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    Dave, I think you are very brave to share such a touching and personal story about your daughter and her visceral feeling about your impending death. It takes guts (no pun intended) to put that kind of raw emotion out there. Congratulations on your sobriety, and thank you for helping to create these resources and this community for those of us that are looking for a way out. God bless you.

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      Yes Dave that did hit home hard. How many hockey games, school events did I miss because I was sitting with my friends “socializing”. thank you

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    I’m really happy to have found this book and this site. The layout for the progression of the solutions is brilliant. I have struggled with alcohol for a long time and it has only continued to get worse. When I originally bought the book, I had already stopped at the store to grab my booze for the night. As I walked in the door to the house with a six pack in one hand and a book on sobriety in the other, my wife looked at me with disbelief and asked “Are you really going to drink a beer while you’re reading a book on how to get sober?” Yeah, I know…ironic. I started the book that night (with my beer) and read up to Day 1. That was Wednesday, January 20, 2016…I started Thursday and have been going strong ever since.

    I’ve struggled emotionally with some of the exercises. It’s been tough to take a real look back at myself at all the embarrassing things I’ve done and the people I’ve emotionally hurt…but that fuels my drive to continue on with my sobriety. I haven’t even thought about having a drink after Day 4. Suddenly, I can truly see myself as the healthy, sober, individual I am.

    I would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to @dave and @jack for putting this program together. It’s already changed my life!

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    I hit bottom and decided to stop drinking. I planned on going to my very first AA meeting one night and had some time before the meeting and stopped at Chapters. I was browsing the books on Sobriety and this book seriously called out to me. I bought it and went to my first AA meeting. I just over a week sober and working both programs has helped me. The solutions have made me take inventory of my life. AA shows me that there are other people out there in the same type situations and seeing their success inspires me.
    I am looking forward to a healthier, happier, energized me!

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    This has been an eye-opening 7 days. The absolute hardest part for me has been believing in the concept of Thriving in Sobriety. The Placebo Effect section of the book really helped to create some space for this for me (along w the Authors’ constant reassurance that Thriving in Sobriety really is a thing). I am starting to have faith in this idea. Also there are some people on the tee-total list that I admire, and that has been immensely liberating and helpful. They seem fine ;/. I may just be fine as well. Thank you authors and sharers, for standing together as we hold the vision of sobriety and happiness. I don’t think I could have ever imagined this most important aspect of healthful, engaged living without you.
    Best, Teresa

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    Day 7 and I almost missed it! I had a piled up day with work and a trip to the airport to pick up my son. In the rush I forgot my book at home. I felt so guilty all night knowing that I wouldn’t be able to finish Chapter 7 before midnight. When I got home I pretended that it was 10 o’clock somewhere. I am so happy to get to Day 7. My excuse for not drinking “I am having a quiet night” I often tell myself I don’t have a drinking problem, I did that quite well. I have a starting and stopping problem. Here is to Phase 2!!

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    I must be a slow learner, because “success” is coming much more slowly to me than others, apparently. I am being very conscientious about the exercises and about repetition, and I am seeing results in my life and behavior. But the drinking continues — not at debilitating levels, but in ways and amounts that are unacceptable to the better part of myself. I guess my unconscious or the drinking side of “me” is still more powerful than the side of me that wants to reach forward and succeed at my 30-day thriving in sobriety vision and goals. Any words of encouragement? May I proceed to Level 2 even though I have not “succeeded” in adhering to the 100% Solution?

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    Hi buddy. Not sure where you are in this journey. I made it through by focusing on the new you. You will learn breathing excersises that will help you. For some reason you decided to start this journey. Think of them everyday and win! You can do it…right!!

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    Hi @gettingbetter. Thanks for sharing what’s going on for you. We don’t want you to “punish” yourself by not moving forward in the program, but it is imperative you stop drinking. You may not be experiencing as much success as others because you are still drinking. Now, we recommend you stop sometime in the first week. So commit yourself, 100%, to stopping tomorrow. If you give yourself no choice in the matter, then you won’t drink. It’ll be a closed-off option. I’m not saying it’ll be a walk in the park, but I am saying you can do it! Be confident in yourself and in your abilities. It was great that you reached out to the forum for support- keep doing that! Best of luck!

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    This program has hit the nail on the head for me time after time and I’m only in Day 7. It has been easier than I thought to go without drinking for a week, something I haven’t done for years and I fully intend to go at least 30 days before even considering a drink. I think the 100% commitment is critical and the emphasis on the positive and on being truthful with one’s self is key.

    Today’s lesson, in my opinion, does have a flaw. “Embrace Little Lies” is the title of a section regarding how to respond in social situations when asked why one is not drinking. We talked about denial and deluding ourselves by cherry picking opinions about our drinking. Then we are encouraged to adapt these little lies and tell them convincingly. I find this surprising, disappointing and distasteful. But this will not deter me from continuing what I believe is otherwise an excellent program.

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    I have made it to day 7 and am feeling pretty good. My head is clear and I have energy. Alas I do not weigh any less. I am actually enjoying this program and from being an every day drinker with brief forays into sobriety that have never lasted more than a year over the last forty, I feel a different kind of determination. I am 100% committed. Thank you.

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    It is almost 10pm and I have made it through day 7. I feel really good about myself right now. I have gone out to dinner twice and had club soda. At the first dinner, our waitress came up to check on us with a tray in her hand filled with two carafes and two wine glasses.. Yes, I did salivate but that uncomfortable feeling went away in a few minutes and once I was in bed, I said my prayers of gratitude that I didn’t succumb to that urge. I feel so great when I wake up each morning that it is such a positive reinforcement, not to mention I can actually remember the TV show I watched or the book I read or the conversation I had. I left my kindle at work so I can’t read Day 8 till tomorrow. I feel a slight withdrawal from not having my book, lol. Thank you.

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      Good for you. Proud of you!! Just got to Day 7 myself. I am doing it!

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    Made it to Day seven! Hurray!!

    I’ve quit cold turkey this long before, but I didn’t have these great tools and resources then. I can definately relate to the “foggy brain!” But, thankfully I have a summer off from work to totally focus on this and my health. Feeling better each day and enjoying the process. Sleeping better little by little. Reviewing my vision statement and forgiveness each day. Journaling daily too. Meditating as necessary. I am so glad I discovered this book. Actually, I’ve been considering sobriety for some time. Exploring different avenues, then I found this book on tape in the library. First, I listened to the entire book just to know what to expect (I have a 1 hour commute to work each day, and 1 hour home each evening during the school year). It was so inspiring and so doable! I had to purchase it! I’m so glad I did.

    I’m hoping to be able to drink socially or on special occasions (weddings, etc.) one day again. But, never again do I want to drink on a daily basis! I’m just enjoying how good I feel right now! Thank you!

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    Must admit I was quite relieved Day 7 Solution was a little break after 6 heavy days. Still impressed with the whole program but have to agree with @skibikeboat that lies don’t sit easily with most of us, I prefer the simple truth of doing 30 days without alcohol for my health.
    Day 8 sober here. Sleep improving. Head clearing although a way to go. Feeling optimistic about the next 23 days?

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    I am here and made it to Day 7 (day 8 has just arrived as it is midnight). It is tough but I will persevere.

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    Yay desa for your commitment, feeling good and hitting the gym! There is so much support throughout the site, including all the wonderful people. Keep it up!

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    The saying goes — when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I’ve worried a long time about my drinking, and finally found this program. No alcohol for 8 days now. In day 7 of the program. I feel very happy, even though still a little afraid; and missing my nightly drink. I’m determined to make it till day 30. Thank you, everyone, for your posts. I feel grateful to be on this journey with such a wonderful group of people. Wishing you all joy, success and thriving in sobriety!

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    I completed Day 7 yesterday and will start Phase II and Day 8 today. I feel alive, energized and making decisions that are focused on my purpose in life!! Thank you David, Jack and all the 30 Day Sobriety Solution Graduates for inspiring us, putting on the right path and keeping us going!!

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    Happy and grateful to have made it to day 7. I also have been struggling for years with on again off again attempts at sobriety but I love the step-by-step process this books take you through. I have a little mantra I say every time I drive by the beverage center where I used to stop for beer – “Not for 30, not good for the long term.” I say it with a smile on my face and I mean it!

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    Hi Dave and Jack thank you so much for this. I have a question I have been looking for a program like this for so long. How long has this program been around? I have been at a family party lately and a lot of my family members were saying that they wish the could have more control over there drinking. Well if they talk to me about it again I will hand them your book or have it put to there kindle. Thanks again and I will write to you guys and the end of phase 2. God Bless

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    I had a fantastic Day 7…and…it’s a Saturday! I was scared about how I would handle the first weekend but so far VERY good! I still can’t quite imagine Day 30…but I’m truly ecstatic that I’ve reached this milestone. I couldn’t do this by myself. Doing my ‘homework’ (as I call it) every night refuels my focus and desire for another day. I feel amazing today, and I wish this for everyone else out there working away at their milestones to sobriety!

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    Day seven! Yah, I made it and really if I am honest it wasn’t too hard to think of things to do than pour a drink. I have been drinking a bottle of wine a night for at least 11 years… Wow that was hard to write. I do feel sleepy each afternoon and my cravings for sugar is quite noticeable. I went out yesterday to a friends birthday drinks. Getting ready in the afternoon was difficult as I was having a fight in my head about ‘it would be okay to have one drink’. I was confused and confronted by my thoughts, I was trying to make it okay for me to drink. Driving to the event was purposely done, I had to get my car home so I couldn’t drink too much if I did have a glass of ‘bubbles’ to celebrate. As I drove my mind cleared and made the decision, I didn’t want to drink and I planned not to. As this decision was made it was like concrete, it was easier than I had expected. As soon as I walked in I was offered a drink but I just said I wasn’t drinking and I would have a water. I have taken to drinking bubbly water…I am not sure of the connection but I feel as though I am having a drink when I have it compared to still water. I stayed for 2 and a 1/2 hours which I was happy with. As I walked out I felt so good, so proud of myself. I wanted to jump up and down with happiness as I had done it, and it wasn’t that bad. Don’t get me wrong as my favourite drink was being offered there was a little bit of me that was sad not to be drinking it but in general I was ecstatic at myself. I haven’t been as proud of myself in such a long time. Looking forward to the remaining days but also aware that there may be bigger hurdles to get over that I don’t manage as easily.
    On a side note…writing this post has been really therapeutic- writing down honestly how you feel and being aware of your thoughts is pretty powerful.
    Good luck everyone and May your day be beautiful

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    What do you think about de-alcoholised wine? Am I fooling myself by having that to drink? Day Seven and feeling good.

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      @jay9 – I asked the same question & someone told me alcohol-free wine was gross but I didn’t believe him. It’s true. So bad I ended up using it for cooking. Undrinkable. Don’t bother. Save your money & have something healthy like green tea or something semi-unhealthy like Diet Coke.

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    Jay I honestly I think de-alcoholized wine is stupid. Like de-toxified toxin. I mean, come on.

    If you figured out that it’s not good to put water in your car’s tank, would you put de-hydrated water in it instead?

    There are so much better drinks out there. Fruit juice with sparkling water for example. I have a soda-stream and make sparkling water, then mix about 1/4 sweet grapefruit juice or fresh squeezed orange juice. Or Tonic water is good. Green Tea. San Pellegrino. Izze. Protein Shake. Lassi. Coconut water. There’s a whole new world out there! Go to a good grocery store and get a bunch of drinks and try them all out!

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    Hello everybody at Day 7. Congrats! I had a wonderful day & which I would not have enjoyed or even participated in had I been drinking most likely. What I have liked so far is how when I woke up this morning (Sunday), instead of a hangover, I had energy & a positive outlook. This is the first Sunday night in a looong time (well since the last time I did this 30 day program), that I have not passed out from wine. What a joy it will be to start my week without a hangover. Thank you!

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    My reason for not drinking anymore is simple. I am a breast cancer survivor (YES, Men can get breast cancer)and since alcohol consumption is a risk factor and I am striving to never have a recurrence, I choose not to partake.

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    I finished day 7 today, and I am happy about that. I feel better and look forward to what follows. I notice there are no recent posts. That seems odd. Anyone else currently doing this?

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    Hi Guys … This is a great program, to be sure. I started 15 months ago and have gotten a great result. I like “chatting”, too, and Yes, this site seems sparse.
    A while ago, someone here recommended the app “Daybreak. There’s a $9.99 per month cost, but it’s SO active. Constant new comments! It has been fun. And helpful to me, too.
    Enjoy your energy! I agree, it’s great to have it! Have a good day!

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    I am at Day 7 today. Took a long time to get here but feeling better everyday. Excited about a new and healthy future. I have been having pleasant evenings without alcohol in the picture. Woke up this morning feeling like I am at the beginning of drying out. Will do the chapter exercises when it gets close to the dinner hour.

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    Captain’s log, day 7 – All good, able to get quite a lot done without even thinking of alcohol. Decided to rewrite my vision, goals and some other things in google docs for ease of access outside the home. Otherwise soldiering on and still believe this was a great decision to do.

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    My end to day 7 and alcohol free still! I feel pretty good and healthy right now. I worked last night and this morning would be my normal wind-down drink time. I ended up buying some Fever-Tree and it’s pretty good. I’ve heard a lot about this NA drink and they have different ones. I got the Lemon flavored – will definitely try the others also. I’m looking forward to waking up because then Phase 2 begins : )… well, and just waking up is good, lol.

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    First time posting—One week into this program and I am finding out how uncanny and timely everything is for me. Not sure if using right language; but what I read and/or listen to is exactly what I need to be learning about each day. Coincidence- I think not! Thank you so much.

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    My wife and I are on the program together because we had been drinking more than usual following my retirement. We would begin at 4:30 PM and between the two of us, consume two bottles of wine before heading to bed at 9:00 PM. I would sometimes have 3 oz of whiskey with a cigar in addition to the wine.
    I am on the 60-day plan and now alcohol free for the past 12 days. I still need Ambien to sleep but it’s now working as it should…I sleep a full 7+ hours at a time when I have only gotten 4-hours of sleep for the past 20-years at least.
    I didn’t remove all the alcohol from the house but I did empty the wine cooler in the kitchen and I rarely look at the whisky on the top shelf of our pantry. However, when I pass the larger cooler that stores our fine wines, I wonder if I will ever go back to them? We have over $2,000 in nice wines in that cooler and it makes me want to be able to drink again; only in moderation.
    We are taking it one day at a time and one of my goals is to make that decision after we complete The 30-Day Sobriety Solution.
    Thanks for helping each of us get a healthier perspective on the controlling influence of alcohol!

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    Teri’s choice! Good for you!! I’m on day 7 today and seem to have more energy today than other days. I bought lemon Perrier water and will enjoy that over ice later as it’s really hot here today and I’d normally have a frosted beer or chilled white wine. Thanks for your post, too. It helps to know we aren’t doing this in a vacuum all alone.

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