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    My goals:

    By 11:59pm on 21 December 2018 I will have fully accomplished by goal of thriving in Sobriety.

    By 10pm on 21 December 2018 I will have finished the jumper that I started knitting when I started this programme.

    By 6pm on 21 December 2018 I will have decluttered the rubbish in the study.

    These goals are good for me to clear the mind and start the New Year energised and ready to push forward on many areas that have been on hold in my life over the last years.

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    Stay strong Christine! I love the goals you added, (the study, the jumper, etc) to enhance this month of sobriety. How is it going? Are you going to keep going after 21 December?

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    Hi Jane

    Going well so far; just completed day 11 solution although I am on Day 12. Staying strong. I feel I have come along way in changing my whole perspective of alcohol. I do see it as a poison. I don’t even like the taste of it. However, although 90% there I just couldn’t get over the final 10% to break through. The biggest revelation (and it is so obvious ..Now!) is the 100%. If I always think “I absolutely 100% don’t drink” I never have that internal argument. I think the example given in the Solution was shopping lifting. For me, I have never smoked so there is never any desire to buy a cigarette. I use these examples if the “gremlin” starts raising its ugly head.

    I can also begin to understand why I have failed in the past. I have only ever tried to stop drinking and I never really understood the issues that led to me being a problem drinker. For me it feels like putting a plaster on a problem without really understanding what has caused the issue in the first place. So Solutions 9 and 10 were real eye openers.

    Each solution takes me about an hour/an hour and half to work through but I always feel in such a good place after and the day proves very productive.

    The jumper and study are on-going! Doing the 30 days is key though.

    How about you? And yes for me I want to leave all this alcohol crap behind me. I don’t want to ever give any weight or credence to alcohol again. I just want to enjoy life again and just be me and the person my husband fell in love with and the mother my boys [use to /will again] admire. I hope that if they see it is possible for me to change (knowing the struggles I have had with it) then it will show them anything is possible and the world is their oyster; they don’t drink or very little. My husband stopped drinking 18 months ago to support me in this process. He was never a big drinker and just stopped. So I have drunk secretly in the house. Well not secret because everyone knew I did so I only ended up fooling myself.

    This programme has given me the solution to pushing through that final 10% – I found it at just the right time. I have tried counselling, read numerous books/studies etc but just could not break through and go the 100%. I am enjoying this process because I feel I am re-wiring myself and my beliefs from the inside out. For the first time ever I believe that i can do this. I am not taking anything for granted though but just a slow methodic approach to each day and each solution.

    I hope you too are staying strong! Where are you in the 30 days?

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