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    Tiny Healthy Habit: Share one of your weekly tiny habits that you have made or are planning to make in your diet to become healthier in today’s forum – Day 25 Forum – Tiny Healthy Habit. Be sure to tell others how you made your new tiny healthy habit stick and how you are feeling now that you have made the change.

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    Where is the list of top recovery foods, key nutrients…,etc., list of food to promote good moods,…,etc. And list books, experts, and resources on diet, nutrition. ..,etc.? Also, why is the New You video repeatedly included in the action steps, a not a relevant video to the topic of the day? Is this a default video until you have new videos complete and loaded?

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    Hi @myyed2016,

    Thank you for your questions. We are currently in beta-launch which means we don’t have all of the information uploaded into the website. Please be assured, you have all of the information you need in order to be successful in this program. The bonus content is simply a bonus. We hope to be out of beta-launch in the next couple of weeks. And you’re correct about the New You video, it is the default video until everything is complete. Thank you for your patience as we complete the site!

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      I am still looking for the bonus content each day. Is there any update on this ?

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    There are a couple of healthy changes that I began to implement daily since Day 1 of this program. First, since alcohol was always the trigger for my smoking, I have not smoked at all. I have been on the 7mg (the lowest dose) nicotine patch this whole time and I will use my last patch this Saturday, so that will be the end of that. Second, it was customary for me to have two cups of coffee at the house before work and then to have 2-3 more cups after getting to work. I’m not sure why, but I decided on Day 1 to limit my coffee to only the 2 cups before work. I have maintained this for 25 days now. You have to know how much sugar I take in my coffee to realize how incrementally significant this is. I have probably reduced my sugar intake by 9-10 teaspoons by doing this alone. Also, I am no longer using sugar in my 2 cups that I have at home, replacing it with Splenda and moving to Truvia. I have been pretty consistent with regularly eating more fruits and I plan to continue to find small changes I can make each week.

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    I’ve heard about and tried drinking more water daily. I’ve also read that one of the more significant things you can do for your health is to get plenty of sleep. Drink too much water, however, will result in numerous trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, which is counterproductive to getting sufficient sleep. Rather than subjecting myself to a 2-ounce-per-pound regimen, I let my body tell me when I’m drinking enough water simply by looking at the color of my urine. If it’s almost clear, then I’m sufficiently hydrated.

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    Those are some great changes you all have been making to your diet- thank you both for sharing.

    @jeffinbama- it’s really wonderful to hear how many positive changes you’ve been making. Congratulations!

    @chaz1023- listening to your body is key. A different amount of water will work best for each person, so keeping an eye on the color of your urine is a great technique.

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    Healthy tip for me is no sugar, and now that wine is out of the equation there goes lots & lots of empty calories and lots of sugar! I have lost 8 pounds since removing alcohol from my life.

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    I have routinely brought a Clif bar to work for my late morning slump. However, this morning I looked at the label and saw that it contains 20 g of sugar, which translates to 5 tsp. in the one bar!!! My entire stash is going into the faculty room at school today. I have some yellow lentil hummus that I will have instead. Now to scare up some raw veggies to scoop it with…

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    I, too, am very frustrated by the slowness in getting the videos and other info posted. I really look forward to them when I am reading the chapters and, when they are not there, it is a real let down. I don’t recall any other business operating for weeks and weeks without a functional website. If someone asked me if they should take this program, I would tell them to wait for a few months. Very disappointing. (I know that the website is not NECESSARY. But, when you set expectations in the book and don’t deliver, it is worse than not offering the extra material at all!)

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      I agree! Disappointing

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      I have to agree. Especially when you’ve committed to the program and then it feels like the website hasn’t delivered what it said it would to help you. Overall great program, but disappointing to read threads back in February that they hope to have it up in a couple weeks and here we are in August with no change.

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    Day 25. 4lbs fat lost and 1.5lbs of weight-all by not drinking. Now that 25 days have passed, my sugar cravings are better and if they do occur-quickly satisfied by a square of dark chocolate. I notice I’m using less salt, and my blood pressure has returned to normal. I feel healthier-I never knew how much alcohol was ruining my health.

    Mina, I politely disagree. I am grateful for whatever the content included. I had tried other programs without success. The fact that I can read(visual) listen, and navigate the website(tactile) appeals to all learning styles and has kept me sober for 25 days. I know it’s frustrating to not have everything here, but I am focusing on what IS here-which is some damn good stuff.

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      Agreed! Thanks for focusing on the positive. Focusing on what is not here just brings everyone down. The book and the website have made it possible for me to be sober for 25 days…..nothing else I have tried for years has done that……I’m grateful for these resources.

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    I am so happy with my results and this whole program. I am excited to view the video’s that haven’t been loaded yet, and wonder if we can access them on this site down the road. I’ve jotted them down, and plan on going back and viewing them at a later time. It will give me something to look forward too. In the meantime, this book, and website are fantastic. I’m almost 30 days with no drinking, and am super excited to have read, that our bodies can heal. How wonderful is that???

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    Hi! I have beem very happy with the very engaging and relevant material in the book too! It is just loaded with great ideas and sdvice. I started back at a running club a month before starting this so that is a health change I plan to keep. I did have some wine 2 nights ago and read a post from Chelsea to someone else who drank saying not to get to upset over it and just continue on and no need to start over! I was so glad to hear that and to be able to offer myself some grace. So I continue on committed to these changes. This program is just what I needed at the right time in my life, like the saying, when the student is ready the teacher appears. goldengirl

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    Does anyone know if I can count seltzer (San Pellegrino, Perrier etc…) as daily water intake?

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    I buy club soda, no salt added and with natural hint of fruit flavour in it. As long as there is no added salt and sugar and artificial flavours I think your good. Thank what I now love.

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    To Calise: sparkling, carbonated, fizzy water do count towards hydration, as do a lot of other things including tea and coffee.

    I cut sugary pop/soda out of my diet a long time ago and started drinking Perrier Water, then I realized club soda was basically the same thing but cheaper. Two years ago I got a Soda Stream machine and it’s great because I don’t have to lug bottles around, just exchange the CO2 cylinders once in a while.

    My tip for tracking calories and exercise is a great app called My Fitness Pal, which is free. You can scan bar codes for just about any item and users can add foods so the database is constantly growing. It even connects to your FitBit if you have one.

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    I’m frustrated because I can’t find the bonus content!
    Other than that, I’m thrilled with this program.

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    Good grief! Accentuate the positive! For less than $40 and only 30 days to thrive, you’d think most people wouldn’t be so negative about a little missing bonus content.

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    I am sure we are all old enough to know how to eat healthy. sky well stated!

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    Check on you-tube

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    Hello! I’ve been working away each day for 25 days now on thriving in sobriety, and it’s better than I could have imagined. I read each day and look forward to completing each Day’s exercises. I also check out the website for the bonus content and the message boards. Whatever it is that can help, I want to know about it. Probably like you, I notice that there aren’t many posts lately which can feel like everyone is gone. And so I thought I’d write something today to say that I’m still here and I’m glad that you are too!

    What an incredible journey this has been. I love how each Day builds on the success and the accomplishments we’ve achieved. How perfect to remind us today that we need to attend to taking better care of our bodies and our overall health. I’ve been drinking lots of water since I stopped drinking alcohol (gotta replace that wine with something!), and the feeling I get is one of cleansing myself from the inside. It’s like I’m flushing my system with a new sense of clarity.

    I can hardly believe that there are only five days left! I ran a 5k yesterday, and this feels like the last mile of the race. It’s that in between place where you’ve busted your ass to get to where you are, and hopefully saved some for the end, but it’s not quite time yet to drop the hammer and push for the finish. It’s the maintain and keep the pace place, because in a very short time, the finish line will appear. Keep going and don’t stop! Hang in there and be proud. We made it this far and there is no doubt in my mind that we will succeed!

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    The best tiny, healthy habit has been provided by the program which is reprogramming the desire to pour a glass of wine after work. I have done my daily reading and exercises at that time so the old habit is pretty well extinguished. I plan to move forward with “healthy” hour in which I will either do some sort of exercise or reading/ writing on something positive and growth enhancing.

    I have also gotten back to my morning green smoothie or green juice which ensures that I have front loaded my day with the healthiest of stuff. It sets the tone for the rest of the day.

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    Agree that the bonus content is lacking on some pages and is frustrating when it is important to complete the course. It’s taking a long time to update this, would love some feedback on when this is going to be done 🙂 Tiny Healthy Habit for this week is to be aware of my water intake. I commit to drinking 2 litres of water a day and to be more aware of this.

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    When I was a drinker, I had no desire to actually eat sweets. However, now that I no longer consume alcohol, I find myself craving unhealthy sweets (such as candy bars, cookies, etc.) Instead of continuing to give in to those temptations, I have not switched to unsweetened vanilla almond milk which I have with a bowl of naturally sweetened kashi cereal at night as my dessert.

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    I only paid $12 for the book on Amazon so I cant complain too much about the missing online content. I imagine that the online content will probably be removed in the future or they will charge a fee for it so we should be grateful we have access to it at all.

    Feeling “frustrated” is a negative emotion anyway. Its not going to change anything so dont make yourself suffer over the missing online content.

    THis is a good opportunity to practice the “emotional intelligence” solution and to notice negative emotions and “let them go”.

    Maybe the online content missing was on purpose in order to give us an opportunity to practice the Sedona method and to erase the negative emotions and feelings.

    I see that Jack Canfield wrote a book on Sedona Method and it can be had on Amazon for $4 used so I ordered it. Just imagine if I could “erase” negative emotions when they came up like a teacher erases a green chalkboard. Imagine how much better life would be

    Heres to 25 days sober! 30DSS works. First time, no slips. No excuses

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    Right with you fc321!!!! November 18 and I am also on 25 Days! Most sober days I’ve had in almost 30 years! My Tiny Habits are Pomegranate Juice and Water and Ginger/Lemon/Honey Teas. Really helps my cravings.

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      25 days awesome!! You are almost at the home stretch. This program really works!

      56 days sober, 336 beers not drank, $672 saved on beer and cigarettes.

      I quit drinking, quit smoking and went from 128 lbs to 148lbs today. Thats from staying sober and going to the gym and watching my diet plan.

      I was severly underweight when I began at 5′ 10″ male. The best progress about 30DSS is how you can also meet your weight loss or weigh gain goals. Its one of the true gifts of abstinence.

      Cant wait until summer so I can show off this “beach body” by the swimming pool =) By then I will have met my goal

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    Thanks for the suggestion of the book The Sedona Method. I hope to incorporate walks then some jogging with the extra time and energy. I hope that being clearer and I can make better goals and plans for my career, trip planning, eating better, abd getting in better shape.

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    Ok, so today I’ll begin to really incorporate lots of water into my day. In fact, I’ll go get some right now. Best Wishes

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    I started drinking more water about a week before I started the book. I am now on Day 28, and while I still hate water, I drink it. I loathe plain water so I steep herbal teabags in it. In the beginning I had some leftover cranberry juice from my daily Cape Codders, more vodka than juice (of course) :), so ran out of that first. I put the juice in the water to finish it up.
    Now when I get out of bed, I come up to my office and turn on my playlist and start walking in place while reading my daily chapter. Once I have finished the book, I will have time to do workouts instead of reading. I don’t workout after work because I get home at 5 in the morning since I work overnight.

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      Sounds like your plan is working @empress ! I don’t like drinking plain water either. What I enjoy is making a Spritzer with sparkling mineral water and cranberry juice…vitamin C delivery system plus a great pick me up with no evil alcohol!

      Onward, Sina

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    Today I started drinking more water. Also I will begin cutting back on sugar slowly over the next two weeks.
    I have maintained a healthy diet otherwise. I don’t eat very much fat. My sugar intake has increased while on this program , so cutting back and eliminating sugar is my next big plan.
    Bye for now

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    Hello, does anyone know if the top recovery foods, key nutrients, list of food to promote good moods, etc. have been loaded? I can’t seem to find it anywhere within the online program or day 25. Are these resources only available in the printed version? Yes, although the program is very helpful, I continue to struggle with cravings, etc. It would sure be nice if I could find the lists to help curb these cravings and improve my mood.

    Thank you!

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    Hi, I just finished reading Day 25 and was instructed to go to the website to locate this list. Unfortunately it looks like a lot of bonus content for the end of the program is missing. 🙁
    But congrats for reaching Day 25! (As a side note, a healthy protein shake with frozen berries does seem to help provide a “sugar fix!”)

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    Wow Day 25- cannot believe I made it. i have been exercising like a maniac since the beginning to release energy and stress, it helps the hyperactivity. Eliminating wheat today because I think I have an allergy my eyes swell at night and are very dry. A little on edge today but pulled through.

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    17 day Diet started with 30 day sobriety

    low glycemic starch once every other day or 2 days (e.g. yam with low fat sour cream and bacon bits)

    vegetables – cabbage, Brussel sprout, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus

    soups – left overs from duck, turkey or chickens also vegetarian – lentils, minestrone, ratatouille, vegetarian or poultry chili

    low pasta, potatoes, corn

    non-alcoholic beer – Grolsch or Clausthaler (tasty and not addictive)

    no fruit after ~2 PM

    1 handful of nuts per day, occasional slice of cheddar cheese

    omelettes with vegetables and tomatoes (sometimes with ham)

    fish any kind with or without salad – tuna, salmon, trout, cod, snapper, sole

    breakfast – frozen soup, chili or skim milk yoghurt with frozen wild organic blackberries, unsprayed blueberries or strawberries

    lots of green tea to help sober liver metabolize fat

    salad anytime

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    When I went for the 30 I also started a program offered by my union, Nutrinic. Pretty easy, you can eat as much as you want you just have to cut out a few key things. Some of you will find this challenging but I said I could do anything for 30 days, and I have not had any cravings for alcohol, not one! So no Meat, Dairy, eggs (which is meat), fried, white (whole grains only), no juice (whole fruit only), no dried (fresh fruit only), sensibly limit salt, sugar and oil. It leaves plenty to eat, oatmeal/cereal in the am with so many not cow alternatives, and carb up to reduce cravings, beans/brown rice, all the veggies, so many sauces and herbs and spices, so many ways to eat this way. I’m not hungry, I’m not craving wine/alcohol, and in 25 days my Dr. has taken me off one of my blood pressure medicines, and I don’t need to go on insulin because my fasting blood sugars dropped from over 200 every morning to under 150. Yeah me! all this in only the first 25 days of the rest of my life. I’m pretty sure abstaining from the wine had something to do with it, but the cravings for alcohol were nil on this diet. I still am craving sugar but the cheese craving has subsided. Amazingly, meat I don’t miss. Maybe not for everyone but I thought I’d share as I just saw the Doc and she was impressed.

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      Hi Pegacornj. Your diet is right on! So inspiring to read about your success. I have essentially been eating this way but not always 100%. Succumbed to ice cream, chocolate, hot chocolate, cookies, and pie….and sodas to deal with my sugar issues and to allow for my sobriety. This week I will add in more pure water…..I am also back on 14-16 hour intermittent fasting. No eating after 7pm.

      Next week will cut down on the sugar, white flour.

      After that…will cut down on processed food.

      After that….will cut down on oils.

      After that….will start on daily salad, followed by hot vegetables/bean soups….with fruit only

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        I did some cheating with sugar as well but not too badly. Had to have Dark chocolate with my berries and nuts. Can’t have soda anymore as it keeps me awake without the added knock out drug. I love sparkling water with a splash of the pure juice of lemon, lime, cherry, watermelon, etc..
        As a recovering ice cream addict, I had some nights of comfort, still sugar but they now make some pretty good non-cow alternatives (Safeway Open Nature Almond milk Butter Pecan). I always put everything in ramekins and never take the pint/bag/box to the tv with me. The worst was when snickers, skittles, and starburst came out with spicy flavors. I had a hard time with those, especially with a 50% off sticker. I think the next 30 I will try the no sugar. They said in the book that most people, after only a week, stop craving it. I hope that now that my body is healthier I will stop that craving too.
        Also I find that if I have some Yogi tea the natural sweetness and warm comfort while sip sip sipping is a great practice for me. Yogi tea comes in lots of flavors the original is great as is the Tahitian vanilla and I love the St. John’s Wort (two weeks of that and I was out of my blue phase). Happy 25th Day everyone!

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      Hi, day 1 here and just read your post. I too want to clean up my eating and know what to do but have a hard time getting on track. I am learning that challenges help me stay accountable. I am going to look into Nutrinic. Thanks! How are you doing today?

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        Nutrinic is easy. Eat what you want of everything except No White, fried, Dried, or Juice, and No Meat, Dairy or Eggs. Limit fat salt and sugar.

        I can’t eat all of what they recommend you eat in a day, it’s too much food. 🙂 It did make me feel a lot less guilty about carbing up when I felt a craving coming on. I ate and didn’t have a serious craving the whole time. And to top it off my blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugars all went down.

        To be specific they recommend, Daily:
        Legumes: Beans, peas, lentils, soy, etc. 1/2 C, 3 or more servings (with processed meat replacements being only 0-2 of those servings)
        Fruit and Veggies: All F&V including starchy, 1/2 C cooked or 1 C raw, 10 or more servings with 3 or more being leafy green (including broccoli) and at least one or more being berries. (high fat plants like avocados limit to 1/3 avo 0-2 servings)
        Whole Grains: Brown rice, oats, quinoa etc. 1/2 C cooked, 4-6 servings (with flour based whole grain ie. whole wheat bread or whole wheat tortillas only 0-3 of those servings)
        Nuts: 1/4 C or 1oz. 1-2 Servings
        Seeds: Chia, flax, hemp etc. 1-2 TBLS
        Plant milks: 1 C 0-2 servings
        Herbs and Spices: Unlimited (Add Flavor!)
        Veggie oils: 1tsp 0-2 servings
        Added Sugar & Salt: limit

        The program offers support and meal plans and links to recipes, but if it were not offered to me for free (through my Union of all places) I couldn’t have gotten that. It wasn’t more than you can look up online on any veggie centered site, and the coaching was just phone calls answering questions you probably already know. It was like this book, take the knowledge, do the work, and do it all from you in your own home at your own pace. Little by little I formed new habits of quick convenient ways to cook good satisfying meals, and now I am able to call myself mostly plant based. And a whole lot healthier. If that’s not Thriving, I don’t know what is. 🙂 Day 26 (x2) here and Doing well!

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    Hi pegacornj … Love your post. Look at what food and drink does to our body chemistry. Just amazing. We CAN eat. We CAN drink … but, what we eat and drink is powerful. When I was younger I had no idea how powerful our body chemistry is. Now I do.
    I’m beginning my fifth 30-day commitment. Today is day 2. I love being in a 30-day commitment. It works for me. It keeps me on track. It’s not daunting. I can do it.
    And, just like Jack Canfield said in one of his videos, we find out afterwards, if we take a drink, that we just don’t feel well from it. When I was drinking daily, I really didn’t notice how unwell I felt. I don’t like feeling unwell!

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    This is hilarious. I was just sitting down at my favorite coffee shop drinking a black cup of Italian roast with a Paleo bowl full of delicious things like kale, roasted chicken, tomatoes avocado tahini dressing. Enter…this chapter. Sometimes I feel like a failure because this is my third time through the book. Third time!!! I wish I’d just “get it” you know…but as I ate this food and read this chapter I realized…it’s in me. I am succeeding. Today’s choices were “effortless” for me. I didn’t even remember this was what day 25 was all about. Maybe 3rd time is a charm. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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    I truly hope the third time is the charm for you. Best of luck to you this program is awesome today is day 29 for me and I can’t believe I made it this far. I have felt so many things and really gotten to the route causes of why I drink I plan on keep doing the exercises I have so much more to learn about myself. I thank God I found this solution

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    Following this thread because I’ve been finding motivation to work on stuff, and I find that it’s easier to avoid procrastinating when both your mind and body are healthy. Thank you for sharing your experiences so far! As a graduating university student, I need all the college hacks I can get!

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    Where are the day 25 videos mentioned in the book, or the list of foods to eat and avoid?

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