Day 28 – It's a Good Start

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    I am on Day 28 and have been alcohol free. I have been in several situations where drinking was taking place and was worried each time about how I would react. In the past it would go without saying that I would drink. I wasn’t sure how I would react when offered a drink. Would I accept and just say “Oh what the heck” or would I decline the drink. And then I worried about how I would decline the drink. And then I worried about the reaction of others if I did decline the drink. A lot of worrying going on.
    I decided to just see what happened. It turned out nothing very dramatic happened. When offered I just said I was taking a break from alcohol for a while. I didn’t make a grand announcement about my attempt at sobriety or give a lecture about how they should get sober too. I just said No thanks. That was met with a reaction of “OK, can I get you some water or tea or a soda?” A couple times the reply was “I should take a break from booze too.”
    I’m looking forward to completing Day 29 and 30. I plan to start over again and go more in depth with the daily exercises while applying the strategies I’ve already learned. I’m also looking for a therapist who specializes in alcohol abuse so I can go even deeper into the causes of my own struggles with alcohol. The daily actions steps of this program have allowed me to slowly build a solid foundation for future sobriety. Will the foundation stand the test of time? I don’t know. I do know that past attempts using willpower, guilt, and shame didn’t work. I now have something to build on and can see the positive in my future.

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    Newday30, that is a great strategy. After I finished the program in March, I was missing the structure of the daily readings and assignments and weakness started to creep back into my brain. But I did what you are planning and I feel like the program was better the second time. Be careful of the trap of dismissing a chapter or assignment because you did it already. During your second round, I recommend that each day you review your past journal entries then amend or I like to say, enhance your entries during your review.

    Six months done for me and I feel the strongest and happiest in 40 years. There are times of weakness, so focus on the program and feeling good.

    Good Luck!

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    Good to read! I am planning to circle back to the start and take about 3 days per solution to read up on some of the footnote materials. I like dcjohn’s suggestions to not skip and to review and fine tune my journal.

    I am really happy with how the 28 days has gone and I have not struggled but I have to admit I have thought about pumpkin ale. A friend and I got into sampling different ones every year and it became a Fall “thing”. I have had little to no interest in wine or anything else; a fleeting thought at most but I think it’s the seasonality and the “it’s only around for a brief bit” idea. I do not want to take any steps back and I am annoyed that the limited availability of this one item is sticking in my brain. But as I’ve proven to myself, it really is just a matter of making a commitment to myself and doing it.

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