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    I’ve just completed day 4. I did the Total Truth Process but it was for me of course being the first time. I’m angry with myself for attempting to do a 30 day abstain and never getting there. But each time and again today I’ve forgiven myself. I want a life free of alcohol. I know the possibilities. When I started 4 days ago in Day 1 I said I was starting my 30 days on May 28. Well yesterday, May 30, and Day 3, I got 2 new job offers (I’ve been searching for about 5 mos) and felt I should/can celebrate. So I met a friend and we drank beers and I even went after for a walk w/ my dog and stopped at a wine place for 2 wines. Again, the things that led me here came up again – not being able to work fully today, not feeling the greatest, my health, etc., so now I’m back at it saying my Day 1 of not drinking for 30 is Sunday the 2nd of June because tomorrow I’m committed to a brunch w/ friends that will have mimosas – it’s crazy I think like this. I am hoping after tomorrow (even though I may try very hard NOT to drink tomorrow June 1 being my day 1 of 30 days) I will be able to fulfill this commitment 100%. I have to. For me. For my health, for my weight for my future.

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    It’s Day 1 today, June 2, for me. I was thinking that June 1 would be good because June 30 would be 30 days and that made it easy to count, but it was Saturday and I had some drinks last night. I’ve been reading the book for three days and just completed Day 1 this morning and decided to make the 100% commitment. It appears you haven’t made the 100% commitment, so let’s get back to it and do it starting today!

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    I actually made it through yesterday June 1 so my day 1 was 5/31 – I will complete the 30 day reset 6/29 at midnite. I drank once the past 6 days on the 30th but was a bit lighter than normal – I’m committed 100% yes

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    Hi Tvlbuffden – Excellent news for you, you’re nearly done with Day 3. Congratulations, that’s awesome! It’s 9:15 PM here in California and I’ve gotten back from some family friends’ house after watching the NBA Finals game. It was a nice surprise that the two adults who normally have at least a few beers or rum & cokes were not drinking anything this evening either, so my urge was completely kept in check. They’re not heavy drinkers anyway, so I felt safe going over to their house. I’m back home now, I have no booze in the house, and I’m getting ready to perhaps watch a movie with my 20 year-old son, who’s home from college for the summer. So I’m happy to report I have made it through my Day 1. Waking up fresh tomorrow morning and back on the job hunt; got laid off on Jan. 31. That’s another reason I’ve decided to start the 30 Days! Back at ya! Peace.

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