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    It seems like there is supposed to be a bonus solution… am I just missing it? I haven’t been able to find any of them so far?

    Also, I thought there was reference to some FAQs. Can you please direct me to those?

    The content of the (audio)book is wonderful!

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    I just watched the video posted for today. I really needed this today and definitely am feeling inspired by the story. It is amazing how he ran that far in those shoes. I ran 13.1 miles and had blisters on my feet towards the end but it is a good reminder to incorporate the solutions every day. It’s human nature to have fear and defeat but to move forward you just have to do it!! I started my sobriety on 1/11/16 and prior I never would’ve thought I would be able to accomplish things that I’ve already done in the past 32 days! There’s a new me and I love it! Thank you so much for this program!

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    im on 21st day yayyyyyy:)

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      Me too -day 21! Loved loved loved Cliff’s story!

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    I am on my 39th day sober and couldn’t be happier. Cliff’s story inspires just as so many stories from the book. I don’t think I have gone 39 days without a drink since perhaps 1989 when I was in bootcamp. I am passionate about everyday and what it has to offer. I am remembering my sleep dreams once again and visualize with gratitude every morning. When I get bored I grab my kids and run outside to play or jump on the bike. I avoid the old pubs and restaurants that triggered me and with each passing day I am more and more confident. When I started I intended to stay sober for 30 days then gradually return to moderation. However, I actually enjoy my complete sobriety. I never thought I would feel this way again. I’m truly blessed to have found the book.

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    So where exactly can I find “The Frequently asked Sobriety Questions Solution”?

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    I’ve read the Zendesk response to the question Fitnessfoodandfun has posted and I am rather discouraged that this wonderful program has not made it a priority to follow through on updating the posts as promised.

    Surely if it is the authors’ intent and commitment to making it happen then it would have been done by now. No more excuses on delays. We your clients deserve better.

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      I’m happily on Day 21, and it truly feels wonderful, however, I really want to read the FAQ’s. How do I access them?

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    Where are the FAQs.

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    It’s Day 21. This program is phenomenal and works well with the concepts on the path to awakening/consciousness. I’ve done every chapter, every assignment, every day, and I feel wonderful. While I wasn’t alcohol dependent, conscious thinking had me look at everything in my life and that included drinking. In the past, I’ve associated drinking with celebrating or relaxing. After a back injury when in pain, my former husband would tell me, “Have a shot of vodka”. During our divorce, I’d have a drink to numb emotional pain. Neither of the last two reasons for drinking sat well with me. As the days have turned into weeks, I’m not associating alcohol as a part of my life. While I’m not alcohol dependent and have gone a week without drinking before, knowing it takes 30 days to rewire the brain made me revisit the issue. So many people do not drink today as the list of teetotalers shows us. My friends wouldn’t care if I drank or not and I’m comfortable saying, “I’m not drinking.” For those I don’t know well, saying I gave up alcohol for lent works well. It’s my nature to encourage others so today is as good of day as any other to share my journey and encourage you to stay the course and thrive in sobriety!

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    I am on Day 21 and am loving this program. I see from previous posts from 2016, that people can’t find the Frequently Asked Sobriety Questions Solution. It is now 2019…and I still can’t find it. I did a search on your website. Am I missing it? Please direct me. Other than this glitch, I have been completely happy and grateful for this program. I am diving in 100% committed, doing deep work. I am also going through a painful, emotional situation right now, so coming back to my affirmation, visualization and the “attitude of gratitude” is a life saver. As well as identifying my Negative Thinking traps, which I’m sorry to admit..I have almost ALL of them. Just this awareness is helping me immensly. Thank you!!

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      I am on day 21 as well in 2019.
      What a wonderful program.
      I have been finding Friday nights especially difficult and have been coming to the book and website to help me.
      Good to know there is someone else out there doing this in 2019. It helps to know I am not alone.
      Stay strong!

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    I am grateful for being organized even better than the AUTHORS themselves sometimes!

    I do and ready to do everything even this missing bonus solution!

    It is so because we are all here asking that question possess outstanding, extraordinary organization skills!

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    This is hilarious. I can’t find the bonus questions/answers either. I’m so eager to save the thousands of dollars getting the answers. More eager to uncover hidden gems that can assist me thriving in sobriety. Oh well I’ll just go have a drink. Just kidding. Maybe this is the answer. Nothing. Just don’t give up and keep working the daily solutions. 🤣 This program has been truly life changing. Dave and Jack should receive a Nobel Peace Prize for this book. And I’m happy to know there are others out there…this year in fact benefitting from this program.

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    Grateful for the less work today since there is no bonus solution haha. Enjoyed reading the hope in the earlier posts. Good job everyone!

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    Has anyone found the bonus solution links? I keep trying to find them, then read that other people are having the same difficulties with finding the links; and see (2016) replies from Keymasters stating the Beta launch will solve this – but there seems to be no resolution yet. Am I missing a link?

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      No, no solutions or exercises. That’s kind of a bummer, but…this thing works! 21 days+ and going strong! Keep it up all!

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        I’m glad to hear of your success!!!

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