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    Share your meditation ideas and resources. Since each of us practices meditation in a different way, share your favorite technique and/or resources in today’s forum thread Day 24 Forum – Meditation. You might be surprised by all the meditation possibilities. Find one that works for you and be sure to share yours!

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    I had been using Andy Puddicombe’s meditation app, Headspace, for some time off and on before starting The 30 Day Solution. Since Day 1 I have meditated every morning using this great app and I feel it has been an awesome adjunct to the program. I like the quiet of the early morning for this before I begin my routine of getting ready for work. The app is free as are first two weeks (after that there is a monthly fee.) One of the times that I read my Affirmation is just as my 20 minutes of meditation come to an end.

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    What’s the app called?

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      People often resist meditation because they consider it a Buddhist practice. It is, but Jesus meditated and it is used by atheists as well!
      Meditation resources and tips:

      Meditation for Dummies–comes with a CD of short meditations
      CDs by Jon Kabat Zinn His voice grates on some people.
      CDs by Jack Kornfield
      Google Free Meditation There are lots.
      iTunes has Meditations you can download.
      Pandora has meditation channels with meditations and meditative music.
      You might be able to borrow the CDs from a public library.

      A word about music. I created 30 minute meditation playlists with a guided meditation followed by music to fill in the 30 minutes. The problem I created was using music I knew too well and I found it distracting waiting for one song to end and the next to start. So if I were to use music I’d use either an app and only meditate to music and not use a guided meditation. There are whole CDs with music to meditate by (yoga CDs work as well).

      I also use headspace occasionally though I find myself going back to Jack Kornfield and meditations I downloaded from Geshe Kelsang Gyasto.

      Last tip: If you choose a guided meditation, stick with one for a month or longer. One I like is Loving/Kindness. It is a techinque I use in stressful stitutions or if I just want to send good thoughts to others-strangers as well as people I know. Also visualization works well as a meditation-such as visualizing breathing out negativity in your life (illness, thoughts, feelings, etc) as black smoke and breathing in white (or another color) light of positive energy. You can also combine them!

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        The Geshe Kelsang Gyasto meditations can be found on the CD Meditations for Relaxation.

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    I meditate in the morning and use a mantra that I need for the day. I repeat the mantra on the in breath and our breath. Setting a timer helps me focus on the meditation rather than worrying about time.

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    I find meditating difficult, but I keep at it, as I know how helpful it is. I can usually do only 5 min max due to my anxiety/thought ping pong.

    An app my counselor recommended(free) stop breathe think, lets you pick the emotions you are feeling and it will tailor a meditation to those emotions.

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    I’m with you searching4anew. The pervasive thought which kept coming through during that guided meditation was “when will this end”. I just focused on breathing and got through it. I also used “I am doing well at this” to block the thoughts of turning it off. This will take a bit of practice for me.

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    I have been 51 days sober now since starting the program and just completed Day 24, The Mediation Solution. Although I am a bit behind on the expected schedule I have, by no means, “slacked” or intentionally fallen behind. Kids… life’s demands… and work schedules sometimes make things take longer than planned, but I believe by never giving up and staying committed I will accomplish my 30-Day goals (but perhaps in 60 or more 🙂 ).

    The Meditation Solution came to me at a very interesting time. I have been very strong with respect to not drinking, but I have done so mostly by removing nearly all the triggers. However, this past weekend was difficult as it was the Memorial Day 3-day weekend here in the US and there were many outdoor social events. I ran into several friends with whom drinking was common. Although I did well around them this weekend the thought constantly re-emerged in my mind as to if and when I will drink with them again. It has been bothering me more than at any time prior during the 30-Day journey.

    The Mediation Solution has helped to calm the anxiety I am feeling inside with respect to the above. Today I tried 16 minutes. The first six minutes I focused on the 4-7-8 breathing technique followed by my visualizations, quality questions and gratitudes. Then I went into 8-10 minutes of mediation. It was not easy to stay focused on nothing :-), but I felt good and I will try it again tomorrow. The mediation helped me create a new quality question around thriving in sobriety when I am around my friends. I will now work on developing this quality question more and more over the coming days.

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    I can highly recommed Insight Timer app. It is free & has hundreds of quality guided meditations as well as ability to set own times/interval bells/background music, groups, friends etc.

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    I like the insight timer too. If you know you’ve only got 20 mins, you can still get in a short mediation. With or without chimes every X number of mins so you can sit without anxiety and focus on your breathing and be present.

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      you may want to delete your last post. it looks like an accident. God bless you on your journey. Stay strong. you’re doing great.

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    I am happy to be on Day 24 of abstinence and homework. The temptatins have been very few and far between and only on day 6 and day 11 really.

    I also enjoy the meditations from Geshe Kelsang Gyasto

    and also there are free meditations from Deepak Chopra on Amazon Music app (if you are a subsciber to Amazon Prime).

    Just do a search on Amazon music app for “meditation” and you will see a huge selection of free meditations to choose from

    If you like Geshe Kelsang Gyatso I would check if there is a local center in your city that you can go to for the free meditation classes

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    Mindfulness-finding peace in a frantic world offers great guided meditations. Some of them are on YouTube. To combine slow affirmations and gratitude with meditation is incredibly powerful

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    I’ve downloaded 2, 5 and 10 minute meditations to my phone to use whenever the time space affords. I find it very beneficial at 4am when my mind is going round and round but my body needs more rest. If I quiet my mind with the meditations I can now fall back to sleep till the alarm rings. I’m still not great with the do it yourself, quiet the mind kind of being within my own head, but I really like many guided meditations. Only one week to go, a bit of trepidation surrounding this. I will meditate on it. 🙂

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    Sometimes I find yoga poses are an ideal addition to meditation. Focusing on breathing. I am by no means adept at yoga being not very flexible but it just gets it all into the now which sums up what mediatation tries to achieve for you. The number one thing to remember is that it is not a competition.

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    Feeling very relaxed after this meditation. I really liked the suggestion to meditate as soon as you get home from work. This used to be a big trigger for me. I do meditate in the morning, and during my breaks, but really like the structure of doing it immediately upon coming home from work.

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    Thanks for the great program!

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