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    Reply to this thread – Day 26 Forum –New Activities – and add to the list of 101 new Activities for Your New Life of Thriving in Sobriety. Help us improve our list by adding your favorite new activities. What are we missing? We’d love to hear from you, and so would others in your community.

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    Since beginning the program, I have set aside an hour each morning to read that day’s Solution, to journal, and to meditate. I am already thinking ahead as to what I can do with the time I will have not reading after Day 30. I plan to start reading The Body Fat Solution.

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      Hi @jeffinbama – did you ever read the Body Fat Solution? Is it good? Did it work? Thanks.

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    Similar to jeffinbama; for the last 26 days, I had created a very educational, fulfilling and peaceful habit of reading a chapter of ” The 30 Day Sobriety Solution” each day. Prior to this time, my morning ritual was spent trying to wake up, drinking a pot of coffee and asking myself; “How will I get through the day?” Nearing the end of the program, I plan to fill this time by reading Jack’s book, “The Success Principals”. This time, I plan to read it while sober, act on the suggestions and hopefully achieve results as I did with “The 30 Day Sobriety Solution”.
    Thank you.

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    Stand up paddle boarding is a great release for me, gets me into nature, provides exercise, meet new people and something about gliding along the water particularly at sunrise or sunset can be quite spiritual

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    One of my favourite activities over the last couple of years that’s been absolutely fabulous, has been to get to know areas and parks in my ‘home-town’ that I’ve never been. Last summer I would get up every Saturday and/or Sunday morning (early!) and head out on my bike. I’d bring a little thermos of something hot to drink and pick up a muffin from my favourite bakery on the way.

    Each day was an amazing adventure, and I discovered such beautiful and sacred places to return to…places I would never have discovered if it were not for my curiousity. At the end of last summer, I did a collection of photos and in the winter months, I love getting to flip through them and ‘travel’ back to these secret and sacred places. When I showed the photos to a friend of mine, she told me I’d be the coolest tourist guide for our city. And yeah, it is great being a tourist in your home-town. And I can’t wait to see where my adventures take me to, as spring has just sprung here in Winnipeg.

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    Wonderful ideas, thank you for sharing. I too love getting out into nature and enjoying places I would have never ventured to in the past. I hope you enjoy your start to spring and the adventures it is sure to bring!

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    Ride a horse in nature (on a beach, in the woods, on a volcano in Iceland…), color in a coloring book with a child, close your eyes for 5 minutes a day and just listen (take note of different birds and other animal sounds, the ticking of the heater, cars driving by, distant noises, etc.).

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    I enjoyed doing the list of activities. Some things I added that weren’t on the list are:
    – take the grand kids white water rafting
    – plan a trip to take the grand kids snorkeling in the Caribbean
    – have an alchohol-free party with a drum circle and dancing
    – start a support group at women’s prison
    – buy a hammock and put it outside by the kids swing set
    – take the grand kids horse back riding
    – plan 3 camping trips for this year
    It’s almost as much fun planning these activities as it will be to do them! Thanks for all the great ideas.

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    Thank you to all of you for some great ideas! I would love to (and I will ) try paddle boarding! I love the idea of starting a support group for women in prison!And now that I have more time I WILL slow down and enjoy the most spectacular FREE gift in entertainment…NATURE!
    I also love this chapter talking to all the high functioning people whom others would never think, have a drinking problem! because they are so action oriented, goal driven, get it done now, action people! I had a perfect example most of my life with my “high level” very successful father who accomplished a myriad of work,church, supporting the family (he “wouldn’t” “let” my mother work outside the home because her “job” was to take care ) of the kids and the house! So he did it all, and then came home “unwound” and we all paid for it, my mom and us kids. You would think I would have seen how that DIDN’T work, yet I fell into the same “unwinding ” pattern! John BradshaW REALLY helped me understand the family dynamics of a dysfunctional home! (great reading The Family and Healing The Shame That Binds You)Thank God and thank Dave and Jack for coming out with a fabulous way for so many to do this right and safe and healthy!Thank You! Thank you! Thank you! I AM going to use my high functioning personality to positive addictions (don’t like that word so positive behaviors) 🙂

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      I can feel your energy and excitement coming through your post, @biancalana! I’m sure you will be finding so many new positive behaviors to enjoy and thrive in. Best of luck!

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    I see people are talking about doing the body fat solution in the time they used to spend on the 30 day solution when they have completed the 30 days, sounds like a good plan. Is there any self help book for losing weight you can recommend?

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    I plan to watch TV only if there is something riveting, otherwise to go to another room and do something else – no sitting inactive every evening. I will go back to playing my harp, I will have to work hard because it has been ten years since I played. I will continue to read good books, go back to writing a sequel to a book I published a few years ago, create a new project in my garden, and continue a weekly treat with the money I am not spending on alcohol. This week is a trip to the theatre on Sunday night.I am going to find a learn to dance class for oldies and take up the bodhran. All good stuff and fun.

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    This is fun listing all the new activities. I do have some more time because I can’t stand to watch TV all night like I used to (whilst drinking). Here’s my first shot my list:
    1. Improve my piano playing by practicing every day for an hour
    2. Return to reading by reading something worthwhile for a hour each day
    3. Step away from the TV
    4. Improve my cooking by trying a new recipe every week
    5. Stay connected by hosting dinner parties for my friends on a regular basis
    6. Become better connected by taking part in more neighborhood activities
    7. Improve my understanding of technology, become a minor geek
    8. Start planning travel centered on national parks

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      Where is the list of 101 new activities? I can’t seem to find it.

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        The list is in the book on p. 417.

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    I loved this exercise. When I turned 29, I made a vision board of new activities I wanted to try, and made it a goal to do at least 29 over that year. It was great and so much fun, and I think I ended up doing more than 29.

    Here are some new experiences I’d like to have over the next year:
    1. Skydive
    2. Take a women’s self-defense class
    3. Take a martial arts class of some kind
    4. Enter a powerlifting competition
    5. Attend a toastmaster’s group and see what it’s all about
    6. Take a Hip Hop Dance Class
    7. Attend a NLP workshop or class to learn more about this.
    8. Join a Rec Basketball league for women
    9. Travel to Costa Rica and Nicaragua (never been to either place)
    10. Volunteer for a cause I’m passionate about

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    I have all kinds of ideas that require money & I think paying off my credit cards is an activity I’d like to do – so I guess I have to think of fun activities that generate income.
    During the Rediscovering You Joy meditation & realized/remembered that my happiest memories were with my parents, extended family & friends and none of them live in my city – which is probably one of the reasons I went down the path of drinking to excess (don’t get me wrong, my family and friends drink a lot but didn’t when I was child or teen). I also remembered I was a fan of a lot of dangerous activities: riding motorcycles, horses & skiing. After several accidents, I’ve become more wary but maybe I should find another activity that is exciting, involves nature but less risk. Maybe cross-country? A bit of a trek in SoCal but an option.
    I liked someone’s idea up above to host dinner parties – or at least plan et togethers to go dancing or something social like that. I know I need that in my life – new years resolution (again).
    I loved my pets but they died so other than getting a tortoise or an elephant, I think I’ll pass on that. I could volunteer at a humane shelter & play with the kitties & puppies. I’ll look into that.

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    I bought the audio book can some please share the list!


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    When I have completed the 30 Day Sobriety Solution, I plan to re-do Alan Carr’s Stop Smoking Program.

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    Just finished listening to the Day 26 chapter. I wrote down the items in the 101 list that either Interst me, I want to start, or am already doing.

    One stood out that I have always wanted to vokunteer somewhere, or even take my ukelele (am really not very good, but love playing!) to a Senior Citizen care facility or somewhere.

    Anyway, I need to listen to the Joy tape, and will do that tomorrow.


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    Dear chrise86 … I love your post! Gosh, if you are able to start volunteering somewhere, you will brighten peoples’ day! What a great thing to do! My parents went through long-term care, so I’ve seen the need out there for good people to brighten others’ day.
    I had bought my dad a ukelele hoping he would take an interest in learning it. He didn’t, but my brother plays guitar and he had some fun with it! It’s a great musical instrument. Think of all the smiles you will see!

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    I loved working out what fun things to do. I often didn’t allow myself to relax and have fun because I always had things on my ‘to do’ list to finish and felt I didn’t deserve to have fun until they were done. I then ended up with a life that felt like drudgery and nothing else. So I drank. It’s a no-brainer really. Life is for living|!|

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    I love the idea of Laugh Yoga! I need more laughter in my life. I’m gonna look for laughter!

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