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    Reply to today’s Forum thread – Day 29 – Life Purpose Statement – and share your life purpose statement with others in your community. Your powerful statement will not only help guide your life, but it will also inspire others.

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    Using my passion and creativity, I inspire and coach people to live a vibrant and healthy life by overcoming challenges with grace and joy for the highest good for all concerned.

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    My life purpose is to kindly, diligently, energetically and generously use my creativity to engender those same qualities in others. I can do this by creating beautiful things that bring joy, happiness and hope to others who need more of those things in their lives.

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    My life purpose is to be attentive, loving, and joyful with my family and friends so that I am an inspiration and help for them to be successful and happy. My life purpose is to make my home a true sanctuary for good health and peace.

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    My life purpose is: Using my love of the outdoors and connection to the Universe I inspire others to connect with all that is.

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    Day 29 is kicking my butt! I’m taking my time tho’, putting a lot of thought (& prayer) into it. I want to get everything I can out of it because I believe it is going to be the crux of thriving in my sobriety. So I’m not going to beat myself up for taking a week or so on this one “day”. The outcome will affect the rest of my life!

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      So, here it is…
      My Life Purpose
      Utilizing my boundless love and compassion, I bring joy to everyone with whom I come in contact,
      beginning with my family and reaching out to the elderly and the downtrodden.
      My life is a shining example of God’s Love.

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      Me too. Just can’t seem to put it all together !!

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    Yeah this is a tough one, I started thinking about it and contemplating what I thought I would write. I’ve stayed sober over 4 months straight now, and began working the program at a little after 60 days. Trouble is I can’t think of anything I’m passionate about. I play guitar and I write, but I’m not passionate about either really anymore. Used to love football, but don’t really care about that either these days. I came up with the idea to start a web-site and a blog (free, through Word-press) and maybe use some of my knowledge and experience during my 40 years of dealing with the drinking issue to help others. A page I follow on Facebook was looking for unpaid authors to write articles for them on occasion, with topics relating to alcoholism and drug addiction. I thought what a great opportunity, and the fire came back for a few days. After several days of nothing but technical frustration trying to get everything set up to write the article, I hit a total roadblock, dead-end. Am not able to get the article relayed to them to get it posted. So, with very limited access to the computer, (library mostly, I did the whole program thus far on a small cell-phone) it doesn’t look like this idea is going to work. Then I get ready to do the action steps yesterday and see all that is required, which I will do, and I’m like really frustrated by this point. I had to back up, on total overload. Didn’t really think about drinking, and that is a great thing), but totally disappointed, and way stressed. On Thanksgiving day. Really I’m not able to think of anything I’m really passionate about. After seeing all of the selfishness that I’ve seen lately in humanity, especially with the holidays here, and pure greed. I don’t know if I even really care about helping people either. Pretty negative, I know but there’s where I’m at, at 126 days sober. Also, I’m wondering, I don’t think this companion website is even being monitored anymore. Not that it matters, I have got enough to stay sober for sure and for that I’m grateful. I wonder what happened though?

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      Sixtringer311, You are in good company not knowing what your “life purpose” is. I think it’s because that is a rather grandiose concept. I commend those who know and do their passion. If your passion is valid it is not about you. It is about God and others. We did not chose to be born. God has us here for His reasons and he will guide us. But we need to get the focus off ourselves -like when you are thinking of helping others on their sobriety journey. That is true and noble and a stepping stone in the right direction.

      Life is short in human terms. But our souls live forever. Try searching on line the human digestive system and the fascinating way we ingest nutrients that give our bodies life. Then breathing and air, then our incredible brains. The complexity is beyond comprehension. When that becomes overwhelming search up the cosmos and how vast it is and how tiny we are. How is it possible you could fit 1.3 million earths in our sun? How is it possible people are so incredibly minute in the overall scheme of things? Because God loves your eternal soul. And His Spirit will give you the guidance and foundation and purpose for your life even if it seems undetectable. Read the Book of John slowly and deliberately. God bless you and your journey:)

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      After reading your post, I hope we are on the same page. I became very frustrated when I paused to think about what makes me excited. I thought about the happy times in recent memory and it’s where I am by myself quietly looking at trees, water, or a city skyline with a clear head (not really helping people either). I have abilities / strengths and use them but the accomplishments I’ve had in my life, I look back and they don’t feel like they really mean much to me like I’d be leaving a legacy. I’m on day 29, but this is the only time I’ve really gotten negative on a day. Maybe there’s comfort knowing others are having trouble finding their passion, (trying to keep as many lights on as possible – staying positive).

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      I am really struggling with this as well. I have ideas and bits and pieces,but I can’t seem to put it all together. I guess what’s coming into focus is that I’ve lost touch with a lot of myself during the drinking times. Drinking …the when,the if ,the how, the how much followed by the ,beat myself dialogue, was my focus. I was functioning. I was working at a job I was really good at and I loved. I had some interests. But it’s clear that I did not value my time or those things as much as I should have. At the very least, I wasn’t paying attention. I wasn’t present. I wasn’t focused. So as I’m writing this”…I realize my purpose is to get to know myself again. My sober, authentic real self. I need to really care for myself so that I have something to give to others. My life purpose … my mission is to rediscover my passions, talents, abilities,and my purpose and to find a way to share these things with others genuinely and authentically.
      In the past and sometimes in the present I felt passionate about:
      Heath and fitness, running, dancing, singing, the beach, learning, self-improvement, taking care of others….making people happy. Sorry if I’m ranting, but like you said I don’t think anyone is listening. I pray that you discover a passion, even if it’s just taking extreme care of yourself so that should a passion or purpose cross your path you’ll be ready to run with it.
      God Bless

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        Hi suz…I’m listening! It seems there are a few of us left still posting and I’m glad you’re one of them. I, too have struggled greatly with Day 29 and my life purpose. Friday is my 78th birthday and I’m afraid I’ve sort of fallen for the excuse that I’ve either done it or it isn’t important to me anymore, and I know that can’t be right! I’m healthy, educated, and must have something to offer. As a small business owner in a previous life, I indeed did have a vision statement and a mission (purpose) statement. It took a long time to get them right at first and they improved over the years as success and confidence drove the desire to make things even better. I think I’ll approach the writing of these statements as I did when I had my business…with the added benefit of tools that are in the book.

        I read the vision and purpose statements others have written and honestly (without judgment!) I can’t bring myself to realistically believe my life will be perfect or I’ll save the world from starvation no matter how many times I repeat a mantra. Frankly, I’m not sure I’d be really happy in that sort of world anyway. Struggle and striving is a huge part of life and can be a tremendous experience, even (or especially) when things don’t always fall into place as we hope or expect. Opportunities can appear out of nowhere. My vision will probably contain something about being sober so I’ll recognize the opportunity and be able to act upon it! I’ve never meditated before, but using an app someone suggested in a post several days ago, I’m learning. And I’m finding it relaxes me and helps me to ‘dream’ a little better…a little clearer. My vision/purpose are slowly forming in my mind and I’m making notes of things (currently fleeting) that I might want to include. I don’t think this assignment can be completed within a certain time frame like a 6th grade math test, and I believe both the vision statement and life purpose are dynamic things. Reaching one pinnacle only creates a passion for the next.

        The 30-Day Sobriety Solution has changed my life. I never, ever thought I would seriously be able to stop drinking, and now I believe I will never, ever allow myself to wallow in the self pity that caused me to seek help because I was drowning in scotch. I’m sad to see the companion website lose traction and sincerely hope something can be done to complete the pages with the promised content and once again have monitors. I’ll bet there are any number of graduates (myself included) who would be willing to pitch in (with maybe a little additional training or backup from a pro).

        As an aside, I did have a giggle during the Day 28 review when I read heard about Dave doing a fantastic job, then getting 95% finished with a project and dropping the ball…subconsciously reinforcing negative images. Hmmm..has he done it again with 95% of a terrific website?

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          @happy78thbirthday brilliant! I only hope you check in still sometimes after having finished this program. Maybe you get notifications on comments. I am on day 29 right now and feel like- dang this is a lot to come up with right now! I set myself a goal to finish the 30 DSS in 60 days so must at least get through the actions steps and day 30 before midnight….I am glad to have paused to read some comments and feel like I was meant to see your comment on @suz ‘s post. This is all a work in progress and boy am I working; along with so many others. I am inspired and so glad to have got this far. Hope you are striving still ! Namaste.

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    Bmiller, you are not alone. In fact, you are human. To be the person God wants you to be, and the one you want to be, receive His Spirit through Jesus Christ to guide you. Our accomplishments don’t mean much when done on our own power and behalf. Even the greatest people are forgotten. Our life is God’s plan not ours. We did not choose to be born and we will certainly die (physically).
    I marvel when people give people credit for discovering something that exists. It is there already – God did it. When you allow God to gradually infiltrate your life you will begin feeling, being and acting in concert with His greater purpose. He is infinite and eternal and so are you because He made us for eternity. So the things you do for the least of your brothers you do for Him. In Him we live and move and have our being.
    He reveals Himself in all of creation. You are experiencing His glory in the trees. God is our Father and creator and He loves you. I pray he blesses you and directs your path as you put your faith in Him. May His hope give you joy on your journey.

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    My life purpose statement
    Using my listening and organisation skills, thoughtfulness and wisdom, I support and encourage people to collectively or individually find positive ways to make a difference in their lives and in their communities

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    This is a challenging Day. I think it is going to take more than a day. If I knew my life’s purpose, maybe I would not have succumbed to alcohol! No excuses here, but I agree with many of the other posts on this page that I have trouble finding passion for anything. When did that go away? Did I ever have passion for anything? Am I still too close to being a problem drinker and as the days and weeks go by, i will see and feel more clearly? I am giving myself permission to take more time to complete the action items on Day 29 and to know that this is a sign of health! I have also reached out to several trusted friends to ask them to help me identify strengths and talents because I am not good at identifying positive traits within myself! So onward! Thank you all who share here!

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      I am so on the same page. This gas been the hardest one for me so far. I’m going to do day 30 tomorrow and go back to 29 and the emotional sobriety one. That was challenging as well. Best of luck finding your purpose. Maybe it’s enough to be sober, present and authentic.

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    Hello All,

    Yes, I have been stuck on Day 29 for three days now. I was 33 days sober until last evening, I went out to dinner with a friend and had a small glass of wine. . . it didn’t even taste that good; and I was mad at myself for giving in. On the way home, I helped someone on the highway that wiped out on his motorcycle, (he was banged up a bit–no severe injuries) his bike was demolished so I gave him a ride home; his wife got him to the hospital. When I got home, I was so shaken up, I opened a bottle of wine and poured (and drank) a huge glass of it . . . I was so disappointed in myself.

    I woke up this morning with a headache! What I did next was really helpful: I compared how I felt this morning, with how amazing I have felt the last 33 mornings living in sobriety. For the last month, I have loved getting up early to run, and at work I have been positive and motivated throughout the day. Co-workers lately have even commented on how much happier I seem to be. Last night I chose to seek temporary gratification with an alcohol buzz over being sober and clear-headed. It cost me a wonderful morning!

    Instead of beating myself up, I forgave myself . . . re-read my journal entries Days 1-28;especially Day 2 “The Before You.” I will now get re-focused on Day 29, The Vision Solution. I have read it twice and have listened to the guided exercises, but I have to say, the writing exercises and actions steps for Day 29 are overwhelming and a bit redundant.

    I’m not sure anyone is really looking at this forum now, but it felt good to express myself. I’m so grateful I found the The 30 Day Solution. Today’s a new day and I’m back on track to thriving in sobriety. . . Off I go for a nice jog on the beach 🙂

    Good luck and God Bless!

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      Hello lcms51210! I hope you had a lovely jog on the beach! First of all, thank you for helping the man on his motorcycle! Not everyone would do that so thank you! It is totally understandable that you would unwind from that experience with your usual routine. Good job on not beating yourself up and picking up where you left off! That takes forward looking momentum and courage! I am taking my time on completing the Day 29 action items – still! LOL! I have asked my friends for some feedback to help me because I really want to do it right (not perfectly but thought out and thorough so I can truly thrive!).

      Glad you checked in! See going!

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      Hello there good Samaritan and Fellow Sobriety Seeker!
      Yes, some of us do post, or lurk 🙂 and definitely get inspiration from checking out the forums. The 30DSS is a wonderful program and the Companion Website is genius!

      Keep posting. There is great strength in numbers. Posts like yours serve the group Intent to Thrive in Sobriety! Sina

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      Hi lcms51210,
      This is day 2 for me and my first post. You wondered if anyone was still reading your post. I did and it was an encouragement. Thanks, Diver

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    Thank you Happy and Sina! I’m feeling much better and back on track.

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    Day 29 was an eye-opener for me. I really had no purpose in life except to be my husband’s caregiver which is not in my plans for my extended life.

    Now, I thought about it and realized the 3 things I care the most about: animals, reading and hard-of-hearing issues that people like me have to deal with. Namely, being deaf does NOT mean we are dumb. But I digress.
    Now I have the inklings of a new life that I am ready to start working on and forming into something that is more the real me than the existence I have now. So, first, I am going to look into classes for editing so I can get paid to critique people’s writing instead of just yelling at my newspaper. And don’t even get me started on some the crappy book editing that has been coming out lately.
    I will start volunteering at my local animal shelter and when the cats I have now are no longer with me, I can start fostering. Cannot do it now as they are rather unpleasant to other cats. And me.
    I will be learning sign language, already on my radar due to my hearing getting worse, and volunteering with a program for HOH individuals.

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      That’s fantastic @empress !
      Being a caregiver can obliterate giving yourself care!
      It’s ironic (and inspirational) that 2 of the goals you have in mind involve caring as well…one for people (there’s a big need for interpreters for students ) and the other for critters.

      I agree with you about the need for editing well…so much of what we read today has too much verbiage and not enough clearly expressed ideas IMO.
      Onward! Sina

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        Thanks sinaqueena. I don’t know that I will be able to do full-fledged interpreting, unless it is from ASL to spoken, as my own hearing loss is quite severe but that’s a thought. I have a lead on a few online sign language classes to work on. Now that it’s getting nice out, I just don’t want to be in front of my computer!
        Editing is more a hobby than anything I really want to do for pay although I may work on it. I found some groups that I can learn from. Small steps though. I know it can’t all be done in a day, although it would make me feel a lot better about myself sometimes if I could.

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          Hi @empress! You might want to look at Meetup groups in you area now that the weather where you live is nice (it’s always relatively nice in California where I am!). Just Google Meetup in <fill in the blank, location>. Have a good rest of the weekend! Onward, Sina

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    Using my passion for helping children and my love of animals and the outdoors, I will inspire children to connect and engage with the environment, teaching them to care for and respect all forms of life, to bring hope and happiness to children in need

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      Hi @aussielass ! I’m glad you are doing so well and nearing completion of the 30DSS program. I “friended” you some time ago. If you tap on your screen name you will go to your profile page and see. Keep posting , you can inspire others. Let me know if you got this message! Onward, Sina

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        Thanks sinaqueena! I’m getting there, but these last 3 days have been a real slog – which could drive me to drink – but thx to hubby – I’m still strong – but know my journey is far from over. I got your messages but I’m not really comfortable with the ‘friending’ concept – I don’t even like FaceBook much. But I would like you to know that I think you are the glue that holds our little forum together, so I thank you for that. From what I can tell, the site owners ditched on this website about a year ago, so again thx😘

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          No problem @aussielass ! The friend thing on this site doesn’t work lime on facebook. Going to a person’s profile page by tapping on their Screen name still might be of use to you bc you can see all their recent public posts and private message them if the spirit moves you. Also tapping on the site wide activity shows just that. You are correct that Dave Andrews is no longer active on the Companion Website of the 30DSS. Jack Canfield partners with promising authors to help them, but then leaves the book/project in their hands. Dave apparently has decided to put his attention elsewhere, perhaps in his more profitable Coaching biz. I don’t want this Companion Website to flounder, nor the many eager new participants to become discouraged. Rico, Matt W and I are trying, best that we can, to encourage and motivate by letting you know many can and do Thrive in Sobriety due to this program! Onward, Sina

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    aussielass . . . Sure hope the day is rolling along better than how you’ve been feeling over the past few. Drat! Negative thoughts, etc. have a way of pulling us down & tempting us to revert back to old habits. — But, that said, it sounds like you have a solid support system and are doing what you need to do to take care of yourself and fend off the unwanted intruders. Keep after it.

    I agree with what you say about this site, yet, still and all, it does offer a level of engagement that can provide help and or encouragement. — No clue about Dave or the rest, I suppose what Sina says makes sense . . . got other $ gigs going on. Fair enough. We all have to pay the bills somehow. Even if this is sort of a bastard child that looks after itself, well, that’s cool. Pretty impressive that this forum is up and running and still chugging along. One of the things I like about it is that it is free floating and non-dogmatic.

    You mentioned “your passion” . . . for my money, that is what can and will pull any of us through the other heartaches we took on with too much drinking. Trusting our joy and passion is a better drug by far. That’s not to say it’s all presto wham-o magic and easy as pie, but still and all it can exert a powerful pull from within.

    All the best and happy Spring!

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    The reason I wake up every day with passion and enthusiasm is so I can continue to learn and evolve…Then use my authentic teaching style to inspire people into action toward a more open, expansive, exciting, and meaningful life.

    Maybe more succinctly…

    To learn, explore, connect, and share what I learn about staying open, moving confidently, and acting courageously.

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    I wrote a statement from doing the four steps and answering the questions. This day’s teachings have taken me about 5 days! But, that is okay. I want to take it all in.

    My Life’s Purpose:

    I am using my strengths of teaching and passion for helping others to build their skills, help to shift morale and drive in the world. I am courageously helping others to be in a better place and in harmony with their higher self and mine.

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    Wow. This is a tough solution. I have been working on it now for a few days. I think judging by what the older posts here say that is totally normal. I will keep working on it, and do my best with what I feel now, and then I can always improve it as I say it every day and continue to evolve and grow. It feels great to be sober though…that is for sure

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      Hi there Newleaf,

      I totally bogged down on day 29. I was missing the point of refinement as you go. I thought I had to make this grand vision to plant in my head, the be all do all of visions. I only had one more day… YOu have the rest of your life! This is only the beginning! Revision of life happens moment by moment, the quest for perfection threw me, don’t let it happen to you. Breathe and let it flow. YOu can change it later. 🙂

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        P.S. The visualization from the vision compass action step was very helpful, and the last thing I did because it was so much time… The easiest way for me.

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    Still here! I have decided to take my time on Day 29 and see no reason for a rush as long as I am working the program and thriving in sobriety. I will find my passions! God bless everyone out there who are not only doing everything they can to honor and enhance their own lives but also focusing on enriching the lives of others.

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    Im glad you @imagine1 ! You deserve all the best! PS, I friended you on your profile page which you can go to by tapping on your screen name! Onward! Sina

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