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    Hi. I think the Action Step #4 “tag” should read “Stop Comparing Yourself”; the way it is worded now is very similar to step #3. I saw on an earlier page that we should submit a support ticket, but that was giving me a hard time. No big deal — the content is correct, but I just wanted to let you know. Thank you for this wonderful resource.

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      Hi! Thank you so much for pointing this out. You’re right- it should say “Stop Comparing Yourself.” We’ve added this to our edits list and will get this fixed asap! We are so glad you are enjoying the program so far. Keep up the great work!

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    Making it through a weekend totally sober is a big deal – so day 8 is very important. I’ve used alcohol for over 30 years and rarely abstained for an entire week. I lay in bed last night and thought of all the others going through this process along with me and it helped to know I’m in good company. Thank you for your brilliant insight and support:)

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    Pseudo Willpower – Contemplation without real consistent action

    19-Nov-16 “create a healthy diet and body i.e. no alcohol until weight <199 lbs”
    3-Nov-16 “start diligent self-care”
    28-Oct-16 “create a healthy diet and body”
    1-Jun-16 “clean-up today”
    13-Mar-16 “no alcohol binging”
    20-Dec-15 “stop alcohol binging i.e. >1/2 bottle/day”
    20-Dec-15 “clean up my own act – be binge free alcohol”
    2-Aug-14 How do I attack myself?” -“binging medication”
    11-May-14 goals “17 day diet no alcohol, weigh 205 lbs or less”
    6-Mar-14 be “binge free – alcohol, food, emotional”
    5-Feb-14 “alcohol binging”
    “meditate away alcohol urges”
    23-Dec-13 “transcend binging due to emotional distraction”
    16-Jul-13 “I need to binge on alcohol to relax”
    I must stop wine binging to have the energy to eat properly and lose weight”
    goal – “get intimate with my own body”
    10-May-13 “unbinge every way I can” 208 lbs
    16-Apr-13 “binging reward – dulls lack of intimacy pain”
    goal – “get intimate with my own body”
    12-Apr-12 reference to alcohol binging 215 lbs
    23-Oct-02 “binge to distract”
    “transcend emotional distraction”
    15-Jul-06 goal “reduce alcohol”
    1-Sep-03 goal “reduce alcohol”
    22-Jul-00 “drinking alcohol up to 1 bottle of wine at 1 sitting i.e. 18% alcohol is not a problem for me and helps me relax
    3-Jan-98 “you can’t be energetic with a hangover”

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    Thank you for everything to date. Every day my energy is increasing and my desire to drink is disapating. The day 8 recording made me think of the last feeble effort to quit drinking on willpower alone. It was a car crash waiting to happen. The abhorrence I feel at getting into such a state and my accompanying suicidal thoughts have solidified through each and every day of the program. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you.

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