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    Day 3 for me and Day 3 with no booze. I am missing wine. I have an event tonight where there will be an open bar. Before, I would have embraced this as an opportunity to get wasted. I am not planning on drinking and have embraced the 100% mindset, but it also makes me sad. Will I have any fun? Will I be bored with the small talk? Will anxiety set in and make me want to run away? I have been on edge all afternoon. The thought of getting ready without my 1st glass (of many) of wine makes me sad. Like I am losing an old friend. Just wanted to type out my struggles. I am just going to take tonight one hour at a time. Maybe one minute at a time. I am also volunteering at this event (its a fundraiser) and I am working the table that auctions off nice bottles of wine. Isn’t that ironic? LOL.

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    Hi Jennymaz92.
    How did it go?

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      Hi sinaqueena! I did it! I was on edge when we got there. Fortunately, my husband is joining me in the 30 days for moral support. As I glanced around the room, all I could see were all of my friends and acquaintances drinking wine, beer, mixed drinks. I wanted one SO BAD. But, I just kept chugging water. It was fruit infused water and actually quite tasty. I did my job at the table selling raffles tickets for nice bottles of wine and my husband stayed right by my side. So many people kept asking us if they could get us a drink while we were sitting there, and I wanted to scream, YESSSSSSS!!!!!! But just politely said no thanks, I have something, lifting my water glass. One woman who I am normally “partners in crime” with when it comes to drinking at events asked why I wasn’t drinking. I gave my rehearsed line of “Oh, we are doing a 30 day cleanse!” and she told me I was “boring”. LOL. After our time volunteering, we walked around for a bit and I noticed how LOUD the place was, something that would never have bothered me if I were drinking. My husband turned to me and said, if we are not having fun, we don’t have to stay. I was so relieved he said that! The food looked terrible anyway, haha. So, we left at 8:30 and went out for a late supper at a restaurant in our n’hood. We had a whole bottle of fancy sparkling water, haha! I was much more relaxed and it was almost bedtime! We went home and went to bed. I did it! I am now on Day 5 and about to overcome another challenge–Mother’s Day dinner with my MIL! If I can do this without wine, I can do ANYTHING! Thank you for asking–it means a lot to know that there are so many others out there struggling just like me 🙂 Here’s to Day 5 and the big ole cheeseburger I plan on eating later!

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    What a great thing to hear on this Mother’s Day!!! Did you not feel wonderful basking in your accomplishment and going to bed with clear memories of your evening!? Sounds like you have a wonderful partner in your corner too! Isn’t it interesting to hear the decibels of human commotion increase at events including Alcohol? I have had my share of “reverse role model” therapy at some. I try to remember that I wore those shoes in the not so distant past when I am tempted to pass (unkind) Judgement, even as I look for the nearest escape route!
    The 100% Solution has helped me innumerable times. Here is a video from Craig Beck, another (” in your face”) Sobriety Coaching evangelist, which I revisit from time to time when I need a swift kick in the ass!!
    Onward Friend!!!

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    Hi Jenny, Your posts are great! This is exactly how it goes, especially in the beginning. With each success you have, you will get stronger, and then it becomes easier. Looking back over the year 2018, I have gotten through so many trigger situations without alc, with the help of this program. (The Time Travel Technique especially). Surfing the Urge helps, too, and you can go into YouTube and see a few presentations on this. You are doing excellently!!

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