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    Day 3 – Feeling great! This will be my most challenging day so far since this is my day off. I usually do a fair amount of drinking on my day off but I am committed to being productive and staying alcohol free. I’ll be waiting for the triggers and trying to understand them and push through them. During these 30 days I feel I must be all in – all or nothing for 30 days!

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    Hell yeah Johnny.. You got this! This is my Day 3 too. This is typically the day I start to drink again (past history). Some many times I have said to myself ” Man I have not had a beer in 3 days and I feel great. What is the harm of having a couple of beers today? I earned this! ” And..the cycle begins again. This time is different as before I was 99.9% committed. Now that I am 100% committed and I do not (or have not) let the ego in. I know it will be much tougher when I face adversity but I am so confident that I will not bend. Having this program and the forum is such a blessing. All in!

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    Hello Day-3, Hang in there. I alternated between feeling like “Wow! I am on day 3” and “It’s only day 3, it feels like day 100”. I started off feeling positive and had a productive day but by the end I got a little shaky. But I persevered and went to bed early. Push through those triggers or just ride them out! I am starting Day9.

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    Hey Johnny, rmorton and Clive. End of Day 3 here as well. This usually is my bust day and, like rmorton, I reward myself with a beer (or 12) since I’m feeling so damn good! Not today. For the first time I’m actually inspired by what I’m doing and simply not going through the process. I feel good actually. Today was a good prep day for when the moment arrives and things aren’t so good. I’ve got a game plan to deal with it and it’s something that I will depend on. Generally after 3 or 4 days without a drink I would FIND an excuse to drink; bad day at work, someone pissed me off, fight with a friend or partner, dog took a crap in the house, whatever. Thanks for the posts. They mean a lot. Best to all of you.

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    Cool man! Keep it up!

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    Day 3 here. Like most of what has been said, since this is the day I finally feel better, I would normally start my binging cycle over! Drink all night, wake up to drinking (still feeling good but wasted), then day 3 of drinking kicks in and I feel so terrible that I drink to make myself feel better, by day 4 I’m so nauseous, shaky, anxiety ridden, and feeling depressed that I can’t move and stay in bed all day… the worst is when my heart starts pounding and I can’t sleep. It takes at least 1 to 2 more days to recover in which I would start the cycle. Glad to be on day 3 and glass to not want a drink yet… I’m going to push through!

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      How did it go tamchez19?

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    Hi Everyone. I can relate to this post. I’d call myself a graduate. I started this program around 14 months ago and have done really well. But I won’t forget where I came from. I will remember how hard it was, especially the first many months. Slowly, but surely, the alcohol came out of my cells. I think that’s what has to happen. You gotta get it out! It wants to stay, but don’t let it! We can do it! (through the Solutions).
    Chapter 6 looks intriguing to me (our goals). I’m going to do the action steps today.
    Even though I’ve come this far, I will not let my guard down. I must keep the control I’ve gained.
    God Bless you all!

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      Good for you Katballou!! Doing well myself on my third day. Take care everyone!

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    On my day three (day four of no booze)I feel great but having a hard time with mood swings. I’m going to try and avoid temptations and put myself in a place where I can succeed today. Trying to keep a positive outlook knowing that with time, the mood swings will settle down and I can get back to the old me.

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    Hi Cachris91 … I feel for you. I know it can be a difficult thing, especially when there are other issues going on, too. Believe me, it’s better to deal with all of life’s challenges dry. Alcohol makes everything worse. You may get the temporary relief, but then there’s the hangover your body has to deal with.
    I could tell stories that would make you hair curl of going through difficult events dry. I’m here to say it’s do-able!
    Do you have any spiritual resources? That is a side of me I’m trying to develop everyday. It is giving me tremendous comfort.
    God bless!

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    I am really feeling supported by reading these posts. Day 3 for me as well. I have been feeling so good all day, but it’s the evening and Saturday night so naturally, I am feeling the habit of wanting to drink, but after reading about everyone’s relatable experiences and perseverance I am feeling a lot less enticed to drink. Thank you, everyone.

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    Hello everyone, day 3 for me as well. I feel pretty good, having a hard time sleeping. Did not realize how much I depended on that alcohol to help me sleep. Hoping that goes away soon as my job starts at 6am. Am really excited about this journey.

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    Day 3 for me as well. Your posts have helped me a lot. I have started this process several times but apparently was not all in but I aam this time. Just working through mmy moods and feelings today sober hhas helped. I always waited to qquit until about day 6 in the ppast, and I think that was a mistake for me.

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