    1 Son # 1
    2. Son# 2
    3. Wife
    4. Cooking as an outlet for me
    5. For the things I am knowledgeable about
    6. Music
    7. Books
    8. My Parents
    9. My In-laws
    10. Freedom
    11. My Dog
    12. My ability to still workout
    13 Our home
    13. My ipod
    14. Bike rides
    15. Email
    16. Mornings (usually)
    17. The job that I have (also usually)
    18. My Faith
    19. My brother
    20. My sister
    22. Close friends
    23. Facebook to keep track of people
    24. My kids grade and high school teachers
    25 Resilience
    26. This book and the people on this forum…Thanks!

    As I was making my list, I had difficulty in finding those things that give me great joy and fulfillment. Maybe I am thinking too much about those things that give me abundant gratitude that I am overwhelmed and the loss of the thing would make me sad (except for the loss of people that I love who are listed).

    Or the other thing I was thinking is that is the inability to experience abundant joy and gratitude something I need to be concerned about? Is lacking passion a possible root in my drinking? If this is true, how do I create or find things or develop passion for current thinks that will help me find inner gratefulness?

    Or maybe I am missing the whole point of this activity?

    Committed but conflicted

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      Shoot 100%committ you’re on day 20! How time flies. It seems like only a week ago you were singing the blues about slipping. See how quickly it goes?
      Go to Day 20 of the web site and read the lessons summary all the points but I think “emotional incompatibility ” addresses your question. Sometimes we get caught up doing we forget why, what are we learning.

      Come back ask again if that didn’t help.

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      Hey there. I am re-doing the program, as I had a relapse and felt starting anew would be most beneficial. Today is another day 20 for me, and I wanted to stop by the forum. I was feeling the same as your comment my first time around … as if I was MISSING something that I felt passionate about. When I was sober, I was there. I found the passion that I was missing … the joy in my children, the joy in sobriety, simple pleasures and feeling that I (yes, me) could make a difference in my own life and the lives of others. When I started drinking again, that zest for life soon left me. Thank goodness, it only took me 2 months of trying (and failing!) to drink moderately before I realized I had to try again.

      I’m long-winded (long-typed), but I share my experience to ask you to be patient with yourself. It is my experience that drinking dulled the passion so long that it may take a bit for it to show up. Please be patient with yourself. Keep going. (I know it’s been a bit since you wrote that — maybe you’ve found it by now!)

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    I’ve used gratitude journals off and on for years, and am excited to start up again. Susan’s story on day 19 could have been mine. She felt “hypocritical” and “like a fake” because she seemed to handle life’s challenges flawlessly, when she was actually filling in the emptiness with alcohol. This program has made me excavate the reasons I needed to numb myself to get through a day. Fear seems to be at the heart of it all, and facing it has been life-changing. It is also a lot less scary than I’d thought it would be. It feels wonderful to know that the successful life I’m living on the outside is authentic and true to the one I’m living on the inside. That’s #1 on my gratitude list!

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    I also have similar things on my list, also am grateful to be reminded how powerful and uplifting it is to be grateful. Am also grateful for friends who inspire me, and who love me as I am!

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    I’m grateful I did not drink today. In the past I would have just because it is a Sunday & especially because I had to work from home doing an extremely & lengthy task. I made it. A miracle. I’m grateful I won’t have a hangover tomorrow & that I won’t wake up fat & puffy with red eyes.

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    Day 20 Action Step – Twenty-Five things I am grateful for today…
    1. Freedom
    2. Health
    3. Love
    4. Family and Friends
    5. God’s Wonders of Nature
    6. Possibility
    7. Imagination
    8. Determination
    9. Hope
    10. Spirit
    11. Strength
    12. G-r-a-c-e
    13. Music
    14. Renewal of Spring
    15. A Crisp Green Apple
    16. Sunshine, Clouds, Breeze, and Trees
    17. Community
    18. Forgiveness
    19. Acceptance
    20. Spirituality
    21. Smiles, Laughter, Humor
    22. A beach to walk on.
    23. A mountain to climb.
    24. A bed to rest in.
    25. A clear head to awake in…

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      Fabulous Sobriety Conqueror. Just fabulous…
      Let no post be left behind! Onward, Sina

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    My Day 20 and making my Gratitude list was powerful. I woke up this morning and said 5 of them and it did perk me up!

    Happy to see people active on any of the forums to support one another.

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    My son and everything he represents
    Ma mother, courageous and beautiful
    My girlfriend who loves me and encourages me
    My job, for allowing to live and sustain myself and my family
    My comfortable apartment, the sense of security it provides
    My ex-wife, for who she is, I forgive her
    My dad, my guide, my strength
    Life itself, and the miracle of waking up healthy every day
    The upcoming vacation
    My musical talent which I must nurture
    The inspiring musicians I have been listening for years
    My body
    Tim and yoga with Tim
    My health insurance
    My failures which have taught me a lot
    My education
    The books my dad and mom have written
    My family, maybe not prefect, but who is?
    The good healthy things I eat
    The fact that I do not have a TV
    My conscience of what is good and bad
    The objects in my house which remind me of where I am from
    Mes paintings
    The sun, summertime and the sea/ocean which are always with me
    My sobriety
    My freedom

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    I am also grateful that I took a chance by listening to the Tommy Rosen webinar which exposed me to this book. It has made a huge difference in my life. Day 23 and going strong! Fatigued but strong.

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    Hi relaunching I wouldn’t say that. It is about learning to stay sober. About why you drink. Along the way you pick up skills that will help you in future. I’d say once you’ve made 30 days you’ll have clarity of thought and time to work on exercises that will help youmove toward your purpose, your passion. Those are huge topics and a lot of different approaches. If you don’t see what you want from the resources here or in book pop a question and I’ll point you. You’re almost done aren’t you?

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