Day 21 I'm still here!

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    After numerous stops and starts I’m still here. I’ve started and stoped this several times never making it more and a few days. This time it was as if something just “clicked” I have absolutely made 100% commitment. I’ve done this before when I quit smoking 19 years ago. It was new years eave 2000. Y2K. Again something just clicked in me and I said I will never smoke again. This time I said I will never drink irreesponsibly again. I have not had any desire to drink except for one evening in the beginning. For me I believe it is 100% in decision..No going back no giving up no changing my mind. I’m all the way in. Working through each days soultion each morning when I wake has given me a positive start to my day. Without question it has been the key to keep me on track. Thank you…See you in 9 days!

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    Congratulations to you ‘liveinlove’. Mostly on your perseverance of coming back and re attempting. My goal of sobriety has not been straight line, nor has it been a short line.
    I am on Day 21 of my 5th attempt to live sober.
    I started in July 2018 (10 mos ago) At that time I had been drinking excessively for over 50 years. Yes, 50. I must have good genetics and a lot of luck riding on my life.

    Doing this 30 Day Plan is both a pleasure and a difficult exercise of going into myself and feeling the pain, suffering my habits have caused both me and others. I could have died several times from accidents and near accidents. So seeing that I need to heal the wounds of childhood, college days, marital life, and learning that I am not the lonely bastard I used to write about. I am not the only imperfect person. I can now forgive me, others, and parents for not giving me what I thought I inherently deserved.
    Best wishes to you and all others fortunate enough to have found and started this wonderfilled program.

    Thanks to Dave and Jack, too.

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    Hi David and liveinlove. Congratulations on your continuing Sobriety. Keep posting! 100% is what turned the key for me liveinlove. And David, awesome on 21 days. If you falter just keep going. You can be “22 days minus 1” Each success moves you forward as you know it’s not a straight line! You aren’t the exact same person as you were yesterday. Change is the name of the game!
    Onward! Sina

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    I’m on Day 21 too! I agree with liveinlove, going in 100% committed to sobriety on Day 1 was probably the number one factor on my making it to 21 days sober (and I have been to a bar for a fundraiser, dinner out and a family BBQ at the house – all major triggers in the past.) And the daily solutions and action steps have opened my eyes to a better way to live my life…without alcohol. Still a bit nervous about Day 31. On one hand I am open to be a very, very moderate social drinker. On the other hand I think “Why? What value does that add to my life?” I guess I will cross the bridge when I get to it.

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    So great to read these posts. I see a bit of myself in all the posts. Congratulations on Day 21! I can’t wait till I can share my 21st day. Reading your posts really help me feel strong on this, my very first day. Thanks for the help!

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    Day 21 in the bag! I am so grateful for this community, and to Dave and Jack for starting this. I know I am going to make it to the 30th day, and I believe I’m learning that I will never need to drink poison again. Not even to test the theory. I realize now how I’ve bought in to all the marketing since my childhood about booze, and the so call benefits of. Wow what and eye opener the noodling on the internet has brought me about this topic. Anyway, if anyone see this, it would be great to know you are still out there.

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