Day 6 Doubt (1/21/19)

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    Today has been the first day I doubted my sobriety (sort of). I work evening shifts on Mondays so I have the mornings to myself. Normally, hungover, I’d sleep in late and be full of self loathing until I shook it off and got ready for work. I expected that today I’d be productive and full of energy. I have a lot of cleaning to do and it was my plan to tackle it Monday morning, with this newfound energy. However, this didn’t really happen. I woke up around 8, got up and had a cup of coffee. Then I read about 1 chapter of a book and fell asleep. Until 11:15. I don’t have a reason for being so tired. I slept 8 blissful hours last night and then 3 more hours as a nap this morning. That’s 11 hours! Why did my body need that time? I wanted to be productive. Maybe this is the alcohol withdrawal creeping back in. Fatigue. The wine witch tapping me on the shoulder trying to tell me I’ll be tired Monday mornings either way, so I could have spent Sunday drinking away on my couch.

    I don’t have a good answer for my fatigue today, but I am going to remind myself I don’t have any headaches, my skin is clear, and I will go to work today hopefully focused and with some positivity that I wouldn’t have if I was hungover. Going to keep the faith that sobriety is the right path.

    Monday nights following work are always a huge trigger for me, because I have Tuesdays off. I could spend the entire Tuesday recovering, so why not drink myself into oblivion after work Monday nights!? It’s the end of my 6-day work stretch so that’s always some kind of sick validation too, telling myself it’s okay to drink a bottle or two of wine because I’ve worked so hard.

    But tonight is different. Despite my unproductive morning and the relief of my 6-day work stretch coming to a close, I’m going to remain sober and positive. I have Tuesday to be productive and it’s a great day to NOT be hungover and poisoning my body.

    Tonight I’ll be drafting my goals for the Day 6 goals solution. Hopefully focusing on this will be motivating and a distracting hobby/task for my evening.

    Thanks for reading my journal entry if you’ve come this far 😉 Just wanted to share how I’m feeling and see if this resonates with the community at all. If you’re on Day 6 too, let me know 😀

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    I’m not on Day 6 but I read it through the Site Wide Activity. Many of my afternoons and evenings have had we wondering if I can keep my eyes open. The tiredness seems unnatural and extreme. Now that I’m on Day 15 my energy level is more predictable and back to normal. I love what you wrote:

    But tonight is different. Despite my unproductive morning and the relief of my 6-day work stretch coming to a close, I’m going to remain sober and positive. I have Tuesday to be productive and it’s a great day to NOT be hungover and poisoning my body.

    “But tonight is different.” GOOD for you!! Hold on to that motivation and know that I am inspired and motivated by your post.

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    Hey zerorefills! I know exactly how you’re feeling and I applaud your determination and resolve that tonight is not going to be a ‘typical’ Monday night like those of the recent past …

    I’m on Day 7 (I also noticed your post under “Site Wide Activity”), but I think you’ll find tomorrow’s chapter interesting. There isn’t a lot of new material in this Review chapter, but it does talk about how your brain chemistry takes time to adjust to your not drinking, and you don’t necessarily feel like a million bucks after a few days sober, like you might expect.

    I’m trying to go as easy on myself as I can for now. Yes, I didn’t get through all my laundry this weekend, my house is getting a little more cluttered than usual, and I’ve probably had more sugar in the past week than I had in the previous year, but if I can kick the drinking habit then that other stuff can have my attention later, and it’ll be a breeze by comparison …

    Thanks for sharing – sending you stick-to-it-ness vibes!

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    I have some doubt too but no desire to drink because I feel so exhausted and my head hurts. I don’t know if it is from not drinking or if I am fighting a bug. I can’t wait for the health benefits to show up. I do see the mental benefits though. I feel that I am getting stronger psychologically. It was so demeaning to feel that I was powerless to change. Now the seeds of change are growing and that is amazing. I am lucky because I work for myself and can fart around a bit but the work is piling up. Good for you zerorefills for making it through day 6 after all that stress! We can do it!!!

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    I am starting to find all the repetition a little boring. I am having to force myself to keep on reading. I still plan on keeping on. It is just getting a little, for lack of a better word, boring.

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    Hi AF18 … maybe you’d want to pause from the reading in order to go into watching some videos on YouTube. Watching videos this past year has been almost entertaining for me, as I learn more and more about this issue. Craig Beck is good; and have you watched any of Annie Grace’s videos?
    Also, Tommy Rosen is a compelling speaker and interviewer. I joined his community, and have enjoyed countless interviews conducted by him. His website is:

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    Thanks for the recommendation. I did go and listen to Annie Grace and will do that again. Will check out the others too.

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